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Lomza Catholic Church marriage and birth records

djakobowski 1 | -
22 Jan 2016 #1
Is there a way to obtain marriage and birth records from Lomza (city and/or area) for 1882-1889?
Looker - | 1130
22 Jan 2016 #2
The best way would be contact Roman Catholic Diocese of Łomża.


Generally, in Łomża files from the years 1870-1890 are in parishes.

From what I read (here this time frame you've mentioned could be at parish office Dworna Street 25:

Someone said that in order to get more help, an interested person should mention about a donation during a phone call - and a written requests may be ineffective. Then at the place, the knowledge of Russian is necessary since big part of archive is in that language.

Check also this link from Poland State Archives:
1 Oct 2018 #3
Anasazi and Anastasia Glebocki
3 Nov 2019 #4
Where would a Catholic birth or Baptismal records be found for someone born about 1896 in Teodorowo area of Russian held Poland just east of Ostraleka?
kaprys 3 | 2180
4 Nov 2019 #5
I believe the parish was in Ostrołęka. I'm not sure though.
12 May 2020 #6
Makarewicz, Antoni born About 1884, in Lomza, Podlaskie, Poland
8 Dec 2020 #7
Janczewski, Peter (Piotr) Born April 1878??
kaprys 3 | 2180
9 Dec 2020 #8
What religion did he observe? Archived RC records are available online from 1890 on

Where was he born? What religion did he observe?

Before you start research in Poland, you need to gather as much information as possible in the US.

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