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I saw Polish nationalism today

Novichok 4 | 7,793
28 Apr 2022 #241
Most of Russia is in Asia and many Russians are not Slavs or not pure Slavs, but of mixed origin.

That's why I am surprised that PF posters are shocked that "Russians" don't behave in Ukraine as if they just left QE2's tea party. From the Berlin days, everybody, including Zidiot, knows what they tend to do to relieve tension. Playing that oh, my game is too fake even for the 8-year-olds.
Strzelec35 34 | 904
29 Apr 2022 #242
"Most of Russia is in Asia and many Russians are not Slavs or not pure Slavs, but of mixed origin."

thats only geography and polaks im sure would wish to have lands in Asia. That means nothing of actual people living in those lands or the country you moron. Nor does it have anything to do with their origin in Kievan Rus and the current lands of Ukraine which never was Asia. All it is is Polak racism and propaganda. most Asians are way more civilized than polaks with older civilizations like Japan and Korea and certainly act more civilized than the Polaks in Lodz when living abroad or in most including their own countries but western countries compared to polaks there. You dont see Asians beating women like polaks do here in Lodz for instance or blacks in ghettos in USA in street fights outside bars. that lady that i overheard talking wasnt talking about geography she just must never have been abroad to see how actual polaks look or behave vs the Asians she was talking about. being Asian isnt some sort of insult polaks are literally white trash or blacks of Europe. and in terms of "like Asians" the way polaks treat their animals like dogs in places like Lodz again is much more like Chinese or the worse of Asians than anyone else they can try pointing their fingers at. clean up ur own country or shet places like stare polesie in Lodz before pointing fingers at other countries or people.

And Im sure ve read much more on history than you have from western or unbiased non polak sources. polaks only existed for like a thousand yrs since mieszko 1 while kievan rus already existed before than as a unified state or geographical area. ive also seen how Asiatic polaks act first hand outside Lodz like that train ride i had from the Baltic last summer where a polak kept drinking talking with his hands and hitting my laptop every second not even udnerstanding what not talking with your hands meant like a literal ape or Asian as you polaks refer to urselves. literally imagine you trying to get work done or read something on an expensive macbook and some white negro polak keeps hitting the back of your display as he talks with his hands. and you look at him or even tell him if he wouldnt mind stopping that and he continues. then spills his can of beer or part of it on you as he throws it out the window like a literal brudas "Asian".

"Now run along and read a bit about Polish history before you spout any more nonsense on a Polish forum."

do you read any other history besides this one they write about themselves? Their history is not very boastful or proud btw as they are literally the sierota of Europe or the country who constantly gets invaded by Germany or russia. outside of that commonwealth empire time frame which their nobility sold them off. Have you ever read Lithuanian history written by Lithuanians and what they think of Poland, the commonwealth and your hero Jagiello the one who fuked 12 yr olds?
Miloslaw 19 | 4,856
29 Apr 2022 #243
And Im sure ve read much more on history than you have from western or unbiased non polak sources

Have you read "God's Playground" by Norman Davies?

Probably the best book on Polish history ever written.

BTW,as his name suggests, he's not Polish.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,191
29 Apr 2022 #244
The Polish ONR Hitlerjugend

Can this guy be sued? I would like to sue him.
Who are you to talk like that? sobieski sure, bierut most like,
I don't know what it was about but I bet those were some coummnist anti-polish aggresive band, like this BLM crowd. Crazy people.


mods can you tell me if he is posting from Poland. I doubt it and if he does can I have name of his time.

If he doesn't it would help to have a counrtry he post from. I bet some USA desert.

Why can't you ban people for good, he posts nothing but nosense.
jon357 74 | 21,980
29 Apr 2022 #245
Can this guy be sued?

if your lawyer is a Spiritualist, maybe...

Their history

More more a national mythos than objective history.

Probably the best book on Polish history ever written.

He's certainly the best Polish historian, though he's sometimes accused of being too pro-Polish. Lives in Kraków I think and is now a citizen.
Strzelec35 34 | 904
30 Apr 2022 #246
one thing i dont get is why so many of these polish people here think theyre so western or sophisticated compared to either russians or Ukrainians? I mean the Ukrainians who come to Poland before this war were menial laborers and polish people are sod umb they thi k this represents majority or Ukrainian society or somehow theyre superior due to comparing themselves to some manual laborers? like i mentioned my moms friend or that lady who doesnt have a matura even saying ukrainians are lower people but Europeans? where does she even have the opinion from or these polaks a right to one when the only Ukrainians they ever saw were in poland doing construction work? and again jn how does calling Russians Asians solve their problems or explain the situation? thats like clsling people africans or blacks who behave like ghetto USA people right? but oh thats racist but somehow its ok in Poland but no single western country? i dont get this world man. its so hypocritical and kamala harris supports such a country now? and they call themselves liberals guys like pawian? i wonder if kamala harris or anyone from California or new York below the age of 40 would consider pawian a liberal by western standards or if hed even have the balls to talk like this in English on twitter before musk bought it to Americans.
Alien 20 | 4,925
1 May 2022 #247
You don't really want to compare Polish people versus russian people?
Alien 20 | 4,925
2 May 2022 #249
Yes..., no, partly. The problem is @Strzelec35
feels undervalued. He is probably from russia or Ukraine himself.

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