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How to register a car in Poland?

HR_K 1 | 2
15 Oct 2013 #1
Hi all,

A friend purchased a car last week and now he have to register the car in the place where he lives. Unfortunately some things are not really clear.

Do he first need to purchase a new car insurance before he can request new numberplates? Or do he first has to request new numberplates before he will request a new insurance, and just provide during requesting the number plates with the old insurance of the previous owner within 30 days?
15 Oct 2013 #2
Are you trying to register it in Poland?
OP HR_K 1 | 2
15 Oct 2013 #3
No it is already been registred and got already numberplate. He is trying to put it on his name with new numberplates in his region. (car is registred in PL already)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
16 Oct 2013 #4
The deadline is 30 days. He should change an owner details (in Dowod Rejestracyjny) within 30 days from purchase date stated in the contract. He should decide if he wants inherit previous owner insurance or refuse it and sign a new one with new insurance company.
OP HR_K 1 | 2
17 Oct 2013 #5
Ok thanks for the info Peter! I have read on internet that the previous owner can declare his costs for the insurance and that the new owner has to stop that insurance and purchase a totally new one. The insurance is still going till next June
15 Jun 2015 #6
Hi All, I am wondering if someone can help me "clarify" a car buying/selling in Poland issue please??
My car is Czech registered. We drove it here from Czech. I now want to sell my car to a Polish friend here in Warsaw. We need to change the registration from Czech to Polish, change plates, and change the ownership "Title" of the car from my name to his. How and where do I do this please? Any info is much appreciated.

Best regards,

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