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a funny poem in Polish (not mine)

gumishu 13 | 6,134
1 Mar 2012 #1
a funny poem in Polish (involves drinking culture and wildlife) :)

another one - again Mietek is one among the main charachters heh - involves drinking culture and kitchen activities :) (the same author who happens to live in Ireland) -
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
1 Mar 2012 #2
who is this Mietek? Any chance of a translation?
1 Mar 2012 #3
Any chance of a translation?

that would be good, my polish isnt quite up to scratch on this!
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
1 Mar 2012 #4
hey Pam, check this google chrome translation!!

Somewhere in Poland, in a small town,
sat Mietek ass in the dough.
He wanted to bake a cake Jadźce,
it equally exceptional Madro-fool. He had a recipe from a neighbor, which often bite the buttocks. He got the recipe from her, before she took it "on the gore . " The provision of simple, eggs, flour, Mietek in the kitchen is already wandering. little bit of milk, a cup of sugar, the dough will be full of icing. In the bottom of the card from a neighbor, which is always sexy pants. Krech naskrobane Fat, Alcohol, and add the cream. had cream Mietek galore, a jar full of a hundred cows. But spirituous does not have, ran after him to the neighbor. gave him the "deer" with three hundred, the rest put to the couches. took Mietek Alcohol, quickly, before he left in the doorway gulped. He returned home a modest thresholds very blissful state of carnal ;) Now you probably all clear why the ass in a bowl with the cake ;)
2 Mar 2012 #5
all clear why the ass in a bowl with the cake ;)

hahaha!!took a while to digest translation, but got there in the end!!!
OP gumishu 13 | 6,134
2 Mar 2012 #6
somewhere in Poland, in a small place(town)
Mietek was sittting with his bottom in pastry
He wanted to bake a cake for Jadźka,
Such a wise fool is he

He had a recipe from a neighbour,
Whose buttocks he often would bite
She gave him the recipee
Before she took him upstairs

The recipe's simple:eggs, flour
Mietek wanders around kitchen already
Somewhat milk, a glass of sugar
The cake is gonna be full of glazing

At the bottom of the page
From the neighbour who always wears sexy pants
It is written down in thick smears
'Add spirit and cream'

Mietek had cream galore
A jarfull from hundred cow's
But he doesn't have any spirit
Needs to go to other neighbour

The guy (jeleń is for someone who pays the drinks) gives him three shots (like half a pint and some more)
The rest he hid in a chest
Mietek took the spirit swiftly
He took a sip on the threshold before he left

He returned to his home's humble thresholds
In a pleasant corporal state ;)
Now it should all be clear
Why Mietek's bottom is in the pastry near ;)

the first poem translates more or less like this

the fifth part of this tale (about Mietek)
you will never believe (will not fit in your heads literally it's a Polish colloquialism don't know the English equivalent)
Well, Jadźka in the dark grove
Being already long 'dizzy' (ha don't know any better English term)
Took to dead drunk Mietek
In spite of the previous fight no foe
After an hour she figured
To have fun with Mietek.
Mietek lying wasted on the ground
Wandered in booze heaven
So Jadźka, whose teeth were gone
Broke a branch of a nearby oak
She took a long swing
And hit Mietek on the face
Uncounscious fellow barely noticed
Blood was running from around his eyes
Unmoved, but wounded
Still in deep sleep immersed
This game is to Jadźka's a tease
She smacks Mietek again and again
'Let the old bloke wake up beaten -
I will not give myself to him in the morning
And he won't be very merry
When he sees his forehead
Which took violet shades
He will scream - what the hell happened
Jadźka will tell Mietek boy
that he messed with a bear
The bear was big and strong
And wanted to sign marriage with him
But he took to wedding night early
And made some space in Mietek's ass
He shook Mietek big time
(don't know how to translate this verse)
The wake-up is gonna be sorry
Mietek thighs are gonna hurt him
There are such cases in the woods
That your buttocks will hurt too.

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
2 Mar 2012 #7
poor old Mietek.....
I knew a Mietek in London...sounds alot like him...maybe it goes with the name..
OP gumishu 13 | 6,134
2 Mar 2012 #8
refreshing the topic so that more people can ponder the beauties of Polish language :)

a continued Mietek and Jadźka woods binge when Mietek discovers that somethings wrong with his bottom

wait for the translation

the time of wake-up came quick
Mietek hit himself in the face while standing up
He felt some change in his ass
How the fc uk am I going to even get on my feet?
He raised his head, he can barely see
His ass is in despair
Mietek's forehead is swollen
Someone hit him on his heel
He got up with a force
He sees Jadźka standing with an oak branch in her hand
'F***, have you gone crazy'?
He smacked Jadźka with open hand
She fell in the ferns
Covering herself with her legs
She got up a little moment later
Mietek was already standing above her with a hammer in his hand
'What did you do to my ass?
And why did you beat me on the face?'
Poor Jadźka, hardly conscious,
well imbibed with wine
doesn't know herself what happened -
- the cheap wine (burak is beetroot literally) took her brains.
In order to refresh Jadźka a bit
Mietek chucked the hammer into her
This is the short part number six
Now's the time for cup of tea :)

more to follow hehe
boletus 30 | 1,361
4 Mar 2012 #9
Gumishu, since you challenged me directly (in another thread): "boletus, how do you find the works of fellow poet wilk from Ireland ??? :)" I am answering it here, in the proper thread of yours. I am sorry, but I must disappoint you: My sense of humour is sort of old fashioned, and I do not believe that colloquialisms and vulgarisms make poetry. But those things are acceptable, providing that you serve them as chilli, a little bit at a time, to improve taste. Otherwise you bungle everything. But that's only my private opinion.

Here is an example of one of the classics, in the same category- more or less - as Wilk's poetry, but much gentler. The translation is mine.


Postcard from the history of mankind

They met during fete in front of the Kino
A local IDIOTA with a resident CRETINO.
Oh local IDIOTA - said CRETINO groovy
Do you want to go with me to see a hit movie?

The local CRETINA replied: with great pleasure
For I love you so much, my IDIOTO treasure.
So resident CRETINO smiled into her eyes
And went to the movies with his IDIOTA prize.

Full hour was spent on sweet body touching
So happy was local CRETINA with clutching.
At last she so whispered - IDIOTO adoring
- This movie, I feel it is getting quite boring.

So they went for a steak, for Melba, for VINO
Resident IDIOTA with local CRETINO.
Then they readily entered the sensuous arena
The local IDIOTO with resident CRETINA.

In this way they'll produce a son or a daughter:
In order to meet in front of the KINO
A future IDIOTA with a future CRETINO.
4 Mar 2012 #10
Here is an example of one of the classics

dont think you will win award for political correctness anytime soon!::)
pawian 222 | 23,674
9 Mar 2020 #11
a funny poem in Polish

Another one, based on the favourite slogan by PiS - Tusk`s fault.

Pociąg spóźnił się/do Buska - wina Tuska. Podupada kurort Ustka - wina Tuska./Groch się jakoś marnie łuska - wina Tuska./W Totku Ci nie wyszła szóstka - wina Tuska./ Zaszkodziła Ci kapustka - wina Tuska./ Cioci Zosi siadła trzustka - wina Tuska.

The train was late - blame Tusk. Ustka resort in ruin - blame Tusk. You didn`t win lottery - blame Tusk. etc etc

Full poem:

I think it is great poetry.

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