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Obtaining Original Poznan Parish Records, Greater Poland archives?

melbel 2 | 4
28 May 2009 #1
I found the marriage record of the ancestors of mine that came over from Poland to settle in America on

It's really a fantastic site for searching for marriages in the Poznan area, mainly because it's the only site for searching for marriages in the Poznan area.

Anyway, I would like to obtain the original record as I hear there is a lot more information on it than there is on the Poznan project site. How do I go about this?

I know that I have to write the parish for them to get the record and to expect a response in Polish, but I have a few questions about this:

Do I write to them in English or Polish? I speak very little Polish and it would be rude to write in saying:

Dzień dobry,
Mówię po angielsku. Świadectwo ślubu - Daj mi to.
Daj mi więcej szczegółów.
Miłego dnia!

And I would like to include a donation, how would I go about that? Send in US dollars? Write a check?
28 May 2009 #2
i have no idea but...
english might be your best bet if your bad at polish because, there will probly be at least one person who speaks english that will see your letter. i wouldnt send money because it might get stolen, if you want to make a donation you should try to go to poland then you will get to have a little vacation & see the place your ancestors where from & while your at it you could go & look at the rocords your self
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
28 May 2009 #3
Do I write to them in English or Polish? I speak very little Polish

You could make use of the translation thread.

With a letter in Polish you can be certain that someone will at least read it.

A donation is just a donation. It doesn't guarantee a result.
Switezianka - | 463
29 May 2009 #4
Anyway, I would like to obtain the original record as I hear there is a lot more information on it than there is on the Poznan project site. How do I go about this?

Impossible. Original parish records are entries in big parish books (in Polish "księga ślubów" - the 'book of weddings'). They won't send you the book or tear a page out.

But they can make you an extract which serves as an official document and contains all the information that are in the book.

The best thing to deal with a parish red tape is a personal visit. If it's impossible, it would be better to write to them. But not in English, in Polish! (I can help you, I'm Polish, done some stuff with parish records). If it is something very old, there is a possibility that the parish no longer exist. Or maybe they don't keep very old books. If you encounter such problem, write to the diocesan curia to which the parish belongs - the curia keeps copies of all the parish records.

In the letter you should provide all the information about the marriage you know - the more you tell them, the easier it will be to find the right record. The most important thing is the date of marriage.

As far as the letter is concerned, it should be a formal letter, in which you write that you are from America and you are looking for information about your ancestors, so you kindly request to obtain the extract from the book of marriages concerning the marriage that took place in the year N, between X and Y, who were your (name of relation). And all that polite formal stuff and additional info. Write it in English and PM to me, or if you don't trust me (why would you?), post it here and I'll post my translation, so that anyone could read and criticise.

I'm not that fluent in the question of donations.
26 Mar 2010 #5
To Whom it may concer: Obtain Orininal Poznan Parrish Records: I am looking for anyone that would know any information on Anthony (Tony) Wojcik. My grandmother name was Katherine(katrina). and she sometimes went by Mary. Maiden name was was either or Koschiec or Kosciez. I wouild appriceate any information. Birth records. marriage record. Grandfather was born around 1888and my grandmother was born november24 or 25 1892. She was suspose to of been born in Krakov. And her fathers name was John. There first child was born in1915 so I am thinkthey had to of gotten married around 1910-1914. I am not sure of when they came to United States. I would be so greatful for any information you could give me. And if you think there is any relations still alive. Thank you again Denise (wojcik) Pritchett
28 May 2013 #6
You get a copy of the film from latter day saints. They will for a small fee send to your local library. And you can look at the information and make copies of the records . You will find more records posibly leading to birth record also. I found marriage records and that led to birth records of person i searched for and also siblings.
12 Jan 2014 #7
My second great grandfather's family lived in Schwarzenwald, Kreis Aldenau, Possen in the 1800s and he had died by 1887. His name was Karl (Carl) TROCHA. His wife was Katherina "Kacha" Dubelisch/Dubielszyk. I believe she also lived in this same area. Kacha immigrated to the United States (Wisconsin) after the death of her husband. There were 6 children born to Kacha: Caroline, Christine, Marie, Karl, Susie, and a son who died in Germany.

Can anyone assist me in finding a church to write to that might have records, or pointing me in the direction of someone who could assist. I have no idea what records might still exist after the war or where to begin looking.

I have this record for my great grandmother:
Name: Karolina Trocha
Gender: Female
Baptism/Christening Date: 08 Sep 1861
Baptism/Christening Place: SCHWARZWALD,POSEN,PRUSSIA
Bi rth Date:
Death Date:
Name Note:
Father's Name: Karl Trocha
Father's Birthplace:
Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Katharina Dubielszyk
Mother's Birthplace:
Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C99806-1
System Origin: Germany-ODM
Source Film Number: 808126
Reference Number:
Collection: Germany Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898

A handwritten note from my Great grandfather says she was born in Schwarzwald, Kreis Adelnau
LindaWoskalos - | 11
14 Jan 2014 #8
yes, you got it, you need to write directly but you need a local address and phone so they can call and send the documents.

I was in the same situation and got local help from a Spanish Lawyer, he resend me the documents after two month of the whole process, not bad actually.

