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Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ?

JollyRomek 7 | 481    
9 Apr 2015  #31
Sorry, to be brutal

Yes, I agree, Sorry to be brutal but your post is utter nonsense. How do you know that "Sahil19" does not have any medical insurance? I can not see that he has mentioned that part anywhere in any of his posts. Do you just assume that he does not have or did not pay for it before he applied for the visa?

Seriously folks.......can you serve any facts, real life experiments or is this forum based on assumptions and made up figures?
9 Apr 2015  #32
If you read what he says he can offer Polish authorities, he does NOT say he has medical insurance.
I have lived/worked (not been on vacation) in several countries, including Poland, and I KNOW that such claims as "my friend's mother wrote a letter saying I won't overstay my visa" or "my boss wrote a letter saying I need to be back to work on such date" or "I have my family in India" are meaningless and NO guarantee to Polish (or other) authorities. Apparently you don't know how visas are issued but trust me, it is very very difficult (when not impossible) for applicants from poor countries. As most people from Third World countries shall be considered as likely illegal aliens in developed countries, visa applicants shall have a hell of a time to proove the opposite
JollyRomek 7 | 481    
9 Apr 2015  #33
he does NOT say he has medical insurance.

Yes, he does not say anything about it. So because he does not mention it he does not have it?

Apparently you don't know how visas are issued

Oh but i do! And i never said that a letter from the employer would be enough. Read post 27 in which i said that a proof of income is a payslip or whichever is considered to be proof of income in that country. Trying to twist my words again?
DominicB - | 2,627    
9 Apr 2015  #34
Poland, like any other country, do NOT have to issue visas and therefore have the right to refuse visas and do not have to give any explanation.

Indeed. Nor can you take any reason they give you at face value. If you are security risk, they are not going to tell you.

I assume all the Third World people who try to get visas for Poland do not give a sh####t for Poland as they see Poland as a entrance door to EU since obviously they mean to move further west.

Many have legitimate job offers from IT companies operating in Poland, and a few are highly qualified financial specialists. But for the rest, like Sahil, what you say is invariably true. Even the engineers and specialists view Poland as a stepping stone to greener pastures.

If a visa is refused, the applicant has to make other plans to go to another country and that's all.

Trying again and again after being turned down is a senseless waste of money and time.

Perhaps you have ever tried to assist a Non-EU citizen to get a visa and they had it rejected?

I have helped. Many times. Holding them by the hand. To both Poland and the US. The applications to Poland were all turned down, as expected, because of lack of funds and lack of credible ties to their homelands. A small bank account is a red flag that might indicate a high risk of becoming an economic refugee. Not necessarily, of course, and they are aware of shenanigans to manipulate this, but it is still taken into consideration as part of the big picture.

The US visas I helped with were a different story, and were all approved for serious students with serious scholarships. Even then, the most stressful situation I had in my twelve years in Poland was when one of my students was turned down (he had a full-ride athletic scholarship at a good school). Years of my work and his just flushed down the toilet. Fortunately, after a week, the consul called him back to let him know that he had made a mistake and changed his mind, thank God.
JollyRomek 7 | 481    
9 Apr 2015  #35
A small bank account is a red flag

What is a small bank account? How do you define it? And more importantly, a bigger bank account still does not mean that the person will return home. Visas are issued on the basis of the persons willingness to return. A 1000 euro or 1000000 Euro bank account does not give any information about the persons willingness to return.

credible ties to their homelands.

More like it.
DominicB - | 2,627    
10 Apr 2015  #36
a bigger bank account still does not mean that the person will return home.

True to a point. Shenanigans aside, a fat bank account indicates that the applicant is doing well enough at home and therefore is less likely to end up being an economic refuge. It's indirect evidence of substantial ties to their homeland. Same with owning property or interest in a business. They're no guarantee, either.

What is a small bank account? How do you define it?

It's childishly easy to define: whatever the consul in question thinks is sufficient. Duh!

