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Could not pay loan for 10 month

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30 Nov 2022 #1
Hello,I have a debt in bank and amount is 90K.I had emergency expensies within this 10 monthes and because of this I could not pay my loan for 10 month.But during this period I did not recieve any call and sms by bank.I called the bank and explained yesterday the situation and Told them i would like to pay my loan and lets ressetle it but they asked me whole debt.What should i do please give me a advice
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30 Nov 2022 #2
90k what ? Zloty or Euro ? Is it a Polish bank ? What is the collateral on the debt - a car ? A house ?

If you are in Poland, The basic position is you legally have to pay the whole debt. So a lawyer etc will just be a waste of cash. Best is to arrange a realistic repayment schedule with the bank.
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30 Nov 2022 #3
Thank you for your answer,90k zloty, It was a cash loan in french bank,in previuous I had never did a late payment,but this year was so difficult for me.Like a mention before I work for a company and I have a salary income and I am ready to pay monthly but not whole debt

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