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Street festivals, parades, celebrations in Poland

pawian 168 | 11,174
1 Mar 2020 #1
There are so many of them here I don`t know where to start.

Soon, on the 5th of May, we will be celebrating the Day of Dignity of the Intellectually Disabled. It is held in big cities and small towns.

A typical parade,marsz-godnosci-osob-niepelnosprawnych-intelektualnie

jon357 63 | 14,673
1 Mar 2020 #2
Have you been to the Mironalia festival in Warsaw. There's always something interesting.
OP pawian 168 | 11,174
21 Mar 2020 #3
Literary characters parade in Częstochowa. Wow! Last years they had 9th edition but I only heard of it today. They promote reading books.

Do you know who the girl with orange hair is?

OP pawian 168 | 11,174
23 Mar 2020 #4
Wine Parade in Zielona Góra, the region famous for wine production.

Watch the 2015 edition

Home / Life / Street festivals, parades, celebrations in Poland
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