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I'm from Argentina, but I want to meet this Polish Girl..

Victor 2 | 6
28 Apr 2010 #1
Hello, I'm VĂ­ctor ...I'm new in this forum and I've to say I'm quite interested in learning Polish so I guess I made the right desition when signing up here...What I wanted to ask is...Does this sort of International-Love exists? I mean...I met a Polish Girl via internet some months ago...She's astonishing...Really good-looking not only her outlook...but She's also a nice person...We had talked a few times via Webcam and I've had the oppotunity to see She's a nice person...I can almost see it in her eyes...we want to meet each other and be a couple...but I live in Argentina and as you know...It's quite a long distance to be travelling all time from a country to the other... Just asking that...cause I really really really like her... and I'm plannin to go there someday when I have the money...but then I'll have to come back to look for a job here in Argentina...I'm also a English Teacher Training College do ya think?.
Arien 3 | 719
28 Apr 2010 #2
I think there are many girls who seem nice on the internet, and a few really might be nice if you get to know them, but I think it's much better to meet someone in real life. There's always something you don't really know about eachother..

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear!
OP Victor 2 | 6
28 Apr 2010 #3
No man...It's don't have to appologise... Yes...I guess you're right...there's always something you don't know about the other person...but she had invited me to her house and so did I...She showed me her parents via webcam they seem to be nice people...but yes...If I ever take the desition to go there...I guess I've to be very careful...I may not be all as I expected it to be...
Arien 3 | 719
28 Apr 2010 #4
I'm just saying you shouldn't expect too much untill you can say for certain that you two really like eachother after you've met a few times, and before any of that happens, you shouldn't invest or even risk everything for someone who might not turn out to be the one for you. Just ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to live in Poland? Will you be able to obtain a Visa? Will you be able to find a job in Poland? Are you learning Polish already?

If you can answer those questions with a yes, then you should meet her a couple of times when you have the money, and see how it goes. If you're not certain about your answers however, then you might aswell find a girl closer to home. I'm not going to tell you what you should do though, because she could be the love of your life.

Good luck!
OP Victor 2 | 6
28 Apr 2010 #5
Thank you...I really aprecciate your answer...and Yes..I've asked that to myself a thousand times...I don't have an least yet...I was thinking that she would come here an be my wife...cause she wants that also...I'd be the breadwinner of the house...but what will she do? That's another question...I don't want her to be cleaning the house all the time for example...
Arien 3 | 719
28 Apr 2010 #6
Well, first things first? Go ahead and see what happens when you meet her!

In the meanwhile, you should already do some research for yourself to see if she'll able to obtain a Visa. (It might depend on what you earn aswell?) For example; What kind of qualifications does she have? What kind of courses could she do in Argentina to learn the language, or courses to improve her chances of finding a job?

If everything works out between you two on your first meeting, you should keep in touch and see about a second time, and if she really thinks she wants to move to Argentina for you, then atleast make sure you have some answers for her.

You can't expect people to throw themselves into the deep. You should really ask yourself if you would mind to live in Poland, because family seems to be really important to some Polish girls, and you never know if she might get homesick after a while. (Hey, such things happen!) Don't let me discourage you or anything, just make sure you're really certain about all of this. It'll be better for yourself, and for the girl aswell if you're prepared for anything.

Just stay positive, and see what happens when you meet her!
Miguel Colombia - | 351
28 Apr 2010 #7
.but I live in Argentina and as you know...

Dude, a Polish friend told me about this Chilean guy (I think they're as naive as Argentinians but whatever) who fell in love with a Polish girl that turned out to be already married and mother of a baby. He had saved money for the trip to Poland but thanks G-d he didn't get to take the plane. He did lose the money he had given for the ticket.

Lesson: don't trust people on the internet.
Arien 3 | 719
28 Apr 2010 #8
Lesson: don't trust people on the internet.

True, you should always be careful, but he's talking about a girl who showed him her parents while they were talking to eachother on the webcam, which means she already informed her family of the possibility of a foreign boyfriend, which means she could be serious about him.

Just saying!
Miguel Colombia - | 351
28 Apr 2010 #9
who showed him her parents while they were talking to eachother on the webcam, which means she already informed her family of the possibility of a foreign boyfriend, which means she could be serious about him.

