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Do I have to register the car from USA in Poland?

Sebass1w 1 | 1
22 Jul 2015 #1
I have a dual citizenship and just brought the car over from USA na Mienie przsedlencze. Do I have to register the car with polish registration or can I just drive with us plates?

Please help as this sound like a hassle and the worst thing is that everybody sings a different tune.
22 Jul 2015 #2
Because you brought it as part of your 'good and chattels' ie: like the rest of your furniture, pots and pans etc...(we did the same with two of our cars from UK) you don,t have to pay import duties on the car....but you will have to register it on Polish plates after 6 months grace. Be aware that this may mean changing red turn signals to orange (literally impossible on some models - so new turn signals have to be found (aftermarket add on's usually the type fixed to small towed trailers)..... positioned on the car (and there are regulations as to where they may be situated, you,ll have to check or find someone who can tell you) If the car is pre 1986 (I think) you can register it as a classic (we did with our two) of ours...there is a procedure to be followed and it saves on the yearly Safety test.....but you are expected to keep the classic in good safe condition, should you not do this and cause and accident/death...apparently they will 'throw the book at you'. Hope this helps.
OP Sebass1w 1 | 1
22 Jul 2015 #3
Thx Kamaz
I am not sure if this situation pertains to me because you are Eu member state so the situation might be a little different.
I am searching everywhere and if I am driving a car on USA plates with my American drivers license and passport how will police that I came here for short time or forever or on a 3 year contract for example.

Nobody has a clue here.
24 Jul 2015 #4
Sebass...I have to admit I am not sure either.......but my wife who is Polish did research on the internet before we moved here....We sold most of our stuff and only brought things we didn,t think we could get the same quality of here. The two 4x4,s came into the same category. But the information is out just have to ask the rights questions...(probably in several different ways).
smurf 39 | 1,981
24 Jul 2015 #5
how will police that I came here for short time or forever

They will find out when you are stopped and asked to produce your insurance & license....which can't be just a state license as you probably already know. I think you'll need to take a Polish driving exam after 6 months as well.

I think the grace period though is less than 6 months, I think it's more like 6 weeks.

Best thing to do would be to get in touch with your embassy in Warsaw and they'll point you in the right direction.

There's a similar thread from a year years ago:

There's also this:

Good luck, sounds like it's gonna be a headache.

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