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DALMATIA - How much Poles love Dalmatia ?

OP Crow 160 | 11,052
19 Oct 2020 #121
Yes, precede them in all documents falsified on the base of so called Indo-Germanic theory, that is BDW abandoned by modern science and still serve only in politics. There comes `ustashe` ideology where they state how Croats aren`t neither Serbs, neither Slavs but Germanics. That`s what they teach children in schools.

But go consult Catholic online Encyclopedia. There they speak about old Catholic Serbs. Say that to a convinced Croat and he would say you are Serbian propagandist and how are Catholic Serbs invention of Greater Serbia ideology.

`Croat` is a delusion like when people were deluded with communism. Germany, Austria, Vatican, Italy, they all needed to expand. Then they set on a green table and declared Catholic Serbs to be Croats from now on and exposed them to rapid germanization. Started directed indoctrination in Catholic Churches and that`s it. Today, you do have Catholics `Croats` as political nation but they all have deep complexes knowing their Serbian origin (no matter old Catholics or forcible converted Orthodox Serbs). Its half of Croatia in state of that madness. Other half of Catholics in today`s Croatia, in fear to be severely molested or even killed, only question to be Croats and speak openly how are they Yugoslavians. Only very small percentage of Catholics would dare to give a hint they could be Serbs and non dare to admit to be Serbian openly.

I follow events. Things change. Croatia is on a verge of a Civil War. This time Catholics vs Catholics. Entire Shtokavian speaking area (Serbian linguistic area- Serbia, Crna Gora, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) awakening and day by day demands increase for joining with Serbia. Its in the region called movement for formation of `Serbian world`. Older term is Unites Serbians States.
PNaft - | 12
23 Oct 2020 #122
You're deluded. There is no evidence of Croatians being taught that they're Germanics.

Still, they're Slavs. Just not Serbs like you claim.
OP Crow 160 | 11,052
23 Oct 2020 #123
I'm not here to convince but to share info.

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