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jojospacemunky 1 | 59
8 Jun 2009 #61
NK isnt available in English ... Also NK (Nasza-Klasa) has bought shares in facebook so you may find that the format of NK changes
Grono is available in English
Fotka is more a photo show site where you can upload photos and get rated by people and give a brief insight into you etc ... this is in Polish only

Dont know on epuls
confuseddude 4 | 19
26 Jun 2009 #62
How can you change your setting on naza klaza so people dont see you have visited their page. Or can you ?
benszymanski 8 | 465
27 Jun 2009 #63
you can't. But some people create a 2nd profile 'John Smith' profile and then browse other people's pages logged in under this fictional 2nd account.
dariusz 1 | 13
21 Oct 2009 #64
since there is no english version of nasza klasa you need to use google transtlator.
search google translator and down load the tool bar onto your computer you can then set it up to translate the nasza klasa web page into english.

the best part is that it's free
MareGaea 29 | 2,752
21 Oct 2009 #65
There is an English version of N-K, it's called Facebook. Kinda like the same stuff only bigger.


M-G (is on Facebook twice - used to be on NK too, but deleted his account as the ppl were too boring there: I don't care about seeing pictures of Agnieska's horse, for example)
handsaway - | 1
23 Oct 2009 #66
I have recently returned to the UK after 2 years of teaching in Poland and wanted to set up a Nasza-Klasa account,However when I have filled out all of the information on the registration form and have clicked on 'next',I got a message in Polish saying something along the lines of 'in order to register from this address you need special powers,which you do not have' :/

Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way around this?

Thanks in advance..
13 Dec 2009 #67
im trying to get in touch with a freind

london chick im trying to get in touch with a freind if you can help thats great or if anybody can help that would be great
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2009 #68
Please give me some details and I'll check NK for you.
jump_bunny 5 | 237
13 Dec 2009 #69
How can you change your setting on naza klaza so people dont see you have visited their page. Or can you ?

Of course you can. Go to Profil -> Edytuj Profil -> Prywatność. Untick the box that says: Nie pokazuj innym, że oglądałem ich profil (jednocześnie nie będziesz widzieć kto oglądał Twój profil) and confirm the changes clicking Zapisz. Nobody will be able to see you have viewed their profile yet you won't be informed about people viewing yours either. I hope it helps!

you can't. But some people create a 2nd profile 'John Smith' profile and then browse other people's pages logged in under this fictional 2nd account.

Possibly but how sad it that?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2009 #70
It's the same as a second or third PF name :)
jump_bunny 5 | 237
13 Dec 2009 #71
It's kind of worse when you think of it - on Polishforums we don't normally really know each other, we don't provide any personal information such as our names, place and date of birth, schools we have attended to etc. Whereas on Nasza-Klasa creating an alter ego profile with fake information that is provided in order to spy on somebody, unambiguously means to me a violation of human privacy!
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2009 #72
But they are cracking down on it, JB. The bigger problem is perverts hunting down kids and trying to lure them into conversations. Both issues have been the subject of much recent discussion.
jump_bunny 5 | 237
13 Dec 2009 #73
I must agree with you - peadophiles have become a plague all over the Internet and only the thought of how those sick people can with ease have an open access to the personal information, as well as get in touch with kids, gives me sleepless nights! What exactly is being done to prevent this in case of NK?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2009 #74
They are checking available data on known paedos. They are tracing IP addresses and asking parents to take a more responsible position in monitoring what younger NK users do online.

I was a babysitter for many years and I know how curious they were to type randomly into the void. Research has been done that when their curiosity is peaked, paedos can't hold back and arrange meetings if they can.

There is no magic solution but monitoring really helps.
jump_bunny 5 | 237
13 Dec 2009 #75
There is no magic solution but monitoring really helps.

