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Would getting a Polish eagle tattoo be frowned upon??

Rich Mazur
17 Feb 2020 #31
Number one- because they enjoy it

No, they don't. You can't enjoy what you cannot taste, smell, touch, kick, or drive. A tattoo on the butt is for others to enjoy. Did you ever enjoy a movie you can't see and hear? Try it and tell me how it went.

Please try that in real life!

It happens every single day in the bars. Have you ever heard "can I buy you a drink"? In other words, "can I fu*ck you today for 5 bucks?" If you want to quibble if 5 = 0, I am ready.

And younger generations

There is no such thing as "younger generation". That term stands for "the morons who didn't read the memo yet".
But one day they will - with AIDS, lung cancer, damaged liver, fat, or broke, or all of those - living on government pension while still clutching that 1000-dollar Apple phone.

Another point never mentioned: Never, ever ID yourself permanently. One day, you will want to hide that Christian cross or Polish eagle.
17 Feb 2020 #32
Never, ever ID yourself permanently.

Exactly. E.g., when you are abducted for romance or kidnapped for ransom or just in a terrorist attack. In the case of wearing a Christian cross, by fanatic islamists in Iraq. In the case of wearing a Polish eagle, by fanatic Jews in NYC.
Rich Mazur
17 Feb 2020 #33
That's why my Polish passport may one day be very helpful.
17 Feb 2020 #34
You can't enjoy what you cannot taste, smell, touch, kick, or drive

BS. But even if true- there are mirrors. Although if we are talking ONLY about the tattoos at the small of the back (is that how it's called?) Then there is quite a large group that finds it attractive and as such I assume most girls that do it perceive it as adding to their attractiveness.

Let's be honest- while you guys moan about how you don't find it attractive do you really think those girls would look twice your way? Especially the one with the eagle?

In other words, "can I fu*ck you today for 5 bucks?"

You do realise one can say yes to the drink and no to the sex? Or did that concept didn't register in your generation? Plus a little update-if you think that women should exchange sex only for upkeep than you make them into wh**s . Including your wife.
Rich Mazur
17 Feb 2020 #35
I will overlook your insult and say that you are right. Here is the test for any guy who goes to work to support himself and his stay-at-home wife: stop giving her money and tell us how hot she is in bed. In that sense, she is a prostitute.

FYI, "prostitute" is a profession, "wh*ore" is a character defect. Please, don't confuse the two as no woman was ever arrested for being a wh*re.
17 Feb 2020 #36
hot she is in bed.

Maybe she's just week from starvation?
Besides it's not some good will-if that is the system they both chosen then it's his duty.
But you forget that there are women that work after getting married. As**s with attitude like yours are the reason why I would never become stay at home wife
Rich Mazur
17 Feb 2020 #37
You know what's really dumb? I agree with you and you are arguing with me. That's beyond dumb.
cms neuf
18 Feb 2020 #38
But normal marriages don't involve "giving your wife money" - it goes into a bank account that you can both use and which in most cas3s she will spend sensibly on the kids and house and keep some for a rainy day.

In your fantasy life you roll up home in your Toyota and bregrudgingly peel off a few twenties for your wife to get a new scarf in Target every November.

In your real life you fiddle drunkenly around with the lock of your 15th floor apartment, open the door to a cold empty commie flat and try and chip a few bits of bread from the rock hard loaf you queued 45 minutes to get.

As for tartooes - they are rarely eagles or crosses these days - much more elaborate and personalized as you surely would have noticed the n yand ur famous trip to Poland.

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