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Registering for military service in Poland. Is it mandatory?

Novichok 4 | 8,032
17 Jan 2021 #31
Why does Poland need an army?
johnny reb 49 | 7,302
17 Jan 2021 #32
unless you volunteer for służba przygotowawcza, you are not on the list of reserves.

My question is not about the reserves, It is about being registered for selective service for the military.
Say Poland needed more man power then their reserves had to offer.
Would all able bodied men between the ages of 18 to 50 years old in Poland be required to serve in the military if that was the scenario ?
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,200
18 Jan 2021 #33
Most likely yes, but not with how the law is currently made up. Most likely there would be a general appeal by the government in the media, then rest of society would act out through media/church/jungle telegraph etc. the usual channels of communication in Polish society.

Just like with Polish uprisings, if a man at that time bails instead of going to the fight... well... good luck finding any relationship in Poland after that.

Are you serious? ...
1. Read Polish history
2. Check out Poland's geographical location
3. Learn about how Polish society is build up
4. Learn about Germany's national interests
5. Learn about The Russian Federations interests
6. Learn about how Germany solves conflicts now vs before
7. Learn how The Russian federation solves conflict now vs before
8. Wrestle with the probability of past actions or "traditions" in either Germany or Russian Federation being brought back during a crisis (such as war) or not.

9. Every state needs an army, the very core existence and reason of a state is it's monopoly on violence. Police is an extension of that, just that police is focused with resolving civilian conflicts on their own territory within their own state (internal challenges) while the army is trained, prepared to deal with external threats. In peacetime they co-operate and support administrative factions such like ministry of foreign affairs (or department depending on country) giving weight to diplomatically talks or support external allies for long-term or short-term benefits.

There is also the pre-emptive show of force and deterring tactics. Why attack/invade somebody who has tanks, when you can get the same what you need from hippies jumping around in the streets? (States usually focus on resources and possibility of an increase of tax-income, if the cost of external expansion is too high, like huge possibility of getting nuked or everyone ganging up on you. Then internal strengthening is more feasible)

PS: I didn't add Austria as they are now a minor player and don't seem to be dead set on world conquest or European domination in any sense that can be threatening to Poland's sovereignty
pawian 223 | 24,567
2 Apr 2021 #34
Why does Poland need an army?

In case Belarus led by madman Lukashenka attacks. He has a lot of beef with Poland.

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