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DALMATIA - How much Poles love Dalmatia ?

pawian 195 | 19,915
8 Sep 2019 #61
No, I mean he is a Polish peasant not the same as Polish if you know what I mean.

Didn`t Torq already tell you that the contemporary Polish nation is mostly of peasant background?
Ironside 51 | 11,338
8 Sep 2019 #62
Focus. I have already told you that I can care about DNA. I'm talking about mindset. Memorize it. I'm not going to repeat it.
pawian 195 | 19,915
8 Sep 2019 #63
Iron, I can`t recognise you. Actually, your last two days activity here looks it is not typical you, but sb else. What happened?

PS. I forgot to say you sound like Rich with that: I'm not going to repeat it. :):)
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
9 Sep 2019 #64
As a Pole i don't have a hint of a clue on what Dalmatia even is.

Let me then explain in very very short.

Dalmatia is ancient Slavic (ie Sarmatian) native ground, part of old dinaric core and therefore area of primary Ice age refugium during glacial periods. One of rare warm seas European areas that never stooped to be Slavic. It is even today Shtokavian Slavic (Serbian) linguistic speaking area. Also, Serbian in sense of ethnic origin with now open question of peoples ethnicity in many parts of what was once Roman province of Dalmatia, due to great pressure on Serbians and their merciless assimilation, weakening and extermination. In that pressure, Germanics and Vatican distinguished themselves. Italians, British and French, too.

Whole area of Dalmatia changed rulers throughout history, was ruled by Sarmats (ie Slavs), Romans (Western and Eastern), Venetians, Hungarians, Austrians, French, etc. Finally, it was in WWI liberated by Serbians and re-taken for Slavic world. Today, Dalmatia is split among several former Yugoslavian states: Slovenia, Greater Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Important to say is that by creation of Greater Croatia, Germany secured eastern coast of Adriatic in its domain and area of influence. In Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia, also dominates Germanic factor, while Italy penetrate its influence in Montenegro. Sure, Serbians didn`t tall its last and Dalmatia will again, be sure, liberated and re-taken back for Slavic world. And Serbs will be free. All Serbs.
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
5 Oct 2019 #65
Dalmatia shall be free, Serbian and Slavic!

Croatia starting to shatter from within. Those who feel Croats (ie Germanized Catholic Serbs) openly starting attacking and insulting Catholic Serbs of Croatia that number at least 30-40% of populace and number rising with more and more people refusing Germanized Croatian identity.

/translation: You dirty Rijeka, you are full of Serbe,.... but never mind we have many trees (for hanging).../
"Šugava Rijeko puna si Srba, ne brini Rijeko ima još vrba...": Od Torcide do odbornice HDZ-a, priča o vrbama i "nespretnom izražavanju"

Srba, nama ne trebaju nikakve vrbe, možda po nekim selima u Dalmaciji gde ih ima 30-40", rekla je Milinovićeva.

OP Crow 160 | 11,052
21 Oct 2019 #66
To start understand politics around Dalmatia (only realistic access to warm seas by Poland), spot this >


#Orban showing the map of greater Hungary to Mateusz #Morawiecki.

Now spot this to get full picture and get idea > Treaty of London (1915) > Territories promised to Serbia and Montenegro by the Triple Entente, after WWI >



Now you see how is Dalmatia split between Serbia and Hungary. Now you understand why Croatia wasn`t present at last Visegrad meeting few days ago.


Dalmatia is ethnic Serbian land that is in history influenced by foreign element. Croatia is artificial state. Land of Catholic and Orthodox Serbs ruled by elite that is Germanized and people greatly deluded. So now Serbia must accept reality and save what can be saved for itself and Slavic world. To it, Hungary, for its own interests, wisely, enter the game and offering hand to Serbia, behave generally Slavic friendly, making things easier. We do it for our own interests and interest of entire Central Europe. Joint Hungarian-Serbian deal, push Italy rightfully out from the region. Deal also ending existence of pro-germanic-clerical creation, false rogue state of Croatia. Poland is satisfied. Vatican and Russia are satisfied, they get border between Catholic and Orthodox zone. Islam is expelled. USA is satisfied. China is satisfied. Most world powers are happy. Central Europe profit from balance and long term peace.

