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How much money do I need to travel to Poland from Argentina?

Victor 2 | 6
19 May 2010 #1
I would like to know the amount of money I need to make a trip to Poland...I know of a family living there that may recieve me in their house so that wouldn't be a cost...but the others...I all that? Visa? I finished secondary school last I think I won't be able to get a scholarship...What else can I get to make the trip cheaper?

I look forward hearing from you.

Best Wishes

PD. Sorry for my mistakes.
STFU - | 39
19 May 2010 #3
Why don't you Google prices for airline tickets? Oh, and while you're at it, you could also try to Google for Polish prices, and then calculate what you might need or spend by using an online currency convertor.


Always happy to point out the obvious!
OP Victor 2 | 6
19 May 2010 #4
Don't be so arrogant STFU ...
I've been doing some research about the costs...and I haven't get to a conclusion that's why I'm asking...Don't come here with your arrogance it to yourself.

I asked for information...If you don't want to help...well then do honor to your Username.
alpacino88min - | 5
22 May 2010 #5
u must know how long time u will stay there .
plz take a note use euro mayb that will help u n im with miguel when he said more than1000 euro
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
22 May 2010 #6
plz take a note use euro

Euros are not accepted in Poland.
It would be a bad idea to change from Argentine pesos to Euros and then again in to Złoty.
You would lose money on the exchanges.
richasis 1 | 420
22 May 2010 #7
True, that. Good Advice. :)
Chicago Pollock 7 | 504
23 May 2010 #8
My two cents...but when I travel overseas I find it's best to use credit cards as they make the currency conversion for you. Keep track of your purchases and you will be able to budget your money.
Pinching Pete - | 558
23 May 2010 #9
Keep track of your purchases

You got that right.. don't pay for some twink's hotel in Ibiza.

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