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Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ?

30 Mar 2017  #61
Hello , my name is harsh im from.india and i was apply for visa in 21-3-2017 and i am prepare with all question answer bt visa officer not take my interview and ask me few question like how u find this unviersity nd do u get a loan from any bank nd who will collect ur passport then they give me a passport collect silp nd then after few day they refuge my visa so what i have to do now if the take my interview then the not satisfied with me that time i will be happy nd the reason of visa refusal is nd my college already start but the give me more time to join 21-4-2017 but i cant join my college by this date so i have skip this intact . So help me

1:-There's no proof of your intension about leaving Poland and returning to the country of residence before the expiry of the visa
WhirlwindTobias - | 88    
31 Mar 2017  #62
I'm sorry but your written English is at an extremely low level, I dread to think how your spoken English could be - what makes you think you could fare well in an English course where the tutor will most likely have a poor grasp of English themselves?

I cannot even tell if you provided the proof that they claim you haven't provided. Which, if you haven't, of course they will "refuge" your visa.

Before Dominic arrives and does the same, I will advise that you focus on Higher Education in your native language, or vastly improve your English before you even think of stepping in Europe on a professional basis.
DominicB - | 2,627    
31 Mar 2017  #63
Before Dominic arrives and does the same,

Yes, I am going to do the same. Sorry, but your English is so bad that you could not possibly study outside of India. You're obviously an economic refuge and have no intention of seriously studying or returning to your home country, and therefore have zero chance of getting a visa to any EU country. An appeal would be a waste of time and money. Don't waste your money trying, and instead spend it on getting a good education in India.
mafketis 16 | 6,285    
31 Mar 2017  #64
Sorry, but your English is so bad that you could not possibly study outside of India.

Or inside? India has relentlessly pursue a policy of education in English (rather than local languages) and this is one of the side effects.
DominicB - | 2,627    
31 Mar 2017  #65
Or inside?

Probably. I feel sorry for these poor suckers, though. He obviously went to some "consultant" or "agent" who scammed him out of his parents' life savings.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88    
31 Mar 2017  #66
Why you talk bad things? If one can English then we go to Europe. I'm agree with this.

Seriously though "I'm [verb]" seems to be such a common mistake in India, you'd think it would be the first thing to address.
DominicB - | 2,627    
31 Mar 2017  #67

Come again?
19 May 2017  #68
what if i am applying for student visa but in my passport my father name is in short and on his income tax return the name is full, will there be any problem? regarding this your reply will help me alot ...
20 Sep 2017  #69

Does anyone has tried to make an appeal and then succeed to get the visa?

Actually, I am Egyptian living in Egypt and I've just got a refusal for a national visa to Poland, I have a final acceptance letter for Warsaw University of technology, I have proof of accommodation in the dormitory of the University, I have adequate bank accounts and I submitted all the required documents by the counselor.

However, I have got the refusal today, it's written that the reasons are:

1- You have stated the untruth and/or concealed the truth or you have forged or alerted a document or used such a document as authentic.

2- Your intention to leave Poland before the expiry of the visa could not be determined.

Do you think I could submit any documents appealing against these vague reasons?!
DominicB - | 2,627    
20 Sep 2017  #70
@Omar Ali

You really screwed up to get the first reason listed. The consul was convinced that you were dishonest, and it is going to be very difficult to prove that he was wrong, and that's what you would have to do during an appeal. The burden of proof would be on you to prove that the consul acted not in accordance with the relevant procedures, regulations and laws.

As for the second reason, it is practically impossible for a student from a poorer non-EU country to prove that they will leave the EU when the visa expires. You have no strong ties to Egypt that you are able to document to anyone's satisfaction, and have every reason not to return, and to stay in the EU.

You are wasting your time on an appeal. You have no grounds for reversing the decision.

Because of the first reason listed, it is going to be next to impossible for you to be granted a visa to any Schengen country in the future, as this refusal has been entered into the Schengen VIS database and any future consul from any Schengen country will see it whenever you apply. They are required by law to check the VIS database.

Whatever you did was enough to effectively ban you from the Schengen zone for life. Falsification of documents is on the same level of moral depravity as raping your grandmother as far as Europeans are concerned.
20 Sep 2017  #71

Thank you for your feedback.

Man I'm sure I have never used any fake statements or documents during the appointment, and that's why I am surprised from this point.

Actually, you have frightened me so much regarding banning from the Schengen zone for life, now I hope to remove this point from the system even if I will not get this visa now.

