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Are all women in Warsaw opposed to short term friendship?

Choxo15chip 1 | -
2 Feb 2013 #1
The reason I posed this question is because during my travels I find it enjoyable to meet up with friends for coffee and chat. (I've not found any friends in two months.) So i must ask whether casual relationships are culturally acceptable for women in Poland?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,910
2 Feb 2013 #2
You are a man looking for platonic friendship with Warsaw women, is that correct? I'm not sure I understand your post.
Bieganski 17 | 888
2 Feb 2013 #3
Most people strive to make their friendships last a lifetime. Why should anyone interrupt their busy daily lives to entertain some mere acquaintance who happens to be passing through town?

However, if you are just another sleazy foreign sex tourist who refuses to pay more than the price of a cup of coffee for sex then you need to leave Poland and get professional mental help back wherever it is you came from.
Rysavy 10 | 307
2 Feb 2013 #4
casual relationships are culturally acceptable for women

now add..ANY COUNTRY.

And IW that phrase in English usually means..:sleep with me but not get attached or mind when I move on.

Sorry dude, I don't think Poland is the treasure trove of loose yet still clean regular can-meet-in-a-cafe women interested to panting in "otherness" of the foreign visitor..any more than your home or the US or UK or Nigeria. I'm sure you can find naive muffinheads and slutcakes where you came from when you get home.

Or if you can't wait or are kinda crazy, I guess you can go out of way to somehow find the loose girls of Poland ..and I bet you dont speak Polish either.

LOL! U.S. guys always think that girls in Ibezia are just panting to bang some fugly old fat loser white guy from Ahmarikah simply because they sunbathe topless..LOL That myth resurrects often.

Benefit of the doubt?
IF you are just looking for female company... Polish are rumored (I know few native Poles so cannot say with fact) a bit standoffish at first and formal in acquaintance until they get to kow you. Sorta distrustful. But most well brought up girls in any country are not going to just hang with some vacationer they were not introduced to at work or by a friend. Not to mention it is uncomfortable to just "hang" with a stranger who doesn't speak your language unless you have a personality to babysit and mother people. ^_^ .. and it is a scary world..the girl that left with a stranger because she was friendly as a puppy can end up the girl found dead by the river. Why only a girl if very temporary and platonic? if ANY local friend ..hang with some friendly dudes at a pub.

You would easiest find a sight seeing buddy at the hotel you are at.
hummingbird20 - | 17
2 Feb 2013 #5
Oh haha
Most people name it friendship,I think it's rather dating?and I don't think one night stand is acceptable but in America haha

Having friends is okay,if that is not going to surpass the boundaries
But nobody can control his feelings,you don't know where friendship will take you
I think women all around the world are against short term friendship,cuz it wouldn't make sense having short and shallow conversations with ppl!

That's to answer your question haha

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