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DALMATIA - How much Poles love Dalmatia ?

OP Crow 146 | 9,097
12 May 2020 #91

Croatian police accused of spray-painting heads (with cruciforma) of asylum seekers

The Guardian, today

UN officials have documented systematic abuse and violence perpetrated by police, with migrants often beaten, shot, robbed and even stripped of their clothes

OP Crow 146 | 9,097
15 May 2020 #92
Madness continues

Outrage over plan for Croatian-backed Bleiburg (Nazi) mass in Sarajevo

Croatia, which presides over the Council of the EU, is sponsoring an event in Bosnia honouring Nazi-allied soldiers.

BiH: Catholic Church continues preparations to hold mass for Bleiburg victims


Vatican's message is clear - `Serve Rome and you may be Nazi but you won't be forgotten, you will be pardoned and you will be glorified.`

No doubts. Rome is still very powerful and able to sc**w the entire region just by the move of its fat finger. And some would later use the term `Balkanization`, while in fact terms such are `Vaticanization`, `Romanization`, `Germanization`, `Ottomanization`, `Greakcization`, `Britanization`, `Francization`, etc should be used in such a pejorative context. For they play their games here and there, wherever they want until they are stooped.
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
16 May 2020 #93
The new wave of Corona hits Croatia

Unexpected blow for Croatia .......

Western Slavonia has become a new hotspot of COVID 19 infection in Croatia

Interview with Croatian ustasha, who seriously complaints and suffer because no have understanding for Hitler >

Three years ago in Blaiburg Austria, where ustashe from Croatia, supported by Vatican, coming to venerate fallen ustashe >>> BDW, they also come to do this in Croatia and from this year also in Bosnia-Herzegovina >

video >>>

Man is Croat emigre with his family to Canada after WWII. Look the video from 2:10 > ``.... when one today speak of Hitler he speaks only black. But why? He had one ideology that rebuilt Germany. I talked to people who were in SS division.... and he said we are all blind, that what Hitler wanted happening us all now, we uniting and non complaints. Hey, we needed 75 years to realize how Hitler was one wise man. He wanted order. He wanted fewer people, he wanted nicely to purify environment, .... but green parties coming in Germany and that`s good. ... I`m no satisfied, not at all....``

At the end, the man was arrested by the Austrian police who founded something on him in police records.
17 May 2020 #94
Look the video from 2:10

What a dimwit! Unbelievable...
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
18 May 2020 #95
After newest Vatican`s Nazi penetration onto the region, one can definitely say how Vatican made serious mistake. Intention was to homogenize Catholics and Muslims against Orthodox Serbs, by reminding how is powerful Vatican behind Greater Croatia project. But, result is splintered unity of Catholics, their very sharp split on Nazis and non-Nazis. Also, Vatican completely lost the grip on local Muslims. Nazi-Islam loosing foothold. At the same time, these days is shown strong solidarity of Muslims and Catholics and also Jews with Orthodox Serbs.

Essentially, region is closer to re-union with Serbia, what is also strongly (always is) in connection to Serbia`s economic results, while everything around Serbia crumbles. Good thing here is that Serbia bringing victory to progressive and better humanity. One knows this when one realize who are historical enemies to Serbs but also when see where Serbia goes or to say lead.

Mass for Nazi-allied 'victims' sparks protest in Sarajevo


We won`t forget victims of Independent state of Croatia in Jasenovac
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
20 May 2020 #96
DALMATIA - SLAVIC ADRIATIC COAST seeks to return to its rightful owner >>> Massive pro-Serbian demonstrations in Crna Gora for 7 months already, with literally half of state populace on the streets (with a short pause during Corona) against the ruling regime, and with an ultimate request to re-join with Serbia >>>






Didn't I told here on the forum, Serbia will expand and that era of partition coming to an end.

Muslims and Catholics already begins to join Orthodox Serbs on protests. Its all-Serbian movement.
Tacitus 2 | 1,228
20 May 2020 #97
Who is willing to bet that those protests are in truth about something completely different... ?
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
20 May 2020 #98
How different?

