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Polish President vetoes PO's dingbat gender law

25 Jan 2016 #151
woman can be far smarter than a man and has no need for one.

Valid as long as the woman was born as a woman. If not then special treatment including drugs and psychotherapy.
jon357 71 | 20,365
25 Jan 2016 #152
woman was born as a woman

What's it got to do with you how someone was born? People have been outside the gender binary for millennia and that ain't going to go away. Such people are far more experienced about dealing with people who get all worked up because of their own issues about their gender and sexuality than you are at whining about the issue.

Interesting that you're fixating on male homosexuals rather than female ones and on transwomen rather than transmen...

And you still haven't said why you agree with the entirely innocuous recycling adverts being pulled.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
25 Jan 2016 #153
Interestingly, I saw earlier that even members of the government are quite confused why these adverts got pulled.

Home / News / Polish President vetoes PO's dingbat gender law
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