I am not sure if I can post emails, but I leave you his contact, maybe he can help you : Lic. Antonio
14 Apr 2015 #9
I am trying to locate some information on the Dabrowski Family. My grandfather came from Dlugoleka. His name was Francis
Dabrowski. The name seems to be like Smith and Jones in USA. Any help. Also the Dukowski family from around the Poznan
24 Jun 2018 #10
Looking for the birth information for my great-great-great grandfather. Michael Rutkowski. He was bornin 1868. He married Michalina Tomaszewski in 1893 in Marzenin, Poland. On the church certificate he lists parents to be - father, Ignatius Rutkowski and mother - Marianna Lukaszewska. Yet on the civil registry , in Czerniejewo, Poland, he list his parents as Martin Rutkowski and mother - Catherina Dolna. Can you help me find the correct names.
TheOther 6 | 3,667
24 Jun 2018 #11
That's difficult. I would tend to believe the civil registration records because they were much more thorough than the entries in church books. Have you tried to find siblings of Michael Rutkowski? You could check their birth records for the name of the parents.
24 Jun 2018 #12
Can you help me find the correct names.

The answer can be found on this website:

Your ancestor was a widower when he married Michalina in 1893. There are 2 listings for this marriage, the Catholic Parish and Civil Registry, although I don't think I can directly link to them:

Catholic parish Marzenin
entry 10 / 1893

Michael Rutkowski (25 years old, widower) 100%
father: Ignatius Rutkowski , mother: Marianna Łukaszewska
Michalina Tomaszewska (24 years old)
father: Stanislaus Tomaszewski , mother: Francisca Płonczewska

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Original record
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Civil registry Czerniejewo [Schwarzenau]
entry 44 / 1893

Michael Rutkowski (born 1868, widower) 100%
father: Martin Rutkowski , mother: Catharine Dolna
Michalina Tomaszewska (born 1869)
father: Stanislaus Tomaszewski , mother: Franziska Plonszewska

However there are 2 further records for his previous marriage the year before in 1892, and the discrepancy in names has arisen because Ignatius and Marianna appear to be the names of his deceased wife's parents:

Catholic parish Marzenin
entry 1 / 1892

Michael Rutkowski (23 years old) 100%
father: Martinus Rutkowski , mother: Catharina Dolna
Josepha Zakrzewska (16 years old)
father: Ignatius Zakrzewski , mother: Marianna Łukaszeska

Civil registry Czerniejewo [Schwarzenau]
entry 9 / 1892

Michael Rutkowski (born 1868) 100%
father: Martin Rutkowski , mother: Catharine Dolna
Josephine Zakrzewska (born 1875)
father: Ignatz Zakrzewski , mother: Marie Łukaszewska

If you click on 'original record' it will tell you how to get copies.
TheOther 6 | 3,667
24 Jun 2018 #13
Look at the names of the groom's parents in both the 1892 and 1893 marriages. They are different! Could be that the fathers - Ignatius Rutkowski and Martinus Rutkowski - were brothers who both named their son Michael.
24 Jun 2018 #14
Yes I had noticed the names were different but presumed ( although I should know better than to presume with genealogy ), that there had been a mix up with the names given that there were 2 marriages.

Are you saying that there could be two Michael Rutkowski's, the sons of Ignatius and Martinus? If so, it still doesn't explain the different fathers listed in the 1893 marriage documents, if there were 2 sons, they can't both have married the same woman, Michalina. I might have misunderstood where you're going with this though, I'm a bit tired!
TheOther 6 | 3,667
24 Jun 2018 #15
if there were 2 sons, they can't both have married the same woman, Michalina

You're right, I overlooked that part. Your assumption that

Ignatius and Marianna appear to be the names of his deceased wife's parents:

is correct. Sorry for the confusion.
kaprys 3 | 2,245
25 Jun 2018 #16
I think they were two different people. Both the first and last name are pretty popular.
There's even one more Michał Rutkowski born in 1868 (in Leszno) in the Poznań project archives.
26 Aug 2018 #17
Looking for wedding between Szymon Piotrowski and Anna Szczesniak in Poznan. Long-shot, I know. Maybe in the 1890's.
TheOther 6 | 3,667
26 Aug 2018 #18

There's a marriage listed for your ancestors in the catholic parish of Lechlin-Pruśce in 1897 (#4/1897)
Aurora Adela
29 Sep 2018 #19
Any help would be appreciated. My grandmother Wanda, Adel Wolinska her father Jozef Wolinski her mother Aniela Tomaszewska. I know that her mother and father were listed on her birth certificate/ christening record, and she had said it was Warsawa 1924.

Things become even more confused because when the Germans came she lived on a farm outside of Warsaw with her mother, stepfather ( I have no idea what happened to her real father Jozef at this time),, her younger half brother, and her stepfather's invalid mother. They shot and killed her mother, stepfather, and her stepfather's mother in front of her and then took her half brother to re-educate him and put her in a work camp. I believe she was either 12 or 14 years old at this time. Any help in finding any paper trail of any of this would be highly appreciated
7 Jun 2020 #20
Looking for ancestry information on my grandmother. Grandmother was born in 1924, christened in 1924 (church document signed by a priest) Adela Wolinska, location- Settlement Krepiec Commune Melgiew, to Jozef and Aniela Wolinski. Great Grandmother's maiden name is Tomaszewska. Thanks much
kaprys 3 | 2,245
9 Jun 2020 #21
It might be your great grandparents wedding record -click on SKAN next to their names.
You will get on familysearch.
Record number 192

As for birth records less than a hundred years old you need to contact the civil register office
I guess the one in Melgiew
10 Oct 2021 #22
looking for birth record of my grandmother Mary Mikolajczyk born May 6, 1889 in Poznan. She came to the USA as an orphan in 1910 with her aunt Francziszka Piwonska

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