Regime of Crna Gora mistaken and moved against Serbian Orthodox Church. Local Serbs moved to protect Church, and now all turning in movement against anti-Serbian regime. Movement is led by pro-Serbian pollitical parties of Crna Gora that all sugests unity of Serbs and union of Crna Gora and Serbia. All is blessed by Serbian Orthodox Church.
jon357 66 | 16,960
20 May 2020 #99
in truth about something completely different... ?

Indeed they are. The protests are about electoral fraud, corruption and ownership of religious buildings.

Nothing about joining up with Serbia; they are Independent now.
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
21 May 2020 #100
Regime wants to cteate new Montenegro nation out from Serb people, regime deny Serbian Orthodox Church, regime deny Serbian nature of Crna Gora. That is why people protest led by pro-Serbian pollitical parties and blessed by Serbian Orthodox Church.

Eat pop-corn people and forget Deutsche Bank if you have little sanity.

When Serbs of all Balkan and all Dalmatia are free, liberation movement spread on Germany, on Serbs there. Time to retire Germany, send it in oblivion, in damnation.

As one well informed Russian said. What is enough is enough.

Good night. Good. Hahahahaha
jon357 66 | 16,960
21 May 2020 #101

It exists, it's independent, they voted not to be in a union with Serbia.
21 May 2020 #102
region is closer to re-union with Serbia

Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, if it is indeed the will of Montenegrin people.

Serbia has the potential to reunite all the tiny statelets again, and if those people really want to embrace the idea of south Slavonic unity again, then nobody should stop them. Živela Srbija i južni Slaveni! :)
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
21 May 2020 #103
It exists, it's independent, they voted not to be in a union with Serbia.

The protests are about electoral fraud, corruption and ownership of religious buildings.

You said it yourself. Protests are ``about electoral fraud, corruption and ownership of religious buildings``.

Among else, yes, because of every voting fraud.

Where in the world you have half of the state populace on street protests against the regime, as there are in Crna Gora now? You never heard of it, admit.

if it is indeed the will of Montenegrin people. .............. south Slavonic unity

People want United Serbian States, Serbian federation, not some Slavic union. We now correct our historical mistake that was Yugoslavia. We should listen to Polish prince Czartorisky that after WWI specifically suggested the formation of the great Serbian state, of Serbs of all three faith, Orthodox, Catholic, and Muslims. We liberated complete Slavic Adriatic and regions of all Yugoslavia and foreign factor with its local lap dogs, later in peace and during WWII ruined us. In the process, in WWI Serbia lost 1/3 of its populace. Imagine the level of shock and tragedy when betrayal occurred- but its the power of Vatican (playing on Nazism, Nazi-Islam, and clerical Catholicism), to move a finger and you are down if not on your guard.

We were mistaken and Vatican and Germanics continued with their project of Croat, Montenegro, Bosniak and Macedonian nations from within Serbian ethnic corpus. Yugoslavia was a progressive idea but not suitable for us. We should first consolidate Serbian ethos and then seek for conglomerates with Bulgaria and Slovenia, to form some South Slavic union or with Visegrad countries to form Central-European union.

But we ALL Slavs learned a lot from the example of Yugoslavia. Maybe the mission of Yugoslavia was to teach us all not to unite until we arent independent from foreign factors. That is why I openly say that Poles must have a strong national Catholic Church if ever wants to expand and progress on sustainable principles and unites with other Slavs.
21 May 2020 #104
People want United Serbian States, Serbian federation

So what would be the ideal territorial range of the Serbian Federation? Would it more or less cover the area of Greater Serbia, as understood by various Serbian nationalist movements...

... or would it extend even further?

Visegrad countries to form Central-European union.