How many PLN that may be is going to vary wildly from case to case, depending on the strength of the other evidence and the arbitrary discretion of the consul, which is pretty close to absolute. There is no magic number.
kenu73 - | 2    
17 Jun 2015  #37
So can anyone suggest how can one show a strong connection with one's country!!
DominicB - | 2,627    
17 Jun 2015  #38
Provide solid documents that prove that, in your home country, you have:

1) a well-paying, high-status job of at least several years duration;

2) a substantial amount of immobile property, like a comfortable house or sizable and profitable farm;

3) your own successful business, or a working interest in a corporation, of significant value;

4) a substantial amount of net savings and/or investments in your local economy; and

5) play a significant role in your local or regional community hold an significant office on a local, regional or national scale.

All of which show that you are thriving in your homeland and would lose a lot if you were not to return to your homeland. The more of the above you have and the stronger they are, the better. The fewer and the weaker they are, the more likely the consul is going to suspect that you plan to violate the terms of your visa and stay in the EU.
Polsyr 6 | 772    
17 Jun 2015  #39
Add to what DominicB said: spouse and children is a supporting factor but not by itself.
DominicB - | 2,627    
17 Jun 2015  #40
spouse and children

... especially if they have very, very strong ties to your home country themselves.

Actually, Kenu, here's a simple test. Ask yourself, would you HONESTLY be much better off staying in your home country than living in the EU? And can you easily prove it with lots of credible official documents? If the answer is no to both of those questions, then there is little chance that you will be able to convince a consul.
rony khan    
27 Oct 2015  #41
hi. I applied for work permit at 22nd september. they refused me coz they don't believe that I will come back at my country after my visa expired. I have every requirements what they demanded. my iinterview was also first class. I don't know why they couldn't believe. now I want to make appeal. what should I do? I need this visa very badly. tell me the exacet way please.
InPolska 11 | 1,823    
28 Oct 2015  #42
@Rony: YOU have not applied for a work permit since ONLY potential employers do. Polish authorities, like any other authrorities, are not obliged to issue visas (and work permits). Since you cannot get into Poland, try another country!

PS: in this random forum, none of us are either lawyers or working with the relevant Polish authorities and also we don't know about your particular case and therefore what do you want us to tell you?
17 Nov 2015  #43

Hi, i just want to ask how i can make an appeal? What is the exact procedure to do it? I applied here in Netherlands Embassy, Manila which is they represent Poland last November 5 and I received my passport and a letter today Nov.11 that my " intention to leave the territory of the Member State before the expiry date of the visa could not be ascertained" and also I'm lack of sufficient financial resources" My husband is Polish and he's my sponsor. hope you can help me. Thanks.
nothanks - | 667    
17 Nov 2015  #44
Go back a few pages, while you wait for responses.

I remember the same exact thread this week and it was informative
Arcee - | 1    
18 Nov 2015  #45
Merged: VISA REFUSED - lack of sufficient financial resources, and no intention to leave Poland

Hi, guys. Does anyone here experienced a visa refused to Poland? I'm from the Philippines and I applied a visa in the Netherlands embassy which they represent Poland. But unfortunately my visa application was refused :( The reason why I got refused is that the documents I submitted shows that I'm lack of sufficient financial resources and my intention to leave the territory of state before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained. I'll be visiting my husband in Poland and he's also my sponsor. Can someone help me about this? Thank you.
Khan01 - | 1    
10 Mar 2016  #46
Dear fellows,
i am posting here to help out the students and save them from possible refusal and disappointment regarding Poland Study Visa in Pakistan. don't waste money/time for polish visa if u r from Pakistan.u will get a pre-written silly reasons tick marked,with right to review but to the same Visa,where in the world would u appeal to same person who refused ur visa?its against universal basics of justice&democracy in civilized nations.u can not challenge them in court of law unlike other democratic and civilized countries. also the stupid reasons r so broad and ambiguous in nature that u won't be able to file an appeal against it,they don't specify or point out the reason or documents that they think/find problematic or deficient.i think they just want to earn as much money as possible and if they don't find anything they will refuse u with two to Four definite reasons nowadays 1.Purpose of stay & 2.intentions 3. Authenticity of ur ID documents 4. Authenticity of ur remaining documents, no matter how genuine ur purpose/intentions/IDs/Documents are (almost 99.99% Pakistani students get this pre-printed refusal letter). how can some one submit an unathentic ID/documents which can be verfied through NADRA&HEC the most effective centralized database ? and if found unsatisfactory/unauthentic then why don't u clearly mention it in the refusal letter,so that strong appeal is filed against it. they never verify anything thats why they put silly allegations which will also affect ur future applications to any other country. my question is if they don't like pakistanis then they should close down and leave.why they r using our country&students for money making and ripping them advice and request to all students plz apply to some mature,democratic&civilized country like UK,CANADA,USA,Europe other than Poland.
8 Jun 2016  #47
Hello everyone,