As far as I am concerned, those could be 2 random people.
Arien 3 | 719
28 Apr 2010 #10
Yeah, and I could be the Easter Bunny! No really!
jamesams1357 - | 35
23 May 2010 #11
dont go to poland go to mexico theres lots of nice girls there
OP Victor 2 | 6
2 Feb 2011 #12
Thanks everybody, I've decided not to get exited about this kind of stuff, and to put more attention on the girls from my country which I think has been the more appropiate decition. Bye.
OP Victor 2 | 6
2 Feb 2011 #14
I guess you're right, but that doesn't botter me at all since I'm spending my time with a really good person right now.
George8600 10 | 631
2 Feb 2011 #15
Buy her a bottle of good 5-6 year Malbec, you guys make the best wine I've ever tasted in my life.
OP Victor 2 | 6
2 Feb 2011 #16
Thanks mate I really appreciate it, I'll try to keep it in mind.
15 Feb 2011 #17
Dear Mr. Victor,

I am a Polish woman and I would like to give You my own opinions, which I hope would be very interesting for You especially from opossite side. Maybe my opinions will help You to make right decission. My opinions are honest, independent and from my own personal experience especially, that I have some Spanish speaking friends, what in this situation is very interesting and similar to Your position. I am not going to advice You, that You should finish Your friendship with Polish girl. I would like to advice You to meet her direct and spend time with her who she is in real life. You need to know person better especially person from different culture before You can decide anything what to do.The difference from Your situation is, that I met my Spanish speaking friends direct and easier I could make my decisions. In my opinion not all advices, which You received here are good. They are many cultural differences, which on the beginning do not look serious but can be very big problem in relationship, which can hurt both sides. At the same time I met three friends man, which knows each other. In Polish culture what is typical in European culture woman can talk and meet anybody spend time with them, invite them who she wants in own place does not matter woman or man as friends, aquintance, coleagues etc. This can be celebrating birthday, new living place, getting new job or just to have somebody to support and talk about own personal matters.

One from these three friends is the most important for me and I invited together with second friend to celebrating my new living place and birthday. What is quite normal for me I wanted to cook something nice and share with my friends because hospitality and kidness is very important for Polish people this is close to their hearts, remaining of home especially when they are living abroad. I think, that I am quite avarage Polish person, who loves own Polish food especially, that can prepare, cook and share with others as gift. In Poland is very common custom of celebrating new living place, for good luck when owner invite own friends for party also when in new workplace person brings cakes on the beginning for own new coworkers for later good relationship with them at work. What happen my first friend special for me (I am writing about my Spanish speaking friends) suddenly when visited me second friend become suddenly very jealous and unreasonable suspected me, that I had some affair what shocked me. I am unable to explain to my first friend, that these type of accusation is absolutelly nonsense. First I felf offended, that I was suspected for this type of thing because I am very honest and loyal person for yourself and especially for others. I am writing about me and I know, that many Polish girls are similar to me. We are faitfull to man and our feelings. When I have feelings for somebody this person can be sure, that I do not have anybody else because I can not even imagine to be with somebody else. Unfortunatelly my first friend, special for me does not believe me, after these accusations during two months we met only twice and I do not know if I will see my friend again. I do not know why my friend is so jelaus when I only met and spoke with another man as only coleagues. I think, that jealosity is very typical for Spanish man and probably is more intence than for Polish people. I noticed, that relation between one person Spanish speaking and me Polish from other culture has also different meaning. I think especially Spanish speaking men has very special treatment for "own" woman in many aspects of life looks, like "his woman" can not meet or talk to other man and my friend is young and well educated person. I know, that avarage Spanish speaking men like social life, go to the pubs, drink with friends, spend time with own friends and girlfriends. I also know, that with girlfriends Spanish men is not only talking but is very practical.

Dear Mr. Victor, if You would like to ask me more questions about our cultural differences and receive my obiective honest answers I will be very happy to do it. My email is
asik 2 | 220
15 Feb 2011 #18
I think, that I am quite avarage Polish person, who loves own Polish food especially, that can prepare, cook and share with others as gift.

Why you sound like typical muslim man, a scammer- I can hear you! What a waste of space.
biner_y_ya 1 | 6
29 Mar 2011 #19
hahahahhaa my first thought too brah!! lol ...
Midas 1 | 571
29 Mar 2011 #20
I didn't know things got so ****** in Argentina they joined the line of muslim/indian/african visa scammers.

Eternal love for a blue eyed kasia... Hell yeah :-)

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