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False advertising? Poland rental property advice.

LUK909 - | 7
2 Aug 2020 #31
My fiancee is Polish, but moved to the UK as a young girl and is rusty with the language and not up to date with the law. She has also currently planning the wedding whilst trying to sort this so has her hands full. She has been trying to deal with the agent the best she can but recently they have not been responding or calling back at all, same as the landlord. Last week was the final week they had to sort everything but didn't so hence now why I am trying to gather all the info I can from everywhere I can. Luckily we have been given a telephone number of a recommended solicitor who she is going to call tomorrow.

I was in a way hoping someone might know from experience what chances I would have in court or if it was even worth bothering or if its best just to move on and cut my loses before I incur more charges by going the legal route.

Also her relatives are based in the UK and USA so won't be much help. We made the decision to move to Poland as we have a EU based business and bloody Brexit thrown a spanner in the works so thought why not move instead of losing the business!
kaprys 3 | 2,498
3 Aug 2020 #32
You need to get some professional advice. We don't know what your contract says.
Just collect evidence and contact a lawyer.
I'm sorry but why would you pay four thousand zloty for a flat without sockets?
mafketis 25 | 9,294
3 Aug 2020 #33
rusty with the language and not up to date with the l

Just a note (in case you were expecting her to be able to take care of everything...) IME Polonia who move to Poland often have worse troubles adapting than do foreigners with no previous experience.

our best bet is to grind the Polish and learn how to take care of these things yourself... Polish bureaucrats have no trouble shooting down a Polish person with fluent but rusty Polish but often aren't sure how to deal with a foreigner speaking crappy Polish who won't take no for an answer and so they give in just to get rid of you....
pawian 176 | 15,392
3 Aug 2020 #34
Unfortunatately, there are still huge gaps in the logic of the whole story. That is why I still claim it is not Poland, but Turkey and you translated somebody`s old post from Arabic into English. Ha!

All who believed it are old fools. hahaha

I arrived to find that the property has not been cleaned and is filthy

So, your arrived at the property alone, without the landlord or the agent who had arranged the place to you. In Poland the agency representative always travels with the client to the new location. Where did you get the keys from? Strange.

I have replaced it only to find the area has terrible reception

The outskirts of Gdańsk and terrible reception in middle class surroundings. Strange.

You also said a few contractors/professionals have come to see the house. How did you communicate - did they all speak English?

Why do you seek amateur help in a discussion forum if consulting an English speaking lawyer in Gdańsk on this matter would cost you maximum 200 PLN?

What is this real estate agency you used? Tell us its name and I will call them and ask if they really perform such scams on foreigners. We will know within a few minutes if this is true or not.

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