ABC - Adriatyk, Bałtyk, Czarne - three seas idea of Intermarium :)

That is why I openly say that Poles must have a strong national Catholic Church

Polish church is formally under Vatican governance, but it is practically a national church - most Polish bishops more or less openly oppose Pope Francis, and Vatican knows that if they tried to force some of their more progressive, modernist ideas on Polish Church, they would have a schism. So, to all intents and purposes, Polish Catholic Church is indeed a national church.
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
21 May 2020 #105
How things develop, Croatia won`t survive as a state. Its anti-Serbian project, genocidal creation. Many interests against it even from within the Catholic world. Slovenia will survive probably and could be smaller or bigger then it is now. If Italy enter in the game who knows what may happen with Slovenia. I think, it will survive. Serbia isnt satisfied how behaved Slovenia during the dissolution of Yugoslavia but, we Serbs created it, we saved it from doom and assimilation into Austrians and Italians, we bled for it, we did it for Slavia and so Serbia won't lightly allow Slovenia to perish, no matter all and with time we shall regulate relations with Slovenia when it become stronger and more independent.

Now, the Vatican obviously seeks a clear and sharp border between Catholicism and Orthodoxy, before talking to Russians about Christian reunion. So comes the Hungary instead of Croatia. That will also be supported strongly by Serbia, while Italy would be opposed. Still, Serbia won`t interfere in the inter-Catholic deal between Italy-Hungary on their Adriatic share.

Serbia won`t be that big as on the map, at least not that western. Continental parts of what is now Croatia go to Serbia and Hungary, while Adriatic goes most definitely to Serbia, Italy, and Hungary. In some scenarios, maybe even Slovenia expands onto what is now Croatia. I would like Slovenia to gets Istra, instead of that Italy gets it. In a perfect world, Istrians would be good Serbs (Serbia is loved there among Catholics and genocide on Orthodox Serbs never happened there same as isn't in Dubrovnik) but we don`t live in an ideal world. So better that Istra belongs to Slovenia then to be lost assimilated into non-Slavs.

I think Serbia gets Adriatic as far as Split or Hvar/Brac islands. I doubt we can salvage more in all those deals.

But Albania is in the game. Talk is on the table Serbia to expand on northern Albania to the Adriatic (to the Drac) and Albania to be compensated with parts of Kosovo. And we also won't save entire Macedonia (around 50-60%). We share it with Albanians, too. Definitely. But the medieval statehood religious Christian-Orthodox part of today`s Kosovo province, a region of Metohija and part of Kosovo region (Kosovo is in fact, in the Serbian constitution- Kosovo and Metohija) for sure stay in Serbia. See, northern Albania was also part of medieval Serbia (before Turks) where for some time Skadar was Capital.
21 May 2020 #106
So comes the Hungary instead of Croatia.

...and Hungary are traditional friends of Poland, so they may be a bridge between North and South - makes sense. :)
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
21 May 2020 #107
Yes, absolutely. I think that Russians themselves pushing for that kind of deal. They now, thanks to Serbian mediation and deals with Hungary, see Hungary as a Slavic friendly country. In general, Slavic friendly and after all, we all know how is Hungary founded from within the heart of Slavic Great Moravia. From position of Vatican, Hungary is important Catholic regional country so Hungary has great strategic value.

Many don't see it now but I think the time of Hungary yet to come. Same as Serbia is underestimated but Serbia and Hungary are at this moment, believe it or not, crucial for the future of Europe. Combined, Serbia and Hungary have the capacity for continental-wide changes, to unite Central Europe, to unite even all Slavs, depending on what wants great powers. But yes, Serbia and Hungary combined may be the best tool for any such a project. See, be sure, Serbia itself has such capacity but, with Hungary in the deal, it goes quite smoothly.

I think the last word on Adriatic comes from Pope and the Russian president. The USA will bless any deal of those two. Germany can only cry.

Croatia fears Greater Hungary

on May 17, 2020, By Vladislav Gulevic

Dalmatia, became economically and culturally oriented at neighboring states rather than Zagreb.

OP Crow 146 | 9,097
31 Aug 2020 #108
Braking News

Changes in Dalmatia and Adriatic coast. Influence of Germanic-Vatican`s coalition dropping. Serbian influence strengthen. Meaning, influence of Poland strengthen.

