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What phone card should I use to call from USA to Poland?

lostpolishgurl 2 | 16
6 Jan 2011 #1
i have a Poland number for a dective to track down my family just do not know what card i need to get
rockbit 1 | 10
6 Jan 2011 #2
Use Skype. Better, cheaper, more reliable.
z_darius 14 | 3960
6 Jan 2011 #3
Lately I have been using CiCi. $10 buys me ~6.6 hours with Poland.
martez 1 | 7
9 Jan 2011 #5
I use pennytalk online service. It's like calling from phone card but cheaper and you don't have to worry about expiration date. If you have iphone you can use their app for fast and easy calling
ryanc09 - | 3
21 Feb 2011 #6
best thing is to get a Vonage number, they only charge 1cent to a landline in Poland, pretty much talk all you want. Can't beat that
coppermouse 16 | 62
7 Mar 2011 #7
cheapest calling card to call mobile in Poland

Can someone tell me the best one?
10 Aug 2013 #8
Poland phone cards epincall offers low calling rates from USA, or any other countries, just go to epincall and choose country from to and it will show you the best calling rates

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