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Websites detailing marriage/birth records in Greater Poland ( 1880-1929)?

sonofmaciek 1 | 2
3 Sep 2014 #1
Hello I am looking for websites where i can find marriage records from 1900-1926 and birth records between 1880-1926 in the Greater Poland region.

any help would be much appreciated

Thank you

God bless

*birth records between 1880-1929 in the Greater Poland region.
PC_Sceptic - | 69
12 Sep 2014 #2
I very much doubt that such website exist. Greater Poland = Wielkopolska, which was under Prussian rule in 1880>. You would have to know the party name, exact year but most importantly the location. What town, village.

With this info you would have to visit personally such town or village and dig for records hoping that the locals would be kind to you giving you their time. Most records would be in churches.
Softsong 5 | 494
14 Sep 2014 #3
These records are just before the time period you are interested in, but could be useful:

Also, marriage records are useful:
PC_Sceptic - | 69
14 Sep 2014 #4
It is a good start, but I doubt that everybody are listed. Didn't find my folks.
It is just impossible to make such "bank of records" since most births, deaths and marriages are only in church records.
To accomplish even 90% of records, one would need an army of volunteers, visiting all the towns, villages and combing trough records.
Another thing, before Poland regained independence many of those records/entries were/are in German language.
TheOther 6 | 3,674
14 Sep 2014 #5
I doubt that everybody are listed

Don't forget that a lot of records have been destroyed during and after the war. Same goes for church books. Your best bet for protestant church records are the EZA in Berlin

and the LDS databases.
Softsong 5 | 494
16 Sep 2014 #6
I guess I got lucky and found mine. A lot of people in the USA have problems finding out what town, etc. their families came from. Early ship records do not include it. Later ones, do. So, to help, many volunteers transcribed the marriage records in Poznan and they include Catholic Church records that are available and Protestant Church records.

This is very helpful because if you know both grandparents or both great-grandparents, you can be fairly certain that the record is yours and the village is now the place where you can find more records. The wedding records often give the names of the parents and then you get to go back another generation.

You can then contact the Diocese for the original records if you like, or for an email version. I know not everyone is there. Yet, it is a very useful place. I find records there that are not in the Mormon records online. Of course, their may have records that the other lacks. Give that one a go, too.
TheOther 6 | 3,674
17 Sep 2014 #7
A lot of people in the USA have problems finding out what town, etc. their families came from. Early ship records do not include it.

Depends. After the 1820 Act Regulating Passenger Lists, at least the immigrants' country of origin had to be listed. Finding towns might be difficult because people often tend to forget that territories change hands over the centuries and that place names change accordingly.

Another good source for research:

Related: Slavicaleks - Help me find records of my Great grandparents from Poland

Looking to find marriage or birth records of my great grandparents who were from Greater Poland .
I don't read or right Polish so I am clueless in this area.
I would be happy to give someone my family details to help :)

I tried the website:
22 Jul 2017 #8
I am seaching for my maternal grandmother's family in Cmielow, Poland. The surname is Cheba My grandmother's birth date is 2/23/85. Can someone help? I do not read or write Polish.
6 Feb 2019 #9
I am trying to find information on my father's parents. father is Iwan Hoderewski from Lomza poland. He was born in 1917. in Lomza Orthodox

His father was Alexsander Mother Anna Hoderewski nee Djubina, 2 brothers Pavel & Piotr and 2 sisters Luba & Antonina.
Father Alexsander died in a concentration camp 1935.
They lived in Lomza, Sluzk, Perm Sluzk and back to Lomza
Iwan was drafted into the Red army cavalry division 1941

Anyone who has memories of this family, please contact me.
31 Mar 2024 #10
I am trying to get info on my grandfather's family. I know everything starting with him getting on the ship in Germany alone as a teen. I want to get family history there, but the towns listed on his naturalization records do not exist. He was born in Mnichalki, Poland and last resided in Czymnin Poland. I have tried so many ways, but got absolutely nowhere. Suggestions?

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