If you have any advice to do during the appeal, I'll appreciate that too much, I don't know what to submit as I don't know which thing in my application they consider as untruth.
DominicB - | 2,627    
21 Sep 2017  #72
@Omar Ali

The reason is that you made false statements or presented false documents. If your documents are all genuine, then think about what statements you made. SOMETHING you said or did convinced the consul that you were being dishonest. They wouldn't have listed this reason without good reason. This isn't a trivial reason or one that is given lightly. So think over the interview and try to remember if anything you said may set off alarms in the consul's head. Something obviously did.

One of the things that many people who apply for visas to any country fail to realize is that the burden is 100% on you to give the consul every good reason to issue the visa. They have to have good reasons to issue the visa, and they don't have to have good reasons not to issue the visa. You also don't have a right to a visa, and the consul has no obligation to grant one. They don't have to give you any reason for refusing the visa, and have no obligation to share the reasons for or details of the decision process with you. The consul is obligated by law to be, by default, suspicious about your motives, and it is your duty to satisfy them that their suspicions are false. And in an appeal, the burden is 100% on you to prove that the consul acted improperly. In other words, you are guilty until YOU prove yourself innocent.

If you go into the appeal without having internalized the above paragraph, then you will surely fail.

However, even if you disprove the first reason, it will be practically impossible to disprove the second reason, the one about intent to leave the country when your visa expires. As a student, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to prove that you have strong reasons for returning to Egypt that outweigh

your reasons for remaining in the EU. Concrete reasons that you can back up with documentation.

All in all, it was a bit of bad luck that you got refused for false statements or documents. Like I said, whenever you apply for a visa to a Schengen country in the future, the consul will see that, and a detailed reason why (which they will not share with you). It's going to poison any future interview you have. And once something like that is in the VIS database, it's practically impossible to get it out.

For what it's worth. I actually believe you. The way you explained things is precisely how an innocent person would have. If you have any chance of getting the decision reversed, it depends on you being the same during the appeal process.

Good luck!
21 Sep 2017  #73

Again, thank you so much for your attention to my case, I appreciate that!

I think maybe I was somehow nervous during the interview that could look like a liar in some answers, I really don't know but I will mention such a reason during the appeal and try to prove every single word I said with papers.

Also, really I don't care anymore for reaching Poland after what I read here about racism decisions based on nationality, religion or color. I believe they have the complete right to decide whom could enter their country, but it should always be based on real and proven reasons.

I have decided not to reach Poland even if I got the visa, I just hope to get into a country of a law that cares about me, and people accept me and a kind of good education that I could afford and also qualifies me to the top level in my career.

I have changed my mind to another country, Malaysia, where I could join a University that is ranked in the top 50 in my subject internationally, not 200 as for the best in Poland, and where I can find a government that doesn't look to my religion as a threat, and I could feel safe and acceptable among their people.

I am just making this appeal so I could remove this stupid reason to avoid future banning from all European countries as you assumed.

Thanks DominicB to the million time and wish me luck :)
DominicB - | 2,627    
21 Sep 2017  #74
@Omar Ali

You're welcome, and best of luck with your studies in Malaysia!
4 Jan 2018  #75
I am lovejit
I got refusal for study visa application from poland
Reason on the refusal letter are as follows
.you have not justified purpose or conditions of your intended stay.
.in the course of visa procedure you have given untruthful statement or concealed truth. Or attached document for use as authentic

I want to know what should I do to appeal for review of decision
DominicB - | 2,627    
4 Jan 2018  #76
Basically, there is nothing you can do besides making more realistic plans for studying in your home country. An appeal would be a waste of time. The consul came to the conclusion that you were dishonest about wanting to study in Poland, and there is nothing you can do to convince him or anyone else otherwise.
13 Feb 2018  #77

My name is Beeru Dura I am form Nepal. I applied for national visa(work visa) yesterday I got the rejection letter which indicate the reason that "you have not justified the purpose or conditions of the planned stay"

what should I do for re appeal.
denote - | 1    
15 Jun 2018  #78
My visa was rejected based on the following
1-the information provided/submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable
and am giving 14days to apply which i have done by email and DHL adding pictures of my wedding and also my invitee picture who was in the hospital for spinal cord operation, i send them mail and i receive a mail back indicating that they receive no such document from DHL and that i have to come in person to appeal with paying for another visa fee.

kindly advice me on what to do
30 Jun 2018  #79
Hi, my business visa for poland got rejected.the reason were:
1.There's no proof of your intension about leaving Poland and returning to the country of residence before the expiry of the visa
2. It turned out that the information submitted in support of the objectives and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable

Can i appeal them back?? My agent told he submited all the docs online on the potal.He dint even keep the invitation letter in my file as he said all the invitation letter has been submited online. Is it even posssible.

Please guide me..

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