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I Love Polska - Lovely Poem :)

5 Jun 2014 #1
I love Poland, because of my ancestry.
Also i shall respect Germany, because of genetics and bloodline.
My Mum is german and Dad is polish.

I was born in australia, but will allways be proud of my parents culture.
So did i inherit anything?.
My mother's " Zielone oczy " eyes.

Shall not submit, my residential location.
People would be too inquisitive.
Anyway i have a thing about privacy.

Have allways been a , covert sort of secret male squirrel. LOL!
I even relished, being mysterious as a child.
Mum and Dad never had a problem with that.

Dad passed away recently.
Some one once told me, i look like my Dad, but i have mums Zielone eyes.
6 Jun 2014 #2
Czesław Miłosz would be proud, good job :)

Home / Life / I Love Polska - Lovely Poem :)
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