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Hotels / accomodation in London for short-term stay?

Foreigner4 12 | 1,768
7 Dec 2009 #1
There are 5 people (3 guys 2 girls) from the Tychy Katowice area who are competing in a Brazilian Jujitsu competition somewhere near London- they need a place to stay for 1 day. I've trained with all of them (except 1 of the girls) and they are all very very good people. This morning (630-I must be mad), one of them told me they'll probably sleep at the airport if they can't find a place that's reasonable. Can anyone of their compatriots help them out?
camomile - | 1
7 Dec 2009 #2
Perhaps you'll have more luck here


or here


Good luck!
PolishWoman - | 8
15 Jul 2010 #3
Merged: Hotels / accommodation in the UK (London city centre)?

Hi everybody,

I'm coming to London next month and have no idea about accommodation there. Would you please recommend me any good hotel in the city centre and for a reasonable price? I would be very thankful for information.

Amathyst 19 | 2,702
15 Jul 2010 #4

The Thistle Euston is in a good location for the tub and trains, it all depends on your budget, there's Ibis and the Travel Inn or Travel Lodge which are cheaper and do the job, or if you want higher end the Raddison is lovely..But I prefer the Bloomsbury personally (only if work paying though :D) )
PolishWoman - | 8
15 Jul 2010 #5
I'll have to choose some cheaper hotel as I'm just a student and can't afford any expensive one ;) Haven't been to the UK yet. Great thanks for info ;)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
15 Jul 2010 #6

This is in a good location.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

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