This is what happening right now and have to happen for the peace in Europe. Its only technical detail to make new Hungarian-Serbian border.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 155
22 Oct 2019 #67
At the treaty of London in 1915 which was organized by the Brits, when King Aleksandar of Serbia was given a choice by the Brits (who wanted to compensate Italy for changing sides during WWI by rewarding them with territory and giving them northern Dalmatia, the city of Rijeka "Fiume") to form Greater Serbia or Yugoslavia he chose the latter, despite hearing several warnings from his advisers not to do so... Serbia would have received southern half of Dalmatia, the whole of Bosnia, Slavonia... but no he chose instead to go on and liberate "fellow Slavs", what a huge mistake that was. In the end it costed him his life.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
22 Oct 2019 #68
Oh dear, The Serbs are off on another propaganda blast!

Croatia is artificial state

Unfortunately for you, history favours Croatia, Serbs and Croats settled in their lands at about the same time in the 7th century.
But Croatia was a state before Serbia was.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
23 Oct 2019 #69
The Serbs did not want to discuss the fact that Croatia, as a nation existed about a thousand years before Serbia.... shame!
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
24 Oct 2019 #70
Unfortunately for you, history favours Croatia, Serbs and Croats settled in their lands at about the same time in the 7th century.

Nonsense, delusions, German and Vatican`s propaganda.

`Croat` name is the Roman version of Serbian name and some 200 years ago it was decided in Austria and Rome, Croat name to be applied solely on Catholic Serbs, to separate them from Orthodox Serbs. See, it is Germano-Vatican expansionist project.

But Croatia was a state before Serbia was.

You believe that myth. That lie.

Do you know any ``Croat``? Travel to what is now still Croatia? See, when you talk to those still deluded, ask them for at least 1 grave of any Croatian King. Any. At least 1. Only 1. I mean, even most backward African tribe can show you few graves of their Kings. ``Croats`` don`t have graves of any King. You know why? Because in past they existed as Catholic and Orthodox Serbs and center of state wasn`t in what is now Croatia. Actually, some Catholic Serbs originated from around Split in Dalmatia and Herzegovina and it was Serbian Imperial Nemanjic dynasty (that was original Catholic but opted for Orthodoxy when Pope pressured them). Even their grave isn`t in what is now Croatia but in old Raska region (now and then in Serbia), center of old statehood.

Yes, no single grave of Croatian King in Croatia. You didn`t know that?

You know, when you talk to deluded Croats, they will tell you how are ``Catholic Serbs`` invention of Serbian propaganda. But, you can consult, for example, Catholic online Encyclopedia and see on your own. Read about Nemanjic dynasty and many more other Catholic Serbs. BDW, Polish Jadwiga originate from Serbian Nemanjic dynasty.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
24 Oct 2019 #71
Croat name to be applied solely on Catholic Serbs

This is rubbish.
Croats and Serbs are different peoples.

ask them for at least 1 grave of any Croatian King. Any. At least 1

Tomislav 1 - Zagreb.

Polish Jadwiga originate from Serbian

Born in Buda.Her father was Hungarian and mother was Bosnian.

You talk such tosh Crow.

All Serbian propaganda.
Tacitus 2 | 1,947
24 Oct 2019 #72
Nonsense, delusions, Serbian propaganda.

Fixed that for you.
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
24 Oct 2019 #73
Tomislav 1 - Zagreb.

Fiction and myth from back then 200 years ago, when Vatican`s agreed with Austria to scr** Serbs and Germanize them so Croatization was phase to it. Told you, one can hardly say who was more tortured by Popes, Serbs or Poles. We Serbs were killed trice and Poles at least once. In any case we coming to same outcome and just resurrecting now.

Did Tomislav even existed? Noble probably did exist but historians aren`t sure even in his identity and name. Probably some noble did exist and he was self-declared King. If you wants to believe so. But it is not known when, where, or by whom he was crowned. Figure that. And all that on area of Slavic Shtokavian dialect (ie Serbian language by official global linguistic science). Split, where Tomislav supposedly crowned himself is deeply within Shotkavian (Serbian) speaking area.


Serbo-Croatian = Serbian language (it was also falsely named as Serbo-Croatian, when all knows it is Serbian) - but map clearly shows its about one and same people in 80% of former Yugoslavia

Common story in the region about eventual Tomislav is that we speak of noble that was promoted to King just to deliver Zagreb, Krizevci and Varzdin (back then region named Croatia but its not ethnic region- `Croat` name is foreign given form of Serb name, while by linguistics `Hrv` represent softened `Srb`, again under foreign linguistic influence) to Hungary. And what makes him Croat when at that time Croats were Latin label for Serbs. Later label for Catholic Serbs.

Tomislav, minus 1. Plus, why do you speak of Serbs when speak of ``Croats``?

