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Orphanages in Poland

1 Oct 2011 #61
I am currently in Poland and with a few weeks to spare was interested in volunteering in an orphanage, or childcare, or iin some sort of educational capacity. I am a qualified Primary School teacher. Does anyone know if this is possible, starting in a week or two? Any help much appreciated :)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
1 Oct 2011 #62
Are you interested in coming to Poznan?

I could sort you out with a placement in a primary school, starting as early as next week - I'd be more than happy to help you out with this :)
beckski 12 | 1,617
2 Oct 2011 #63
Does anyone know if this is possible, starting in a week or two?

I honestly think it's wonderful you are offering your assistance, to help needy children. Thank you so much for being such a caring and giving human being.
19 Oct 2011 #64
Hi, I'm a psychologist in a Children's Home (orphanage) in Oświęcim (southern Poland). We have a facebook "fanpage" at There you can read about our needs, contact me by private messages or leave your questions on our wall. Thanks :)
27 Nov 2011 #65
Dear sir.

Are you still in Poland?

I am a member of a church having too much used childrens clothes to handle, and would love to fill a truck and trailer to give them away to a worthy cause...

Due to cost involved in driving, we would love to know of maybe an orphanage or charity project for instance for poor families or street children close to German border or harbor city from Sweden?

We are experienced in this kind of work and have travelled to Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Belarus in the past, but this load we have now have not yet been sponsored by anyone, so we will drive it on our own cost, thus the need for shorter driving distance.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Ted Walter Hansen
Humanitarian Express
wildrover 98 | 4,451
27 Nov 2011 #66
Are you still in Poland?

Who do you refer to....?

I can give you plenty of contacts that need help for children....but i need to know who you are first...?
MumInFrance - | 2
12 Jun 2012 #67
Merged:Adopting, would like info on Polish orphanages please.

Hi, my husband and I live in France (I'm British he is French), we have 2 daughters (almost 9yrs and 6yrs) and would like to adopt 3 siblings/children, aged 5 and under.

We are going through our adoption application at the moment, and should be approved by Christmas 2012.
As my paternal grandparents were Polish, we are interested in adopting via Poland, but have been told that to do this via the French agencies, it would cost €8k per child (=24k!!!!). We were hoping by arranging our own travel arrangements and staying with family, we could bring the costs we would basically be arranging our own matching/adoption (if legally possible?). Therefore, it would be great if we could be in contact with an someone from an orphanage, so we could be advised on the process/costs/legalities etc.

Does anyone have any contact information for an orphanage, please?
Thank you <3
MumInFrance - | 2
12 Jun 2012 #69
Thanks :)
I have requested information via a link within that thread http ://
Really hope they can advise.
If anyone else has any advice, or links/contact, we would be truly grateful.
ashywildflower 1 | 9
20 Aug 2012 #70

I see that this post is old and not one posted here recently, but I want to ask you for a website or address of orphanage homes in Krakow.

I moved to Krakow with my husband 6 months ago and we will be staying here for probably a year more. I would like to employ my time helping children at the orphanage, for God's glory.

I am a Christian and I was adopted when I was 6 months old. It is a privilege for me to able to help and care and love these children.

Please contact me through pm if you have any information about orphanage homes in Krakow.

Leonie - | 1
26 Mar 2013 #71
Merged:Looking for people in orphanages in Lebork region

I represent a support and advocacy network for people raised in Australia,s 800 plus orphanages and childrens Homes.
Recently we were contacted by a lady who has lived in Perth, WA for over 30 years.
she was in a Polish orphanage in Lebork wojewodztwo,Gdansk.

She is looking for other people who were in this orphanage and she also wants to know if the Polish government have given compensation to children abused and neglected in their institutions.

Three states in Australia have paid compensation / redress to abused children WA, Qld and Tasmania.

If anyone can assist me I would be most grateful.
Best wishes and Hooroo
Leonie Sheedy
CLAN -- Care Leavers of Australia Network.
15 Jul 2014 #72
Do you know of any charity that support foreigners in Poland, especially in Warsaw.
Please mail me at bayopl@yahoo
lukec - | 2
12 May 2015 #73
Merged: Children's homes in Poland?

Hi all,

Here in the UK i work as a Children's Support Worker in residential settings.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the children's homes are like in Poland or if anyone has experience working in them?

Also do they have agency's over there what contract staff out to the homes when they are short staffed, needing a waking night etc or are they all government run and funded?


emb1292 - | 1
30 May 2017 #74

warsaw poland

I'm looking for information on orphanages or churches who have information on children from 1928
Sunnyday - | 1
17 Nov 2017 #75
I am in US looking to adopt. Saw a link for a little girl in an orphanage but have since been told they no longer have a program with Poland. Anyone have info or contact for me?
DominicB - | 2,709
17 Nov 2017 #76
Ever since Poland joined the EU, it has become quite difficult for US citizens to adopt Polish children, especially healthy infants. There are programs that facilitate the adoption of children with health or developmental problems, or older children. Even then, the requirements are quite stringent.

Here's one such organization:
14 Feb 2018 #77

We would like to adopt, and have the certification.
Any info?
12 Jun 2018 #78
Good Morning,
My boyfriend was adopted from an orphanage in Poland and we are trying to get information on his adoption. Can someone gives us any directions on how to do this?
10 Oct 2020 #79
My boyfriend wants to make a cash donation to an orphanage Poland. Is this possible?
pawian 200 | 21,264
10 Oct 2020 #80
Yes,. of course. I hope you are not a representative of a certain scam group which promise a donation but demands to obtain an account number with passwords beforehand????
31 Dec 2020 #81
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother whom I learned was in an orphanage in 1874? and on.
pawian 200 | 21,264
31 Dec 2020 #82
This information is impossible to obtain. Sorry.

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