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How to leave Poland and come back again, when my karta pobytu is in process?

8 May 2018  #1
Hello Everyone,

I am a Indian guy, I am working in Lodz. I applied for karta pobytu on November 2017, But still I didn't get decision. Problem is ,I have to go to India on this June. Because my parents are planning My marriage.

So what is the possible way to go to India and come back to Poland.?
Is it possible to get some tourist visa like Germany or France then I can come to Poland?
It is possible to speedup my application process.

Waiting for some ideas..

Thanks in advance
Ramanethu - | 2    
16 May 2018  #2

It is strange, that it took so much time. You need call them back and ask about your decision, may be there was an issue with documents.

1) You can leave, but you will not have any means (i.e. visa, or karta pobytu) to cross border when you will return back. You can ask your inspector about this.

2) It's better to call smn from migrant, but should be possible

3) No
16 May 2018  #3
It is not strange. Sadly, now it is quite common to wait that long. Don't know about Lodz, but waiting time in Wroclaw is 8-10 months, in Poznan 7-8 months, etc. Unlikely that you will be able to speed it up. If you leave, you will need Schengen visa to come back.
11 Jun 2018  #4
@Raj123 : Did you go to India and come back successfully ? I am in some similar situation. Need info on how you managed to go to India and come back .

Thanks !

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