Born in Buda.Her father was Hungarian and mother was Bosnian.

Bosnian Kotromanic family inherit from Nemanjic lineage. Jadwiga`s grandmother was Nemanjic. Nemanjic`s were the highest ranking noble (crowned Imperial, by Pope of Rome and Patriarch of Constantinople- only ruling nobles in Europe crowned by both, Catholic and Orthodox Church) house in Jadwiga`s lineage and that makes her originate from Nemanjic`s nobles.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,394
24 Oct 2019 #74
An interesting article (in Polish) on the pre-fatherland of Croatians published by the students of University of Silesia - Faculty of Slavic Filology:

and on the beginnings of Slavic people:
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
24 Oct 2019 #75
An interesting article (in Polish) on the pre-fatherland of Croatian

Very interesting article and not one mention of Serbs :-)

I will read the second one later as it rather long.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
24 Oct 2019 #76
I will read the second one later as it rather long

I have read the second one now and although I already knew much of the stuff in there it was very informative and enlightening.
Thank you Ziemowit.
Again,it states quite clearly that Croats and Serbs, although closely bonded, were seperate peoples.
And they both got to their countries via Poland.......
So Crow, you lied.
We are not all Sarmatians.
You Serbs and Croats were originally Poles....... please bow down to your ancestors instead of preaching to them. ;-)
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
13 Jan 2020 #77
God blessed Crna Gora!

Glory to Srpska Crna Gora! We waited for YOU highlanders and YOU arrived! And it is so natural that you lead the way and revolt of entire Dalmatia, that revolt start from Crna Gora. Revolt! We are with you! We coming back to our shores and sea! Come, its hard but so noble to be Serbian. For dead and for alive Serbians! For Dushan The Mighty! For Njegosh! For Serbdom and for Slavdom! For Christ and for Svetovid!

Awakening of Serbs of Dalmatia started. It begins with Crna Gora where people these days, invigorated by their Serbian spirit, openly protest against pro-NATO anti-Serbian dictator Milo Djukanovic >>>> All started when Djucanovic issued law to reduce Serbian Orthodox Church and people revolted. Now even Catholic and Muslim Serbs joying to Orthodox in solidarity >>>>




Again,it states quite clearly that Croats and Serbs, although closely bonded, were seperate peoples

Separate peoples of one and same Shtokavian Slavic dialect? One and same language? Separate peoples? Separate because Vatican, Austria, Italy and Germany want so. But, after all, people of what is now Croatia already awakening. They all know they are Serbs. Its just that ustashe ideology that holds many deluded. But just wait ...

There is the morning of Sarmatians to come!

You Serbs and Croats were originally Poles....... please bow down to your ancestors instead of preaching to them. ;-)

Sorry man. After Ice Age, our people migrated from warmer to colder climate, from Balkan to Baltic. Ancient name that our ancestors used for oldest Polish ancestors was `LEDJANI` /LED-JANI/ > /People from the frozen land, people that went/moved to ice, cold, north/. Its in our epic poetry. Its fact. Place is described (designated as what is now Poland) and people of place named.

After all, Poles do have legends to be of Sarmatian origin. Poles remembered.

BDW, on ancient maps, Baltic was named as Serbian ocean /Oceanus Sarmaticus/. Even now there live Kashubi who call thyemsleves Serbs. Then after them live Lusatian Serbs. All the way from Baltic to the Adriatic are Serbs, ancient Sarmatian backbone that gave life to entire Slavdom and Europe. Entire Europe is covered with reminders of name of Serbs,.. rivers, place-names, mountains...
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
13 Jan 2020 #78
Baltic was named as Serbian ocean /Oceanus Sarmaticus

You are a pathetic nationalist and dreamer..... some ancient Poles thought we were descended from Sarmatians.
This has never been proven.
And Serbs were not included in that club.
Now B off you silly man!
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
13 Jan 2020 #79
My lady, from the resistance of Sparta to the Athens (Greeks) and to the Persia, and even before, via the revolt of Spartak (Spartacus) against Rome and all to this very moment, it is the story of Sarmatians from this region, from Balkan. Story of my people. Ultimately, of your people.

Story of Sarmatian finest, where exist last one that still use Sarmatian name as name of state and name of people - Serbia - SRBIJA

And we are coming back to reclaim! To the maddening fear of the foes!

Israeli PM Netanyahu was first to show respect and admit this truth and told that openly to our back then PM Vucic, to the world after all. Jews were first that stop to lie about our past. We will remember this to Jews and thank them and repay.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
13 Jan 2020 #80
Yeah, with a judenfrei Serbia.......your posts get more and more pathetic....I really can't understand why your Nazi mythology has not been banned from this forum.