I agree, unfortunately many parents don't like to know what they kids need the Internet for... Perhaps the access to social networking websites should not be allowed if you're under 18 but then again the forbiden fruit tastes the sweetest and there is no possible way to prove how old you are if you set up an Internet account. This wouldn't be something common when I was little. Blimey, I got my first mobile phone when I was 16!
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2009 #76
Many younger folk are becoming more and more cluey too. Still, it's not like in Asia where the situation is fully worse. They are into deviant things there and it's alarming!
nomaderol 5 | 726
13 Dec 2009 #77
Still, it's not like in Asia where the situation is fully worse.

which world do you live in? do you not know western wealthy/rich groups travelling to asia, tailand, etc for sex with teenagers and younger than teenagers. perverts are riches/wealthy people of world, especially of western world.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
14 Dec 2009 #78
Yes, they do that in areas like Khmer but there are many locals who engage in it too. The police there turn a blind eye but the internet police are stronger. They have employed some hawk groups to patrol.
nomaderol 5 | 726
14 Dec 2009 #79
stronger police? they can get only poors. if they are so brave, lets see if they can touch the riches. but, anyway, time is changing. riches too are getting touchables now as day passes as crisis shake their economy harder.
kelly rae
14 Jan 2010 #80
I'm looking for a penfriend who ive been writing to for 15 years but i lost all the letters ad i think i found her on nasza klasa, so i registered myself but it sill wont let me log in to contact her......apparantly i am awaiting to be activated? is this normal and how long does it take? if anyone went to sept high school in gliwice let me know you might know aneta bromine(mazur).....appeciatee any hlp, thanks.
frd 7 | 1,401
14 Jan 2010 #81
i am awaiting to be activated?

If I remember correctly that's probably the cause. You should get an activation e mail soon. Give it a day or two and post it here if you can't get it through.
Someone needs h
28 Jan 2010 #82
How can i hide my friend list to other people?

hbk18 - | 2
27 Jun 2010 #83
Merged:Account info on NASZA-KLASA - lost password

Hi there,

I had/have an account on nasza-klasa, but do not remember the password since I haven't used it for a while.

When I try to get help, I have to provide my date of birth.
Here, as far as I remember years ago, I left it as it was (01/01/2004 I believe); but it fails to recognize this.

QUESTION: how to I retrieve my account information in an easy way??
terri 1 | 1,664
27 Jun 2010 #84
Sign up again...and search for yourself.
Also Please Note: The rules and regulations on Nasza-klasa have changed. Once you sign up, you now give them absolute permission to use your photos and any descriptions of yourself for their promotional material..please be aware...

A lot of people are now leaving nasza-klasa because of this. It was supposed to be a 'private site' but now photos of you, your friends, your car, your house or anything else about you can find themselves everywhere.

If that suits you - fine. If it does not, do not sign up again.
hbk18 - | 2
18 Jul 2010 #85
Hi there,

Some time ago i created an account with nasza-klasa, but having not used it for a while, I forgot my password.
If I want to login, I must complete the "date"-form. I remember I filled in a fake date when I registered...
QUESTION: how can i retrieve my password?
Borys - | 6
7 Sep 2010 #86
Merged:Need a Nasza Klasa Guru! Help adding multiple friends


Need some help on Nasza Klasa please.

I want to send a message out to all Polish users in a certain geographical area on Nasza Klasa website. Does anyone know how to do this?

I have done searches and can get the results up but you have to send out the friend requests one at a time. I'm trying to find a way to send out several at one go.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

woodlife 1 | 1
7 Sep 2010 #87
Again, seems like you want to send some spam and you are already spamming this forum...
Olaf 6 | 956
7 Sep 2010 #88
It is not possible to send to multiple recipients at one time.
Borys - | 6
8 Sep 2010 #89
Olaf - thanks I didn't think it was possible.

Woodlife - I don't want to spam anyone. I have a particular offer that is very useful to a small portion of Nasza Klasa users - that's all......
Havok 10 | 912
9 Mar 2011 #90
i am lookin for the english version of the webportal Nasza Klasa.. is it possible to get it?

yes it's called facebook.

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