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Would getting a Polish eagle tattoo be frowned upon??

silky 1 | -
13 Nov 2012 #1
Hi, i'm currently in the process of getting a tattoo sleeve done and it's nearly finished. All of the tattoos I have mean a lot to me and there is just a little bit of space left. I was thinking of getting the polish eagle just a small one added to the sleeve however i'm not polish. The reason for this is next year i'm marrying a polish girl in poland and plan to spend the rest of my life with her, we live together in England however I have visited many times and I love the country, the people, the beauty and the hospitality shown to me every time I visit. I'm also trying to learn the language but this is proving very difficult :) I feel the tattoo would show commitment to her and respect to the family i'm marrying into and the Country i've grown to love. Do the native polish readers feel this would be a good idea?? or do you feel it may be frowned upon by her family, any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.
smurf 39 | 1951
13 Nov 2012 #2
If I was gettin a Polish tattoo, it'd probably be the one on the right, the eagle is fine, but everyone has it, the army logo is a bit more badass

Tatoo Poland

there's some pretty cool military insignia out there if you search for it, or get something that identifies more with the place she's from rather than just all of Poland. Get a stork, or a bison, Poles love storks and bisons (I think they are like national animals)
isthatu2 4 | 2694
13 Nov 2012 #3
Please dont get military insignia ink unless you served in the unit, its just a bit tragic......
2 Oct 2013 #4
I think its a great idea! im polish, my husband is welsh. He has got a polish eagle tattoo. Its just show that you love poland and im happy to hear it. If your wife to be like an idea than do it!!! best of luck. Agata
polska duma 1 | 19
3 Oct 2013 #5
I have a polish hussar tattoo I am planning on getting a flag and eagle tat soon
Astoria - | 153
3 Oct 2013 #6
I know a Polish guy with a big tattoo on his forearm: Made in Poland.
3 Oct 2013 #7
No way a polish tattoo would be awesome I personally have one also. Got the eagle me-self. Just be prepared for the pain LOL and dont go getting it in a stupid place either.

Ooooo you already have a sleeve well then I guess nothing to worry about the placing then.
And if you blend it into your sleeve already then it shouldn't be standing out much, and if your proud of your polish connection then go for it!!
beckski 12 | 1611
3 Oct 2013 #8
There were threads on PF before, offering ideas for Polish tats. Some included the Polish eagle :)
Kazoolhu - | 1
24 Jan 2017 #9
Yes, I would feel angered about it. It's very disrespectful.
NoToForeigners 7 | 991
24 Jan 2017 #10
As long as you are Polish it is OK. If you aren't then it's a bad idea.
Lyzko 42 | 9502
24 Jan 2017 #11
It's much like a tattoo in Germany showing a swastica or an Iron Cross. To enlightened citizens, it's BRAZENLY offensive!
Bieganski 17 | 888
24 Jan 2017 #12
You likening the White Eagle (a proud symbol of the Polish Republic and Poles everywhere) to the German swastika in any context is what is truly BRAZENLY offensive!

Take your Zionism and go find another forum to troll!
NoToForeigners 7 | 991
25 Jan 2017 #13
It's much like a tattoo in Germany showing a swastica or an Iron Cross.

What a stupid statement.

Paweł Fajdek. Polish Olympic medalist in hammer throw. A nazist to Lyzko.
nothanks - | 630
25 Jan 2017 #14
I wonder if he had it done. OP stated the eagle was just a small piece on his sleeve tattoo. Not as if he were making it a feature on his body (which would be odd for a Non-Pole).

I know his question pertained to Poland but in case no one has noticed - alot of nations have Eagles as their national mascot. So even if OP divorced his Polish wife down the line he could play it off !

