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Why Do You Love Poland?

Ktos 16 | 440
24 Feb 2016 #511
I like Poland because of the variety of people you encounter there almost all with different opinion. I don't like, however, the lack of patience some of my comrades exhibit, it is annoying.
AdrianK9 6 | 368
24 Feb 2016 #512
I love Poland because nearly my entire family lives there and it is where I was born (Wroclaw). I love Poland because of the beautiful culture and traditions although I am not a big fan of the food. I love our beautiful Polish women. I love that Polish people truly take pride in whatever they do - if it is a restaurateur he or she will make the place look amazing and have great food yet charge low prices. I love Polish hospitality and how warm people are - although you have to be careful as many are rather wise and cunning and will pretend to be your friend to use you.

I feel that Poland as a country and Polish goods and services are like a 'best kept secret' in a way.
Atch 17 | 3,808
24 Feb 2016 #513
Well food isn't that much cheaper here. Not sure what you mean about the accommodation. I don't drink beer or much alcohol at all. I don't watch television. Gave that up about maybe six or seven years ago I think. Clothes are a lot cheaper in Ireland, lots of sales and discounts all year round and lots of cheap and cheerful stores if you just want a few basics, shoes about the same price as Poland.
AdrianK9 6 | 368
24 Feb 2016 #514
I feel Poland is like a 'best kept secret.' All the beautiful castles like Wawel, cathedrals like Ostrow Tumski, hiking and enjoying the hot springs in Zakopane... I love everything about Poland...

Just wish wages were a bit higher or at least on par with Germany, France, England, etc.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
24 Feb 2016 #515
I don't love Poland at the moment.

Same old witch-hunt nonsense, as an excuse not to work to put conditions in place to improve peoples' day to day lives.
Wulkan - | 3,243
24 Feb 2016 #516
I love Poland now, when the worst party ever is gone, when their freakish supporters go out on the street to whine, it's the moment when I enjoy visiting my homeland the most.
Crow 160 | 9,545
24 Feb 2016 #517
i like Poland because Poles for unimaginable long period of time resist to assimilation and destruction by the hordes upon hordes from the wild and demonic western parts of Europe, while at the same time Poles had a nerve to oppose to Russian domination.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,422
28 Feb 2016 #519
Or of course I may be talking utter nonsense - we'll never know will we?

I'm sure you are not. Our friend K Man has definitely some mental issues.

He's also quite possibly on meds for paranoid Schizophrenia which is a common disorder in young men of what I imagine to be his age.

This seems very likely. So your conclusion that he can overcome his mental health issues is quite fair. Until then, it's best to treat him as such.

And about loving Poland; not any big issue here. I just live in Poland.
Ktos 16 | 440
28 Feb 2016 #520
Same here, because Poland has shown some fight which It is known for but which has been absent for so many years of latency - people were sick of fighting and waited and waited for the promised miracles and disaster struck and we realised we have to fight again. I am with Poland all the way (term "love" I reserve for other statements, I don't think it's appropriate to use here) for maintaining this inner spirit of independent thinking and without fascist - like agenda being able to state it's nationalist demands.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
28 Feb 2016 #521
I love Poland now, when the worst party ever is gone, when their freakish supporters go out on the street to whine, it's the moment when I enjoy visiting my homeland the most.

It's times like these that we wonder why you're staying away if you're so content with the political situation.

One can only assume that "love of the homeland" comes a distinct second to "selling out one's soul for cash".
Cathy - | 3
12 Mar 2016 #522
I love coolness and seriousness of the Poles.
Wulkan - | 3,243
12 Mar 2016 #523
It's times like these that we wonder why you're staying away if you're so content with the political situation.

Because I started family abroad this is why but that's fine, apart from getting nostalgic about my home country from time to time I like it here a lot.
12 Mar 2016 #524
Well that's a shame. Hopefully that changes and you return there with your Polish offspring.
Marsupial - | 886
12 Mar 2016 #525
I have to say I dont love it atm. Hate the new government, the unscientific drivvel and the rest. Not going back till they are gone.
sam6 1 | 25
20 May 2016 #526
the uniqueness of the old buildings and the beauty women
Kezcaisim 1 | 37
21 May 2016 #527
Because along with Slovaks, Poles are probably the most normal Europeans out there, the most traditional, polite and easy-going.
21 May 2016 #528

They swear like no one else.
25 May 2016 #529
I have been to Poland three times for business/tourism. It's an amazing place, like a rare jewel. Every time I'm in Europe, I feel happiest in Poland because of the following reasons.

