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Top Language Schools to Work for in Warsaw?

25 Mar 2019 #31
I am also asking about Angloschool - for a short three months. I don't have any problems with Warsaw. I like it actually...The "newest" info I have found about this school is from 2010, so I would obviously appreciate ANYTHING more recent. I have had a Skype interview rescheduled all weekend, so this has already worried me.

The ad itself does not mention salary, but when I shared the link with a friend, it opened up to show 2700Euro/$3500USD a month which I assume CANNOT be possible, especially with free accommodation and health insurance. Traveling to four different campuses worries me, especially an hour away?

Here is why I would LIKE to do it. I was always happiest abroad and have not been able to go anywhere for years. I need a jump start teaching and it sounds like it would force me to work hard, because there are other teachers present (yet this concerns me at the same time if it feels like taking the CELTA course every day). It would only be for three months, and they are a good three months for Poland: April, May and June. I could get to see other parts of Poland, and I believe would get a 5+ day holiday over Easter.

I could generally use three months abroad for a million reasons, but if the salary will be less than the round trip airfare, and the campuses are all over the place and I'll be watched over like a hawk and there is no safe place to put my money.....than I would be better off NOT rescheduling this interview a third time. ANY information - including about salary - would be VERY MUCH appreciated. THANKS!
7 Feb 2020 #32
I'd just like to mention, to anyone else who views this thread, do not work for Angloschool Warsaw. When I arrived, 6 people had just left, and 4 of us were expected to pick up the 'mess'. The managers are spiteful and create a toxic environment of bullying, gossip and most definitely do not provide the support they say they will. Each teacher has a different contract, which is amended as and when the managers feel like. Health care is provided to some teachers, but not others. The daughter in law is probably the only decent person in the entire company, which made me feel really sorry for her. The school is run by a family who have very limited experiences in teaching, and they also admitted in numerous occasions they didn't even enjoy it.

I loved Warsaw and the friends I met there, but this school was horrific.

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