Sidenote: White Eagle is finest
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 497
25 Jan 2017 #15
i personally find tattooing national symbols like the Eagle or sign of PW a bit disrespectful. I wouldn't do it personally- but from the other hand- I don't generally like tattoos.
johnny reb 50 | 7263
25 Jan 2017 #16
I personally think that "Tramp Stamps" are for prison inmates or drunken sailors.
Lyzko 42 | 9502
25 Jan 2017 #17
I know for a fact that such overtly nationalistic symbolism is frowned upon in Germany. From educated Poles in my professional circles, the Biały Orzeł is the stuff of reactionary things, at best, old-fashioned, conservative, older Poles living abroad who feel a need to express homeland feelings:-)
12 Jun 2019 #18

Small 666 tattoo on chest

I have a small 666 tattoo on my chest. I know Poland is predominantly Roman Catholic so should I cover it with a plaster or something if I'm planning on showing my chest? Will I get arrested or kicked out for showing it?
pawian 224 | 24576
12 Jun 2019 #19
Not arrested or kicked up but it might make your contacts with many locals unnecessarily difficult as they will suspect you of following satanic cult.

Besides, where you are planning to show your chest? In city streets? Then you might have problems with law, indeed - cops may tell you to put sth on.

If you are going to stay in Poland for long, covering with a plaster might be tiring. I`d advise you to remove it with a Rambo knife. :):)
Miloslaw 20 | 4859
12 Jun 2019 #20
Why is the word something so difficult for you that you continually reduce it to sth.
Extremely annoying.
Lyzko 42 | 9502
12 Jun 2019 #21
Poles apparently are more comfortable with patriotic expression than are the average German today between, say, 40-60!
The very young are experiencing a resurgence of nationalism, particularly in the once-depressed East Zone.

However, perhaps singing Polish folks songs would not be looked on askance, if I began singing "In einem kuehlen Grunde..."
on the streets of a German city, it would certainly set people off with a dirty look, maybe even some unflattering commentary
aka telling me to get stick it:-)
16 Feb 2020 #22
I am half Polish but grew up in the United States. If I get a Polish eagle tattoo would it be acceptable? Also my father was mostly polish. Thank you for any feedback.
pawian 224 | 24576
16 Feb 2020 #23
It will be acceptable only if it is a really big tattoo. Small ones are not appreciated anymore.

Lookie and learnie here:

Joker 2 | 2250
16 Feb 2020 #24
It will be acceptable only if it is a really big tattoo

I don't understand how women could do that to their bodies, its not attractive at all. She looks like she should be working in a circus.

Im sure they will regret it when they get older.
pawian 224 | 24576
16 Feb 2020 #25
I don't understand how women could do that to their bodies, its not attractive at all.

You are probably too conservative. I am sure other guys get instantly horny seeing it. :):)
Lenka 5 | 3534
16 Feb 2020 #26
its not attractive at all.

One- I'm sure there are guys who would find it attractive
Two- women are capable of doing things for reasons other than being attractive.
Lenka 5 | 3534
16 Feb 2020 #27
I personally never wanted a tattoo but it always tells me more about the people who pre-judge others because of that. Especially if the main concerns is the attractiveness.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3012
17 Feb 2020 #28
Small ones are not appreciated anymore.

The bigger the moron, the bigger the tattoo.

I am sure other guys get instantly horny seeing it. :):)

.... and ready to marry her and to support the family or just "horny"?
Don't you think that carrying a sign, "I will fu*ck for free" would be just as effective?

women are capable of doing things for reasons other than being attractive.

Can you name top three? "Things" and "reasons".
Lenka 5 | 3534
17 Feb 2020 #29
Number one- because they enjoy it
It's like you and your silly car. To me it's just hilarious and sends a big message but I accept that you ebjoy it. Simple as that.

And while it can disagree with your view avout women we have all kind of motivation in our life and attractiveness is not the only reason for is to do things.

"I will fu*ck for free"

Please try that in real life! I really would like to see how quickly you would get slapped
pawian 224 | 24576
17 Feb 2020 #30
The bigger the moron, the bigger the tattoo.

Yes, but it is ours, oldies`, opinion. But we are slowly passing away. And younger generations don`t see it that way as we do. :):)

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