I am Pakistani citizen working in Dubai as an accountant, my vacations are coming up in September and i am planing to visa Hungary, Austria and Poland, i have been to Taiwan, Hong Hong, Malaysia, Turkey and recently japan, do you guys think it will help and increases my chances of getting schengen visa...
Abisz - | 3    
13 Jun 2016  #48
You are from Pakistan. Period!
jon357 65 | 13,616    
13 Jun 2016  #49
i have been to Taiwan, Hong Hong, Malaysia, Turkey and recently japan, do you guys think it will help and increases my chances of getting schengen visa..

It might, since you have demonstrated that you have visited other countries and returned on time etc.

You are from Pakistan. Period!

My friends from Islamabad who visited Poland and other parts of Schengen last year got their visa OK - it should be said that they both have good jobs and a record of having had tourist/work visas and sticking to their terms.

It should be said that the husband is the son of a currently serving General and this may have helped.
waseem daniel    
11 Jul 2016  #50
i waseem daniel from pakistan karachi , i am apply the visa form Poland Islamabad embassy and my visa was Refused i am go to it tented the world youth day 2016 . My family is live in pakistan i have two children both are study in Karachi school and i am come back to pakistan i am work in law form
Marsupial - | 914    
11 Jul 2016  #51
An event like this is exactly the type of thing that will make getting a visa 10 times harder.
22 Sep 2016  #52
hlo sir / madam
my document collect is 07/07/2016 but why not decision .how many timi you give decision
mafketis 16 | 6,285    
22 Sep 2016  #53
how many timi you give decision

You seem to have mistaken this forum for a consular agency. We do not issue visas and if you sent your application to us then you are not ready to leave your country (no matter how many of your countrymen are urging you to go).
15 Dec 2016  #54
My number is in the visa decision status..What does it mean?Did i get a poland visa or i got refused?
Simon ghising    
5 Jan 2017  #55
How can I know if i got a visa or not after giving a interview
Marsupial - | 914    
6 Jan 2017  #56
You have to wait only they can tell you.
Sanjay pradhan    
6 Jan 2017  #57
My number is given on the visa decision in a 1 day .what does that mean am I rejected or approved for visa . Cause normally people say if uh get your visa decision in a day you are rejected.????
DominicB - | 2,627    
6 Jan 2017  #58
@Sanjay pradhan

Read the post immediately before yours, and you have your answer. This is the Polish Forum, not the Psychic Forum.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88    
6 Jan 2017  #59
I'm going to chime in on this thread and any more that get merged with this.

If you struggle with even basic grammar in English, as many are here don't even bother applying to Poland for a visa. There's only two types of people that Poland is interested in:

-People who can speak Polish
-People whose grasp of English is well enough that the respective Polish services are able to accommodate as of their own English proficiency.

If someone who cannot speak, read or write English is communicating with someone who has limited English themselves of course they are going to send a copy and paste letter written by a third party who had enough resources to write a one-time letter which is comprehensible (To proficient readers)

Apply for one of the many European countries who cater to multiple languages instead of just their own and the Lingua Franca.
23 Jan 2017  #60
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