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Polish movies with English subtitles

17 Mar 2016 #61
Maybe because Piotr realizes that he too is at a disadvantage writing in a language not his own:-)

Crow 160 | 11,013
17 Mar 2016 #62
I would appreciate any info

no problem ranjite. Try Seksmisja. Its good sf movie
10 Aug 2016 #63
Ranjit..i have found many polish movies on ( search polish dvd) and also here: expensive but good variety

also here u can buy:
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
10 Aug 2016 #64
Hey this could be a good way to get my polish men to learn English!
Lyzko 36 | 8,462
10 Aug 2016 #65
Yessss! English movies with ENGLISH subtitles on close-caption TV. Now why didn't I think of that? A no-brainer:-)
7 Mar 2017 #66
Hi, I cannot find English Subtitle for Wolyn(2016), DOes anyone have it?
MrComric 2 | 24
9 Mar 2017 #67
I've searched for it myself too. Most of the time, as a cinephile, I find all Polish movies with English subtitles, but Wołyn is really hard to find. I found a version with Russian, Ukainian and Serbian subtitles, but no English unfortunately.
polandgirl - | 1
4 Sep 2018 #68
Answer: Los Movies
Here you can find movies with english subtitles: losmovies/country/30/watch-poland-movies
Lyzko 36 | 8,462
5 Sep 2018 #69
Try Polish movies with POLISH subtitles and watch how your Polish skyrockets.
tavi206 - | 3
11 Sep 2022 #70

Korona krolow (The crown of the kings) English subtitles

Hello all! I am a Romanian History and English teacher and I ask any freelance translator who is Polish native to help me translate this series into English. The series is wonderful, both for the history lovers in general as well as for those who want to know more about the history of this country. I am really interested in these series so, if there is someone who could recommend me a Polish freelance translator or subtitles sites/forums which provide free subtitles for these series I would be really grateful.
Paulina 13 | 3,797
13 Sep 2022 #71
@tavi206, I've found something like this:
Lyzko 36 | 8,462
14 Sep 2022 #72
Maybe it would be more useful to find an English native speaker who knows either both Romanian and/or fluent Polish alone in order to translate INTO English!

As translator myself, I do realize that expense definitely plays a role in hiring expert assistance. Nonetheless, if you want the best (and one should never settle for second best), you will have to pay for it, no way around it.
amiga500 3 | 1,516
14 Sep 2022 #73
The series is wonderful

It got terrible reviews and a 4.6/10 score on filmweb, is it worth the effort?
pawian 194 | 19,848
14 Sep 2022 #74
It got terrible reviews and a 4.6/10 score

Yes, coz the series is badly written, badly filmed and badly played.
I watched a few scenes and the incompetence of all people involved in making it was astounding.. It looked as if it was made by amateurs like me and you.

However, it has one major advantage which you should appreciate greatly: it was made by PiS state TV!!! hahahaha
So it is a MUST for you. You have no choice now. Don`t forget to watch it on your knees. hahahahahaha
And no fekking popcorn!!!
amiga500 3 | 1,516
14 Sep 2022 #75
So it is a MUST for you.

why when plenty of good historical serials prduced by tvp , like Stulecie Winnych and Wojenne dziewczyny :) better than the warsaw fantasy rubbish on tvn (Chyłka etc) But HBO Europe and sometimes Canal+ make the best polish serials anyway.
tavi206 - | 3
14 Sep 2022 #76
@Lyzko You are right. I already found someone ready to translate the series for me at an affordable price, 9 cents/word.
@all Yes, it is worth translating it, as it has marvelous costumes and locations and the actors do not play so bad. It also has some connections with the Romanian history, which is very important for me, as myself I teach this subject, this beeing the main reason for which I have choose to translate this.
mafketis 34 | 12,513
15 Sep 2022 #77
also has some connections with the Romanian history

what are some example?

