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Krakow a safe and friendly city for foreigners? Read this!

jonni 16 | 2,485
5 Apr 2010 #151
he is some kid, full of shite, troll-land is virtual reality !

I am 26 years old,

time means 5 | 1,309
5 Apr 2010 #152
but just a sincere guy

That does come across nicely in your posts :-)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
5 Apr 2010 #153
Oh, I met some drunken yobs on the train in Żywiec. I was waiting but there were so many of them that there was no space. They were packed in like sardines, all they needed to separate it from Africa was people on the roof. A bit like Japan. They were graduates from a leading Kraków university which made my jaw drop.

You are a xenophobe i tyle!

Oops, I forgot that you lived through WWII, Harry. What first-hand experiences can you share with us?
convex 20 | 3,978
5 Apr 2010 #154
There was no defense treaty but there was presidential election, during which Roosevelt made promises and gladly took photo-ops in front of a map with Poland's borders promised to the Polish-American voters to be the same as pre-1939

Wait, a Presidential candidate made vague promises to voters and didn't keep them? Stop the presses!
Ironside 51 | 11,291
5 Apr 2010 #155
It was Churchill's own belief, not mine.

well, I think that Churchill didn't like Poles because they were talking honour, obligation and moral issues.
Politics doesn't work like that .
Everyone want to believe himself to be honourable and just - so if somebody is confusing this image - do you gonna blame yourself or them ?

Thanks for your clarification I thought that you was expressing your opinion.:)

their use of the word 'we' gives a clue.

really ?
Peter KRK
5 Apr 2010 #156
Sequel of Hidden gems for Seanus:
First of all you should differ the beautiful Renaissance palace in Pieskowa Skała with unusual rock called Hercules' Club in neighbourhood from the ruins of Ojców castle in the same valley (and of course Pieskowa Skała Country from Skała Town).

Let’s back to Cracow.
You should see the famous XII century Romanesque Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec at the cliff of the Vistula River close to A4 motorway. Last times you can buy a traditional food and products made by monks business there.

Not far from this place you can see the Camaldolian Abbey and Hermits. Unfortunately women are not allowed to visit this place.
In the next few km from Camaldolian you can find the excellent restaurant and coffee in Przegorzały language centre for foreigners and Polonia hanging on the high rock over the Vistula valley with an amazing view from the terrace towards the Benedictine Abbey, Camaldolian Abbey, Vistula, Cracow and (if you are happy) Tatra Mountains. You must go there.

In the next few km you can climb on the Kościuszko Mound and see a panorama of all Cracow City. There is also a hotel in the Austrian fort and the most popular Polish radio station RMF.

What else? Thousands!
Korzkiew castle and nice hotel, Jurassic Valleys near Cracow, Austrian forts, Kazimierz Jewish District, synagogues, coffees in Plac Nowy in Kazimierz, Podgórze District, Shindler’s Museum, Manggha Japan Art Museum, Aviation Museum with American planes from Vietnam, churches, museums, galleries, pubs not mention Bochnia (and of course Wieliczka) salt mine, Zakopane, Oświęcim, Wadowice, Chochołów, etc…
5 Apr 2010 #157
Oops, I forgot that you lived through WWII, Harry. What first-hand experiences can you share with us?

Go read Hansard: it shows that Olson & Cloud are nothing more than liars.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
5 Apr 2010 #158
Got to love Derek sitting in Canada telling us all about how things are in the country we're in and he hasn't lived in for the past two decades!

It's no less interesting to see how a leech living in poland for the last 15 years has little clue about the country's realities.

It's even better how he knows the requirements for becoming a nurse in Poland better than somebody who is in the process of becoming a nurse in Poland!

I didn't know he was in the process of becoming a nurse. You too?

Now show me where in this nursing school curriculum they name English as a compulsory subject?
jonni 16 | 2,485
5 Apr 2010 #159
I didn't know he was in the process of becoming a nurse. You too?

Now Derek, read his post carefully. I'm sure you can if you try.
5 Apr 2010 #160
Funny how Poles completely forget the honour they showed towards the ally which they sold to the USSR 18 years before WWII for 120 million roubles. Or how in the same decade they broke a treaty with Lithuania and invaded what they had agreed to be Lithuania. Or how they did the same to the Czechs when Poland took part in the Nazi invasion of 1938. For a nation so interested in honour and moral obligations, Poland sure behaves strangely.
Ironside 51 | 11,291
5 Apr 2010 #161
finished AGH university in Krakow,

Nowadays its means nothing,

nd I speak the opinion of 98% of my friends from all over Poland

really? two of them?
seriously, either you didn't read the thread or you have a very "nice" friends.

We are not anybody's slaves,

so, why are you behaving as if you were ?

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