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Classic Polish movies free - and legal - to view online

Anthonycasey 1 | 11
9 Jul 2013 #1
Movies from Poland's most famous directors are now available to view online, and for free, thanks to two new YouTube channels from national film studios.

Titles include Rejs (The Cruise), Marek Piwowski's 1970 comedy, Trzy Kolory Niebieski (Three Colours: Blue), part of Krzysztof Kieślowki's critically acclaimed trilogy, Seksmisja, and Stanisław Lenartowicz's charming 1964 comedy Giuseppe w Warszawie.
Ryz - | 43
9 Jul 2013 #2
Thanks for sharing. As an expat living in Poland I was pleasantly surprised to discover the amount of brilliant comedies that Poland produced back in the day. Such a shame most of this work isn't subtitled and so staying practically unknown to the outside world. Some of those are true masterpieces.

On the other hand I find modern day Polish comedies to be of really poor taste, with an absurd amount of sexual innuendo (to the point where it gets uncomfortable to watch with children and in-laws around) and the odd cameo appearance of kuba woe-something and other pseudo tv "celebrities" (sorry I can't stand the guy).
jon357 72 | 21,378
9 Jul 2013 #3
There isn't really any good television at the moment. The older stuff is hardly a 'golden age' either.
Ryz - | 43
9 Jul 2013 #4
I was referring to cinema, not so much tv series.

Two of my personal favorites:
- Miś (aka Teddy Bear) from 1981
- Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową (aka How I Unleashed World War II) from 1969

This cracks me up all the time...
Jardinero 1 | 405
10 Jul 2013 #5
Well said - couldn't agree more...
OP Anthonycasey 1 | 11
10 Jul 2013 #6
Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową... No matter how hard I try, I cannot pronounce that guy's name :)
Worst comedy ever? possibly Vabank...
Anthony Casey
11 Jul 2013 #7
A very good Polish contemporary comedy is REWERS. It shows (in comic style) a real fate of many Polish families which had to live in hardening Communistic system after WW2.

I would like to recommend you this really good movie and give you a funny riddle:
One of the character
- believes that was born about 1945
- but in fact was born about 1953 (8 y later!)
- and looks like born about 1973 (28 y later!!)

Who is she/he?
Ryz - | 43
12 Jul 2013 #8
Thanks for the tip. Is it this one?

May the hunt for a subtitled version begin...
OP Anthonycasey 1 | 11
12 Jul 2013 #9
Yep, that's the one.
There are many and varied ways (often nefarious and usually yielding nefarious results) to get subtitles for Polish films, but it's out there, I promise you - and of reasonable quality translation too.

Ryz - | 43
12 Jul 2013 #10
It's alright, Amazon's your friend. 10 quid. yey!
Saothisao - | 1
2 Mar 2015 #11
Merged: Websites where I can watch free Polish movies?

Hi everybody,
I like Polish Movie, but i don't know website watch movie poland free. I come From VietNam, so, i can't go to cinema at Poland watch movie

Please help me
Looker - | 1,134
2 Mar 2015 #12
Quite a lot of Polish movies you can find on youtube.

Another free site worth to check is here:

(I'm not sure though if it's available abroad of Poland, often such websites are restricted only to the local area)
amiga500 4 | 1,483
15 Sep 2023 #13
My favorite modern Polish classic. Wojna Polsko-ruska

Stream here

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