Serbian and pro-Serbian parties won on parliamentary elections in Crna Gora. It was tight but considering to have Germany and Vatican as opposition, one have to be satisfied. And that is just the first round of consolidation of Crna Gora as Serbian state after dissolution of Yugoslavia. Next elections should show clear Serbian future of Crna Gora. Ultimate aim for Serbs is to consolidate in about 60% of former Yugoslavia and to form federation of United Serbian States. Christ and Svetovid!

Election in Montenegro: Opposition parties jointly win a tight majority of seats
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
8 Sep 2020 #109
Today is retired Cardinal Vinko Puljic that called for separation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Yugoslavia without finished political dialogue. Many died in Civil War that occurred after separation. Cardinal was never accused for war crimes. He was allowed to escape with the kill.

OP Crow 146 | 9,097
26 Sep 2020 #110
Turmoils among Catholics in Istria spread now, in what is now Croatia. Catholics there crave to separate from Croatia and join to Serbia. Dubrovnik on the verge of similar situation. Dalmatia is Serbia. Not Croatia, not Italy, not Hungary. People seek to say.

Nazi ustashe ideology founded on Vatican`s and Germanic lies is crumbling.

United Serbian States, a Serbian federation, about to emerge. What was once Serbian Empire to be restored.
PNaft - | 12
17 Oct 2020 #111
Dalmatia is Serbia. Not Croatia, not Italy, not Hungary.

No, what are you talking about? Dalmatia is Croatia, not Serbia.
pawian 176 | 14,299
17 Oct 2020 #112
Crow meant it is Serbia by tradition.
PNaft - | 12
17 Oct 2020 #113
I don't think Serbia ever controlled Dalmatia...
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
17 Oct 2020 #114
Serbian Empire that was recognized by Rome and Constantinople, controled Dalmatia. Plus, all Dalmatians are ethnic Serbs.


Croats are ethnic Catholic Serbs, by wish of Vatican and Germanics declared Croats as new pollitically invented nation. But, many Catholics resist to it. Great tuemoil now in what is now still Croatia. All Serbs shall reunite.
PNaft - | 12
18 Oct 2020 #115

What the hell are you making up? Croats are not Serbs. Who taught you such ridiculousness?

Besides, Croatian and Serbian ARE the same language with some different words, but do not tell that to Croats. Then again Croats are not Serbs. They are Croats.
Tacitus 2 | 1,228
18 Oct 2020 #116
Croatia in fact precedes Serbia by more than half a century.
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
18 Oct 2020 #117
Vatican`s and Germanic joint project under the name `Croat` is about to be ended. Yes, you could ask that ``Croats`` themselves. Croatia already crumble from within. All along Adriatic coast people awakening and coming back to their true self. Like delusion of communist or black magic, delusions of Vatican and germanization dissipate.
PNaft - | 12
18 Oct 2020 #118

Croatia is not a joint project. Croatia is older than Serbia, so you could say Serbia was the joint project.
OP Crow 146 | 9,097
19 Oct 2020 #119
Older? Ttavestic joke to tell it. Go explore past of Croatia by contemplating on it at the grawe of single Croat King. There is no such a thing as a grawe of Croat King. Not a single.

See, old Poles had contacts only with the Serbs in deep past, not with Croats. With Catholic and Orthodox Serbs. Numerous records of it. Even Polish Yadwiga comes from Serbs. Catholic and Orthodox.

Croats? Its project old about 200 years. Invented by same those who says Poles are newcomers to Poland.

See, Vatican creates powerfull ilusions.

Good night.
Tacitus 2 | 1,228
19 Oct 2020 #120

What is that supposed to mean?

Croats? Its project old about 200 years

Croats are first mentioned in ancient Byzantine sources from the 7th century as part of the Byzantine Empire. An independent duchy of Croatia is confirmed for the 9th century, more than half a century before the same is known about Serbia. Croats precede Serbs by all accounts.

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