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Preventive police phone call in Poland

Svenwizz 1 | 3
27 Oct 2019 #1
Just got phone call from preventive police and bo explanation... First I got a ticket with phone number to call on my door. I tried to call but only got polish answer machine. Then I got phone call today and explained I was on to airport. And then he said ok, bye...

What could be the issue? He was not able to explain in phone..

I was not able to call back to that number.
Atch 21 | 4155
27 Oct 2019 #2
If you've applied for temporary residency then the police will interview you. It's just a formality. They come to your home.That's why, when you're not home they leave the number. When you call they will arrange another date for the visit. If your Polish is not fluent and his English wasn't very good that's probably why he didn't explain to you on the phone.
OP Svenwizz 1 | 3
27 Oct 2019 #3
No just here for 5 days touristing...
mafketis 37 | 10809
27 Oct 2019 #4
sounds either like a scam or maybe they're legit and checking if the holiday apartment you're in is legit ....
OP Svenwizz 1 | 3
27 Oct 2019 #5
Well they are legit, did check the number and google....

What are preventive police work? What do thei prevent and how?
mafketis 37 | 10809
27 Oct 2019 #6
What are preventive police work?

Not sure and a few minutes of googling in Polish didn't much help... do you have the actual Polish name of the unit? That might help....
Dougpol1 29 | 2500
27 Oct 2019 #7
Just ignore them. Why bother? It's a Sunday - it's not as if they're there to actually help you or something (not any Polish authority, anyway - only to hinder you)

That's my sole experience in just 30 years living here anyway.
OP Svenwizz 1 | 3
27 Oct 2019 #8
Well I told him I was on my way to the airport.... should have skipped that. I havent gone there yet. I am just bothered if they might end in somekind of trouble at the airport.... just dont know why they are bothering me, came first the day after I arrived and left a note on the door for me to call, and then never answered when I called, and now calling when I had resently left the building. He called me might have gotten the number since I tried to call or from the landlord...
Lenka 5 | 3528
27 Oct 2019 #9
It's not preventive police but the department of prevention (Simple Bobbies). They might have contacted you for verious resons. Some more serious than others

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