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Music and movies from the PRL times in Poland

26 Nov 2018 #1
Can you please recommend some iconic Polish movies/TV series from the PRL?

(I prefer comedy movies or those showing real life issues, not much into dark/creepy ones with OTT drama)

Also, what were the huge pop stars in the socialist times? Did they also do Polish covers of Western songs? (like for example the Czech cover of Smokie's Oh Carol called Oh Harold).
Looker - | 1,079
26 Nov 2018 #2
What I remember the most is the Alternatywy 4 TV show - very famous and great series (about reality in Poland's PRL)
Beside that my favourite movies were those directed by Stanislaw Bareja - great comedies with fabulous actors.
Chemikiem 7 | 2,568
26 Nov 2018 #3
Miś ( teddy bear ) is probably one of the best known Polish comedies. I really liked it. It's on YouTube if you want to watch it.

Here is a link to Polish comedies of the time, and you can read about Miś there:
pawian 177 | 14,561
25 May 2019 #4
Miś ( teddy bear ).

Yes, my cult film, too. Never tired of watching it.

Other cult comedies - e.g., trilogy of two peasant families`, Pawlaks and Karguls, feud. First episode - Sami Swoi. Hey, come to the fence, like I am.
kaprys 3 | 2,502
26 May 2019 #5
'Krzyżacy' (Teutonic Knights)- the first Polish superproduction. The battle scene - a medieval one so both sides sing religious songs.

Jak rozpętałam drugą wojnę światową (How I Unleashed the Second World War )

The actor who played the Polish king in the first movie also played the German officer in the second one -wonderful Emil Karewicz.

There are lots more. I hope more people will get involved :)

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