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URGENT: Chechens refugees found a Islamic State in Poland

Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
21 Dec 2015 #31
Exactly and sometimes views are so strident, meretricious and ill-informed

Please do not involve me when you're being ransacked :)))))
jon357 63 | 15,214
21 Dec 2015 #32
Ransacked in what sense? The thread is nonsense intended to provoke.
OP Levi 12 | 450
22 Dec 2015 #33
It is not Jon. Again, i showed a fact, a video.

Still you say that this is provocation. Provocation against what? Stop blaming the message and discuss the facts here exposed.
But i know that for you, truth hurts.

From Interview of Terrorism expert Romuald Szeremietiew:

- [...]Part of the Chechen liberation movement moved closer to radical Muslims, who are building a world Caliphate. Since Poland - is part of the Western world, they consider it a hostile element of civilization. So Chechens should be checked, so to speak, twice. The situation is now much worse than when we took a few tens of thousands of Chechen refugees.

- What are the real threat may appear? Is it likely terrorist attacks in Poland?

- That's a very difficult question. It was necessary to know how to formulate its main aim the one who manages the action associated with a bang in Europe. For the Islamic State of Poland, most likely the main object of interest would be attacks in Western Europe.The Western world is much more visible and painful shoulder would be a huge public outcry. Modern terrorism seeks to make a noise in the media, he wants to intimidate the society in which strikes.

On the other hand, if you look from the perspective of Russia, which can have a big influence in the Chechen movement, Poland looks very important object for a hypothetical strike. So here comes the question of the pro-Russian Chechens, who operate under the auspices of Russia, in particular, on the territory of Eastern Ukraine. It seems that these people can come to us as well as refugees. Chechen migration will be for the Polish secret service really serious challenge.

- Thank you for the interview.

Anyone have further infomation about new chechens arriving in Poland? Are they being checked?
jon357 63 | 15,214
25 May 2016 #34
a video.

So what? we all know you're afraid of Muslims; you rarely post about anything else. Knowing very little about Poland, it looks like you don't know much about the long-standing and settled Chechen community in Warsaw...
26 May 2016 #35
this man Levi (probably a jew) hate us moslems. you can fight islam as much as you want but we will end winning. alhamdullillah.
Crow 139 | 8,583
26 May 2016 #36
Well, if they found it in Poland they would lose it in Poland. Very simple.
Crow 139 | 8,583
9 May 2020 #37
In the middle of Belgrade /one professor published today upsetting photo; its unknown is that some crazy local deluded with Islam, some ``tourist`` from western Europe/or Bosnia or some foreign migrant mujaheedine/ > photo of White jihadist walking in the center of the city / islamist >


IT WRITES in English and in Arab: Islamic brotherhood worldwide - One day one flag

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