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Historical Polish parades

grubas 12 | 1,390
20 Mar 2010 #1
PRL parade July 22 1959

Mar 20, 10, 11:28 - Thread attached on merging:
Last parades of II RP May 3 1939

Mar 20, 10, 11:33 - Thread attached on merging:
Marshall's Pilsudski last parade 1934
Hyacinthus 1 | 20
20 Mar 2010 #2
it seems that polish don't like parade.
My friends,which are polish friends said that is a waste of money.
1jola 14 | 1,879
20 Mar 2010 #3
Ask your Polish friends if they like May Day parades? First, ask them if they know what it is. Then, ask them if they felt their time in the army was a waste of money? I bet they felt it is not cool to be in the army and there are braver people than they who should defend them. Your two Polish friends are not the Polish people.

When you are old enough and apply yourself, you will have a subject at school callled Probability and Statistics; you will understand then.
Hyacinthus 1 | 20
20 Mar 2010 #4
wow,i hope so.
But i guess I would not.Because I'm not polish.Every year here in Poland I attain almost every polish parade.
If it is corret,I found that generally young people is not the majority.Old people much more than the people between 22-30,what's more,the number of parents with children is also much more larger than teenagers.Maybe not precisely,because this is accounted by me and my friends.

When I first talked to my polish friends about parade in poland,I was also shcoked,but than I found dozen of them said so,not just two,i didn't say tow of them.I've to confess they are polish,i do hope they are not,cuz i really appreciate polish's brave and spirit and passion for their country during ww1,2,even though after ww2 against russia,because at that time we,chinese,the patriotism could not compete with Polish's.

While as a Chinese,I mean the whole nations,now are willing to have magnificent parade every year,this is not show off,this is not building GDP,this is not learning France,etc.We need to tell the rest of the world,even tough all countries on this planet go against us,we will defend our state to the end.
jonni 16 | 2,485
20 Mar 2010 #5
And did they invite the British to their parade?

Mr Grunwald 32 | 2,128
20 Mar 2010 #6
Not after WW2 as they were commmies lol
and to the pre WW2 not likely either as Poland and Great Britain had animosity in stuff like sending Jews to Israel or creating a Jewish state (Polish nationalists helped to train&equip Jewish Zionists so that they could be shipped to Palestine)

nd other stuff too

Although in parades after 1989 I can't remember any Britts taking part of them. Weird enough Germans did :o

After 4:30 there is a French Foreign Legion (don't know if it's Polish members or sent to represent France) + a German contingent ( a clear shock of Germans wanting to participate in a POLISH parade :)) + Lithuanian contingent + Slovakian contingent + an Ukrainian at the end
pawian 178 | 16,081
28 Aug 2019 #7
One of major military parades took place in 1966 when the Millenium of the Polish state was celebrated.

It was a spectacular event with a lot of soldiers and equipment taking place. Re-enactment groups presenting main periods of Polish military history also marched (and rode).

pawian 178 | 16,081
19 Jun 2021 #8
This parade in Warsaw is called the Parade of Equality and is historical coz the first one took place in 2005. Wow!

2021 edition - record attendance:

pawian 178 | 16,081
20 Jun 2021 #9
Wow, I have just taken a closer look at the photos in two last posts above and saw amazing congruity between those two parades.

  • 1966

  • 2021
Miloslaw 11 | 3,197
20 Jun 2021 #10
and saw amazing congruity between those two parades

Please share.

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