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Grisly crimes in Poland

jon357 71 | 20,468
26 Nov 2021 #1
This case from Kraków, well-known here but not so well-known abroad, must be one of the worst...

"Whoever did this, expertly skinned the body, and sewed it back together. Kasia's arms and most of her face were missing. The cut went diagonal from the neck up over the face and included only one ear"
Novichok 3 | 7,107
26 Nov 2021 #2
I am sure there is a good reason why you brought it up here.

Do you know what it is?
OP jon357 71 | 20,468
26 Nov 2021 #3
One of the better known ones is The Vampire of Gałkówek, Stanisław Modrzelewski, executed in 1967.

"He took valuables as well as useless objects from his victims which he then threw away. He executed them with utmost cruelty."
johnny reb 33 | 7,332
26 Nov 2021 #4
Sick, totally a sick mind.
mafketis 34 | 11,904
26 Nov 2021 #5
I few years ago I read Wampir z Zagłębia (by Przemysław Semczuk). As with any true crime the author has to put things in a narrative and Semczuk's narrative is partly about how (especially deviant) crimes were covered in the PRL.

takeaways: the government couldn't keep it covered up, but.... a bunch of unrelated crimes were ascribed to the Wampir because one crazy killer seemed less terrifying than the reality (there were a bunch of crazy killers running around Silesia at the time). Technically there were only a very small number committed by the Wampir.

the real Wampir was most likely Piotr Olszowy who had committed suicide in 1970 (after which the signature crimes stopped - though copycat cases continued for a few years)

The guy executed (Marchwicki) was probably innocent of most of the crimes he was charged with (and his confession is certainly forged) but he most likely was involved in one murder at the behest of his brother, but true to type.... he killed the wrong person.

There was no computer (a fancy lie made up at the time to reassure the public) Machwicki's wife (a straight up psycho) reported him to the police.... and they took the bait.
OP jon357 71 | 20,468
26 Nov 2021 #6
the government couldn't keep it covered up, but.... a bunch of.unrelated.crimes.were ascribed to the Wampir because one crazy killer seemed less terrifying than the reality

Public sentiment is always a big concern, however yes, there are certainly such people 'operating' now, and staying ahead of the police.

I once read an FBI estimate that there were 40 serial killers on the loose at any one time in the USA. To math that down to Polish population size, there are probably more than 10 here. There was an exhibition in Warsaw (I think near Dw Centrally) about people who had gone missing and there were a lot.
OP jon357 71 | 20,468
27 Nov 2021 #7
Today's is one of my favourites, Władysław Mazurkiewicz (1910 - 1957), sometimes called 'Beautiful Władek' or the 'Gentleman Murderer'. He got away with it so long because his victims were members of the pre-war Kraków middle classes who during the war and the Stalin years often went missing, either because they'd fled or because the state had 'disappeared' them. As Time Magazine said at the time: "So many people were removed by the secret police that no one thought of suspecting a private initiative of it."

One of his victims was the landowner and businessman Jerzy de Laveaux (presumably a relative of both General Ludwik de Laveaux and the artist of the same name) who he killed during the war. Post-war he also killed de Laveaux's wife and sister-in-law.

Between 8 and 30 victims, killed by either cyanide-laced sandwiches or a shot to the back of the head.

Tomorrow (if time), the infamous (and maybe innocent) Rita Gorgonowa.

johnny reb 33 | 7,332
27 Nov 2021 #8
Tomorrow (if time), the infamous (and maybe innocent) Rita Gorgonowa.

Oh she was innocent alright.
I think the boyfriend did it.
OP jon357 71 | 20,468
27 Nov 2021 #9
Somebody certainly did, and they were in the house at the time.

The turd behind the plant pot and the menstrual rags in the cellar are hard to explain away.
OP jon357 71 | 20,468
21 Jun 2022 #10
Oh she was innocent alright

Maybe yes, maybe no.

The boyfriend (who wasn't a boyfriend) had an alibi and there was crisp snow with no footprints on sound the house.

Some people think the son Staś did it however this is unlikely.

Interestingly,after being released from gaol she was involved in various lawsuits and minor crimes and ended up running a kiosk in Silesia.

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