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Obtaining WWI Military Records from Poland or Austria?

21 Dec 2011 #1
I had a great grandfather that was conscripted and fought in WWI, he died as a result of his injuries, which from what I was told were pretty extensive and it was a miracle he ever made it home. So I guess I was wondering if it is at all possible to obtain military records from WWI for conscripted soldiers and if so do I get them from Poland or Austria? Also the only information I have on him is his last name, the name of his wife and where he was born (I don't even have a date). D you think it would be even possible to find his records? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated, thank you =)
noreenb 7 | 557
21 Dec 2011 #2
Why can't you find any information about him?
You only need datas like a name, a place where he was born, the rest depends only on you and and your afford.
blackadder 1 | 114
21 Dec 2011 #3
Of course it's possible,but I presume you will need to search in Austrian archives if he fought for Austro-Hungary,maybe even Hungarian. rian.html

Hungarian index

This is best link on which you can ask about your grandfather,you may want to start with this one
14 Aug 2013 #4
My Babja had a brother that was a soldier that was captured by the Russians and sent to Siberia where he supposedly died...One brother may have escaped or was released and the other...As I had been told...Died in prison camp...All my ancestors including my own parents have passed on...How can I find anything about him and or the events leading up to his death...His name was Anthony Dominski and was from (i think) the village of Bogdanovga ( not sure of the spelling) what is now part of the Ukraine near what I now think is in the area of Ternapol???...Any help out there
1 Dec 2017 #5

World War 1 Military Records

My grandfather was born in Rowvo in 1898. He signed up for the army in 1916. I do not know if he finished service in 1918 or continued on through 1919-1920. I think that he ended up going as far as the Black or Caspian Sea. Where is the best source to inquire for service records?
dorothytrafas71 0
27 Dec 2017 #6
My husband's father. Josef Franciskus Trafas, served in the Polish Army under Field Marshall Pilsudski, most probably during the years 1919-1921. He was born in 1900. According to my husband, who is now deceased, his father was awarded a medal for his service called the Virtuti Military. The medal was buried with him when he died in 1937. Our family has been searching to find a record of his service and the reason for his receiving that medal. Any information that you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Dorothy Trafas
kaprys 3 | 2,501
27 Dec 2017 #7

The site above is in Polish but the article is about scouts who took part in different battles and at the bottom of the page you'll find Józef Trafas, a scout who was awarded the Cross of Valour. Is there a chance it was this medal rather than Virtuti Militari? Or might have got both. Or it's a different Józef Trafas.

You may also contact Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe.
Al Kaziechko
25 Mar 2021 #8
Micheal Kazieczko born April 4 1898 stubno area conscripted by austrian army ww1, immigrated to canada 1926

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