--> The prices: Everything in Polska is more affordable compared to Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany or Belgium. Be it room rent, food, Internet, medicines or transportation. The quality of living in Poland is comparable to anywhere in Western Europe, and is actually better.

--> The rich history: I love the fact that the Polish are immensely proud of their forbears, and they should be. Poland gave the world Copernicus, Chopin, Jan III Sobieski, Mme. Curie and so many other famous personalities.

--> The weather: I prefer cooler climates but don't enjoy climbing mountains as in Switzerland. Somehow I'm not that keen on the kind of hot summers you get in Italy and Spain. My ideal weather conditions are between 7 to 15 degrees celsius. I don't mind if it drops below zero. I LOVE cold weather.

--> The people: Polish people in my experience are easier to make friends with compared to the more aloof Germans and reserved Czech people. Outside the British and Australians, I get along best with Poles while travelling around Europe and maybe the Dutch people.

--> The state of repair of things: Have you heard jokes about the Polish plumber? Just kidding. You're unlikely to experience any leaky faucets or flush toilets that don't work in Poland, the land of highly skilled workmen.

--> The shopping malls: Every city in Poland has shopping malls with food courts, Starbucks and supermarkets that are well-stocked. In Munich, Germany, for instance, I went to groceries in a downtown supermarket and the only thing I could find were a bunch of kiwis and apples. The farmer's market in Poland has fresh fruits and vegetables and they take care of their expiry dates.

--> Food: I love Polish sausages, omelettes, breakfast, potatoes, pies and other food. Polish food at the deli is so good that you don't really have to visit KFC, McDonald's or other fast food chains.

--> Beer: Poland has some of the best artisan beers in the whole world. Each city has a specialty, only waiting to be discovered. Belgium is known as the land of best beers but it seems to me Polish people greatly undersell their own beverages.

Poland is probably the closest place to Heaven. Just saying.
8 Oct 2016 #530
I am Pole and I don't like Polish food, because Polish kitchen to consist many meats, and I'm vegan. But I love my country because I am a part of it and it's my country :)
Wulkan - | 3,243
8 Oct 2016 #531
I'm vegan.

Is there some ideology behind it or you went vegan to recover from some chronic disease?
jon357 72 | 21,334
9 Oct 2016 #532
Polish kitchen to consist many meats

Plenty of traditional dishes here that don't contain meat, however one issue (aside from the horrendous cruelty of factory farming) is all the wędliny, basically processed food and very unhealthy.

If you want an area of food in which Poland excels (perhaps the main area) think about the soups. Most of them not meat based and some of them excellent.
9 Oct 2016 #533
Yes, but soups aren't everything. I must eat breakfast, dinner, supper too. When I was young, my parents cooked very much meat, sometimes dumplings etc. But that is no argument to say that I don't love Poland :)
Albany NY 2 | 19
30 Oct 2016 #534
Maybe people love Poland because it's so intolerant and violent. Maybe people should love Poland because Poles are largely not welcome outside Poland.

Good bless Poland.
Jaimeg 2 | 6
13 May 2017 #535
I love Poland because of the strong support for Music and performances
Marsupial - | 886
14 May 2017 #536
I love Poland because it just put in the final death blow to the petrol car.
Bristols - | 13
15 May 2017 #537
Marsupial you are very right bit there is a problem if there is no petrol due to no erternal combustion engine b'cos they need petrol, b'cos I love sniffing petrol do yoo like to,sniff petrol too most people,in Poland ******* love it
Marsupial - | 886
15 May 2017 #538
Only our natives sniffed petrol but that's just a result of british genocide on them. They have non sniffable petrol in those places now. I dont partake myself because i prefer glue.
6 Dec 2017 #539
Poland? Im a foreigner when I used to be in Poland I would smell pencils all the time!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
7 Dec 2017 #540
I love Poland because it's a still a christian european conservative wonderland. I am thankful everyday that our population has not been cucked and invaded. I am proud and thankful that our government policies and the nature of polish society, we've had zero Islamic terror attacks. Unlike many western European nations, Poland has not lost the will to fight for it's civilization and society.

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