Disgusted of Pinner.

You know Dalmatia, don`t you Poles

Yeah, a beautiful part of Croatia..... and it will remain a part of Croatia forever.....
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
14 Jan 2020 #81

Look what was Dalmatia originally, as Roman province >>>


And look how is form of that Roman province similar to former Yugoslavia >>>


One and same people lived in that province. Actually, even surrounding Roman provinces were populated with same people. It was by Roman logic `Divide and Conquer`. Bulk of it is even today zone of one and same language, Shtokavian Slavic dialect, ie Serbian language >>>

Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
14 Jan 2020 #82
Your map is incorrect Crow.
Kosovo should have a black line around its' northern border. It's a country, just like Bosnia is, and Croatia too.
Get over it, and grow up.
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
14 Jan 2020 #83
It's a country

A country? Kosovo borders? What borders? Ask China, Vatican, Russia and greater deal of humanity that Kosovo state does not exist.

Plus, that what you call Kosovo does not function or when function, as Czech President Zeman said ``function as terrorist narco mafia Muslim caliphate``.
Tacitus 2 | 1,947
14 Jan 2020 #84
Looks like he does not even recognize Montenegro's independence.

function as terrorist narco mafia Muslim caliphate

Still better than the rogue state Serbia used to be in the 90a before it got properly scolded by Nato.
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
14 Jan 2020 #85
Kuchi, Serbian highlander clan in Crna Gora coming down from mountain to the Church in Podgorica >>> coming to protest against dictator Milo Djukanovic that oppose unity of Serbs, they singing song about Christ and Kosovo (holly land to all Serbs) >>>

Looks like he does not even recognize Montenegro's independence.

Its not Montenegro. Its Crna Gora. People there are Serbians and proud of it. They themselves don`t wish to be separated from Serbia.
Tacitus 2 | 1,947
14 Jan 2020 #86
Which is why more than 55% of them voted for independence?
Miloslaw 14 | 4,723
14 Jan 2020 #87
Nice one Tacitus..... stick it to this fanatical Serb nationalist..... he is a joker and deserves humiliation when he posts lies and propaganda.
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
15 Jan 2020 #88
guys. Guys? You don`t follow.

Just take popcorn and look what happening.


People of Crna Gora, of most of former Yugoslavia are Serbians. To Serbs, Yugoslavia (ie SouthSlavia) was compromise so that Slovenians can feel free, after we Serbians liberated them and they were able to form state first time in their history (name of Slovenians first time appeared on map in name of Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians- first name of Yugoslavia). Then also, Yugoslavia was compromise to Austria, Italy, Germany and Rome who created Croat nation out from Catholic Serbs. And our foes forced us Orthodox Serbs to subjugate and accept cutting of our ethnic being, to accept formation of new nations from Catholic and Muslim Serbs.

More then 1/3 of state populace in Crna Gora is on the streets for almost month already. Every day people demand protection of Serbian Orthodox Church, peoples Church that joined Christianity with our pre-Christian costumes. Every day people demand unity of Serbs. Crna Gora Serbs revolted and will move entire Dalmatia in revolt. Crna Gora Serbs are just first to rebel. Its flame that will spread from within, from people, from brothers to brothers. Our Catholic and Muslim Serbian brothers already joining to Orthodox Serbs and many from other parts of Dalmatia (and other regions of Bosnia-Herzegovina and false Greater Croatia) will yet to join and unite voice for formation of United Serbian States.
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
24 Jan 2020 #89
During Presidential election in Croatia candidates competed to prove who is bigger `ustasha`, who have better `ustasha` lineage >>> NOTE > `ustasha` in Croatia is even worse then it is UPA in Ukraine >>>>

>>>> VIDEO (recorded from inside, during candidate Milanovic/one who won election in talks with pro-German right clero-Catholic wingers in Croatia) >>>> >>>>

transnational: ``...... My grandfather lost two of his brothers who fought as `ustashe`..... with that heritage my mother grow up .... My grandmother was tortured by partisans because Germans used to visit their house during the war .... We should complicate to Serbia in every possible way.... I don`t like to complicate to them but if we must we must.... please, dont ask me about Serbs. They are poor creatures, infidels.``

And this Milanovic, won elections in Croatia. That is now president of Croatia.
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
10 May 2020 #90
Corona horror on Dalmatian Adriatic. People in panic flee from the islands. People risking their lives to evacuate from island Brac.



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