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Family debt in Poland

2 May 2022 #1

Perhaps someone has some information on the following:

My mother in poland was placed into a care home/ long term care home without my consent (the local municipality arranged the placement on their own). Years later, she has passed and the care home is claiming that I, as her child, owe the care home fees. In addition, if I don't pay, the debt then goes to my children.

I live in Canada. My children are Canadian citizens.

Am I legally liable? Are my children legally liable?

Thanks for your thoughts/advice.
Lenka 5 | 3,403
2 May 2022 #2
The debts are passing onto kids.
Your consent in placing her in care doesn't matter here.
One, in Poland kids have to support their parents of the parents are unable to support themselves. That however would have to go through court.

If she accumulated debt by being in care home you would have inherited it. You can however refuse the inheritance. That of course means you refuse all- any assets and any debts.
OP Canada2022
2 May 2022 #3
Thanks Lenka.

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