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Why women's rights are not respected here in Poland?

9 Mar 2024 #61
Depends what you count as living.

Living as opposed to dead.


How long can a stillborn baby stay in the womb?
Most pregnant people with a stillbirth have their providers induce labor soon after they learn of their baby's death. If you decide to wait to go into labor on your own and it doesn't happen by 2 weeks after your baby's death, your provider may induce labor to help prevent dangerous blood clots from developing.

The woke moron who wrote this couldn't possibly leave good enough alone and came up with "pregnant people". No, azhole, we call them "pregnant women".

But the idiot slipped badly with that "baby"! Three times!!! Even when the "baby" is dead!!! It's still a baby...Amazing...

Now back to me...

Inside a pregnant woman is a live human being.
9 Mar 2024 #63
absurdity of your all of your

This is absurd. Stop stuttering when talking to me. What are you scared of???

that you've used such comedies for self-learning.

Exactly!!! They taught me a lot of useful things. Replay, replay!!!!! hahahaha buhahahaha
9 Mar 2024 #64
Continuing that gallery...
There is no such thing as lesbians. Only ugly men with vaginas.

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