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Is it possible to earn honestly some greater fortune in the present day Poland?

OP Alien 22 | 5195
18 Jun 2023 #31
screens for the windows on her home to keep the insects and critters outside.

These can already be bought in Poland, moreover, Polish mosquitoes are not so dangerous.
19 Jun 2023 #32
Polish mosquitoes are not so dangerous.

In general bugs are not so much of a problem in Europe, it's why window and door screens are not commonly used. No need for them.
mafketis 37 | 10776
19 Jun 2023 #33
hard to come by in Poland, so the demand is there

there's no demand because there's no real need.... I have seen screens in southern Europe (usually plastic rather than metal) but Poland is far enough north that it's not an issue
Cargo pants 3 | 1483
19 Jun 2023 #34
Not in the flats but for houses with gardens they do need or the flats on ground floor with garden or lower level flats with trees.I know some of my relatives who live in houses have to keep the doors closed for mosquitoes esp in summer time."Komar are a big nuisance with garden and trees.
OP Alien 22 | 5195
4 Apr 2024 #35
Meeting in Szczecin, a classy hotel, but the roads are still terrible. However, a city much larger than any other in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
OP Alien 22 | 5195
10 Apr 2024 #36
Affordable prices, Ukrainian service, Poles already have quite a high standard of living.
jon357 73 | 22638
10 Apr 2024 #37
Affordable prices, Ukrainian service


You used to find that in Kielce though not so much now. I sometimes need to go to Siedlce and when I'm there always try to eat in a particular restaurant that has a real "Poland 1992" feel, with very plain food served in a fancy way, peach coloured walls, ruched tablecloths and rude service. Nice food though and still very cheap.

Very different from here in Eatsaw when almost everywhere like that is long gone and it's almost easier to get a bao bun or bubble tea than a schabowy and mizeria.
OP Alien 22 | 5195
23 Apr 2024 #38
here in Eatsaw

Do you mean Warsaw?
jon357 73 | 22638
24 Apr 2024 #39
Autocorrect. That or a new alternative name that's nicer than the original. In Polish we can call it Eatszawa.
OP Alien 22 | 5195
16 Jun 2024 #40
schabowy and mizeria.

"Schabowy i mizeria" is an old Polish food. It should be available everywhere.

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