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There is no exam for Polish C1 level - why?

KienTran1207 1 | 2
20 Jul 2014 #1
Hi guys, I have had this question for a while but still no clue about the answer. Let's take into account both people who need a certificate of Polish language to apply for a Polish passport (citizenship) or a job in Poland or just simply taking an exam for fun. On the offical website of State Certificate Examinations in Polish (, it is stated that there are only 3 levels of examination: B1, B2 and C2.

Even though they explain everything about the requirement and demand of each level here: The thing I still don't understand is: Where is C1? C1 can be considered as a very good level of any language in the world, surely one can study and work without any problem with this level. The distance from B2 to C2 is just very far and of course not easy to complete. Do they just simply think B2 is enough for a person to apply for a Polish passport or working and C2 is just a (super) bonus for people who really really need it?

Anyone has any opinion about this?
20 Jul 2014 #2
That level exam will be introduced soon
C1 is an advanced level, not a low level.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
20 Jul 2014 #3
I always thought C2 is native speaker level ?
20 Jul 2014 #4
It is
20 Jul 2014 #5
C2 is higher level than quite a few native speakers use.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
12 Jan 2021 #6
Anyone has any opinion about this?

Yes, in general, it's one big failing of the Polish exam system that they don't have the full suite of exams from A1-C2. They were supposed to be introduced, yet nothing has come of those plans at all. C1 was eventually introduced, but A1 and A2 are still missing, despite huge demand for such courses.

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