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21 Apr 2008 #31
Hello, I am trying to find a friend who I believe still lives in Kielce (street: Ułańska)...Her name is Anita Dybała (she's 27 now). We last met 7 years ago in Orlando, Florida. She was working at Sea World with me...after she left she gave me all her info, but I lost it. Seven years later, the previously disclosed information is all that I remember. If anyone could help me find at least the rest of her address; I could write her. thank you.
25 Jul 2008 #32
I was so surprised when yesterday I googled my name and found out that somebody is looking for me. Yes, all the info is correct and you can either contact me through e-mail:

or through website.
I can't wait to hear from you and discover who you are! :-)
Krakowianka 1 | 243
16 Oct 2008 #33
I heard nasza klasa will become a paid site soon, or that some features of it will be paid. Go figure, some people have spent all that time finding & adding their family/friends to their "buddy list", and now you pay or leave. ugh, tough economy
volki 2 | 10
7 Mar 2009 #34
Do anyone have an idea about how to search people on this site ? I can not find coz my polish sucks.
7 Mar 2009 #35
As soon as you're registered, you go to: Znajomi -> Szukaj Znajomych.

Imię/nazwisko/pseudonim = name/last name/nick name
Miejscowość = location
Płeć = Sex (Kobieta - female, Mężczyzna - male)
Przedział wiekowy = age
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
7 Mar 2009 #36
Do anyone have an idea about how to search people on this site ?

Znajomi --> Szukaj znajomych
volki 2 | 10
7 Mar 2009 #37
I am trying to discover it :) I just need one more thing. O sobie means about you ?
Davey 13 | 388
7 Mar 2009 #38
O sobie means about you ?

volki 2 | 10
7 Mar 2009 #39
thank you guys :) From now on I am on Nasza Klasa too :))
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
7 Mar 2009 #40
Firstly, whats the point of a non pole joining Nasza Klasa?

Secondly, if i didnt keep in touch with these ppl after school there's a reason for it. The guys who I considered friends at school are still friends now. Some ppl just like to have the longest friends list im sure.
Davey 13 | 388
7 Mar 2009 #41
Firstly, whats the point of a non pole joining Nasza Klasa?

Keep in touch with people from Poland???
7 Mar 2009 #42
Internet is the easiest and the fastest way to both contact your friends and to find someone you wanted to renew relations with. What's your problem?
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 490
7 Mar 2009 #43
there is no direct equivalent of it in english, god thanx
but NK was designed as a facebook-like portal. try it
Elssha - | 123
7 Mar 2009 #44
facebook started out uniting people in school (certain universities)... then it let everyone in and went nearly as low as myspace >_<
In that way it kinda started like NK... just without trying to be retroactive
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
8 Mar 2009 #45
of the Poles i
You didnt understand what I was saying. The people i want to keep in touch with I have done but I couldnt care less what happens to those I didnt keep in touch with. Most of the Poles I have talked to dont keep in touch with 80% of the ppl in their NK contact lists.

I remember when Freinds reunited was free, now u have to pay and its so niot worth it. I can see NK going down this route.
8 Mar 2009 #46
You don't like it - you don't use it. End of story.
richardjwright - | 2
12 Mar 2009 #47
hi there!ive tried regestering with nasza-klasa and have failed miserably!!any tips?my polish is at best....very limited!!many thanks in advance!!
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
12 Mar 2009 #48
I have a tip for u, if u cant read polish dont bother. Theres a reason its in Polish, its for polish people.

Get a FB acct or sth
ewik94 - | 1
17 Apr 2009 #50
Hi ;)

I know Polish so can I could somehow help
If so just let me know.

My english isn't the best but I somehow gives advice
23 Apr 2009 #51
Firstly, whats the point of a non pole joining Nasza Klasa?

why not?? i assume by your username, you are not Polish, so why should it matter to you what anyone does with NK??

wow you sound like a right twit, some kind of elitist. Why give someone a hard time about not being able to register?? really....whats the point??

Its quite easy to register on NK. I did it after 5 months of living here. No help from a polish friend. if you have a dictionary, you can navigate it easily.
Pani_Polska - | 89
27 Apr 2009 #52
You can do it, just use to copy/paste the different directions. I cant help you at this exact moment otherwise I would; you can set up a basic account and search for people quite easily without worrying about the other stuff. Were you able to set up an account and search for people at least? If not let me know I may be able to help you.
27 Apr 2009 #53
Better still, if you go here and add google translate to your tool bar by dragging on there from this list and when you are on the page you wish to translate just click it and it will translate the page.

Great if you don't know Polish and slightly better than poltran...
Pani_Polska - | 89
27 Apr 2009 #54
Thanks ukpolska, I didnt even think about that! Probably easier :)
marz - | 13
28 Apr 2009 #55
Interestingly enough, there is a new Polish online social networking community connecting English speaking Polish people living abroad called It's just released and in a BETA test stage, but open to the general public. (shameless plug)

I tried Nasza Klasa but living outside of Poland the last 25 years, it's really hard to communicate on it for someone who's first language is no longer Polish.
vlady22 - | 1
25 May 2009 #56
is possible i get Nasza Klasa in English version?
jazzyfizzel - | 1
4 Jun 2009 #57
hi! i am trying to find someone from polan i lost contact with but as my polish is very bad i am asking for some help to register and search! please let me know if u can help! :-)
Cardno85 31 | 976
4 Jun 2009 #58
Firstly, whats the point of a non pole joining Nasza Klasa?

When I was living there I met and worked with lots of people who did not have facebook accounts. Now that I am going back it gives me an easy way to keep in touch with them (as my phone was stolen before i left) and meet up again.

I can, just, see your point. But if you have a few Polish friends you want to keep in touch with then not using NK because it's "only for Poles" is a bit of cutting off your nose to spite your face, no?
mbiernat 3 | 107
5 Jun 2009 #59
Its not nasza-klassa but many Poles use facebook also
shark8 - | 10
8 Jun 2009 #60
Im not really sure if there is an English version of nasza-klasa. I could not find "language settings" anywhere in the menu.
Nasza-klasa is a crappy website from the functional point of view; it only has a nice "name".
There is another social website, that was founded like 5-6 years ago; called
It used to be quite good (~1 million users), but recently it has been getting worse and worse - especially after it started look very similar to facebook. Anyway, grono definitely has an english version, but it;s poplur mostly among teenagers, so maybe just try facebook instead?

There are some other social websites in poland too... and epuls.. to be hones I never tried them, they are mostly used by "internet pokemons".

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