Iubesc România! I've been four or five times, mostly Bucuresti but one also Constanta (extremely weird place). What's up at present?
Lyzko 36 | 8,462
15 Sep 2022 #78
Good for you, tavi206!

If the translator in question is an educated English-native speaker (probably many direct from the UK would work for peanuts), you won't regret it.

Again, I'm a translator as well, and when starting out, spent nearly as much time correcting the howlers of my foreign-born colleagues who had the nerve to compare their schoolbook English with that of an English native speaker, as I did actually doing my own work LOL

Even if I, for example, knew Polish a bazillion times better than I do, I'd never claim I could translate as easily into Polish as into my English mother tongue:-)
Ziemowit 14 | 4,389
15 Sep 2022 #79
The film isn't that bad actually given it is only based on facts and does not necessarily need to be that accurate. It really has marvelous historical costume.
Kashub1410 4 | 462
16 Sep 2022 #80
I am going to have to see this one! Too few series movies regarding this period and it's truly fascinating regarding the groundwork for the Union that came later on!

However, it has one major advantage which you should appreciate greatly: it was made by PiS state TV!!! hahahaha

Well there will be an entertainment in being dissatisfied with it I guess!
Lyzko 36 | 8,462
17 Sep 2022 #81
Problem with most subtitles is that they rarely if ever faithfully capture the flavor of the original language!

I usually try to watch all movies in their original language, even when it's in a language I know only minimally, such as Russian:-)

Recently caught a video production of a Gorky play (name presently escapes me) and tried listening to the Russian without watching the subtitles. I noticed throughout the beginning that the characters were portrayed as essentially uneducated proletarians, a favorite Gorky theme, and yet the subtitles translated their obviously common language in practically academic vocabulary. LOL

Even with my primitive knowledge of the language, I knew that "I say, my good sir, you're talking though your hat!" simply didn't, indeed couldn't, ring true.
pawian 194 | 19,848
17 Sep 2022 #82
they rarely if ever faithfully capture the flavor of the original language!

Exactly. It is a known issue, also in other fields. E.g, a faithfully captured poem isn`t beautiful. A beautiful woman isn`t faithfully captured. etc
amiga500 3 | 1,516
18 Sep 2022 #83
TVP winning again with a quality production
"Filip" is a story of a Polish Jew who manages to escape the Warsaw Ghetto and starts life in Frankfurt -
mafketis 34 | 12,513
18 Sep 2022 #84
a faithfully captured poem isn`t beautiful

The version I heard was more like (paraphraising) "Translations are like women, beauty and faithfulness are seldom found together."
Lyzko 36 | 8,462
18 Sep 2022 #85
The Italians got it spot on: "Traduttore, traditore" = translator, traitor!
A translation is ALWAYS a different work from or version of the original, a mere copy of what once was, useful, yet in the end never the same.
tavi206 - | 3
18 Sep 2022 #86
@mafketis For example in the Middle Ages, Steven the Great one of the famous rulers swore faith to the Polish king Casimir the Great, hoping that he will protect Moldavia from Turks and other invading nations which aspire to conquer this Romanian Principality. The Movilă nobles, rulers of Moldavia and Wallachia, were also based in Poland. The Romanian-Polish diplomatic and trade relations were notorious in the Middle Ages. Speaking of Steven the Great, one of his greatest victories was that against John Albert, a Polish king looking to seize Moldavia and its important city ports of Chilia and Cetatea Albă. And the examples could continue.
Lyzko 36 | 8,462
19 Sep 2022 #87
Believe I saw an advertisement for a Romanian film "Dracul", though not based on the Hollywood-style folk legend, but rather a serious biographical treatment of the life of Vlad Tepes, as he actually lived! I decided to ck. out the local art film houses and found one which did show it.

Interestingly enough too, the film was quite inadequately subtitled, but with my knowledge of Latin, French, Spanish, and some phrasebook Italian, I could more or less understand much of the basic conversations. Reading however, proved far more difficult for some reason.

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