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Child maintenance UK-Poland

11 Jun 2022 #1
Hi, my child's father moved out of UK to Poland (we're both Polish, our child is British), he pays me only £100 monthly, child spends holidays with him and he misses payments then. I've asked him to contribute more as I'm not able to work much due to health. He said he can't afford more but I know he can as he bought the land and plans to build a house with his new partner. I don't have problem with that but £100 is really like a slap in face and I'm only asking for being honest and support our child not leaving day to day expenses tome. He doesn't have to juggle work and childcare, he's not limited in any way and can work as he pleases and really, £100 a month is not a lot of money, if I can not go for holidays and cut my own expenses, he surely can too. Where should I apply to get settlement arranged by the court and what are my chances in this?
Atch 17 | 3,810
11 Jun 2022 #2
If you're living in the UK apply in the UK. There are loads of free legal advice clinics all over the UK. Find your local one and ask them to advise you.
OP Throwaway1905
11 Jun 2022 #3
@Atch I know for sure that I can't use CMS as he lives abroad and also that in Poland you apply in court close to child's usual residence, so I concluded that the only way is asking court in our city in UK.

Also, I never wanted to pull that card as I want the best for our kid and I want our child to have both parents in their life but if he pushes me to the extreme of reaching out to the court to get reasonable child maintenance payments, I think it's only fair if he needs to do the same to get visits/vacations arranged in the same way.

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