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Child maintenance / expenses living in Poland

DC85 2 | 1
9 Nov 2019 #1
Hi Guys! Im in the process of divorce (agreed between the 2 of us) we got 2 kids (one with 3 and another one 5) both are in private kindergarden. She moved to poland with the kids and i live in the UK. Im trying to trust my ex wife to be but everyone tells me not to. Well here we go, shes asking me to pay for both kids 2000 PLN (that is just my share), in another words shes telling me that our child care maintenance cost per month is of 4000PLN.

My request is, can anyone help me here please? Can anyone tell me more or less how much are the kids expenses per month and specify more or less in what? It seems too much for me!

I know every child is entitled to 500PLN but ive told her to keep it for extra expenses if she needs it.
I would appreciate the help guys🙄
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,053
9 Nov 2019 #2
I can't comment about that 2000 zl per kid, but I will tell you this: If you decide to have life insurance, DO NOT make her the beneficiary. Life insurance is for the kids, not adults, so they should be the beneficiaries. As minors, they will need a trustee. Make sure it's not her.
9 Nov 2019 #3
That depends. At first it sounds like a lot of money but then we need to think about how much of this money will be to school. Private schools are not cheap even in small towns.

Another point is the city they live in, lifestyle they had before, If rent will be paid in the new home and etc. Money is not just for clothing and food. Lots of other things come in and people forget it (I'm not saying that's your case).

And of course, as long as that value won't leave you in misery. I do not know in Poland but it has a% in relation to the salary that can not exceed. The father has bills to pay too
cms neuf 1 | 1,747
9 Nov 2019 #4
It's not excessive - preschool is 300 a month. That leaves 1700 for food, clothes, medicine before any fun activities, if your wife is going to work she probably needs some childcare too.

She might get by on 1500 but below that it would be a real struggle and these are your kids so surely you want them to do something more than just live in the breadline.

The 500 zloty would be irrelevant in the courts eyes. Besides she is doing the hard work in this situation- Poland is not an easy place to be a single mum.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
9 Nov 2019 #5
It seems too much for me!

The rule is that the kids are entitled to have the same quality of life as they had before the divorce.

Unfortunately, you made the first mistake by not settling the issue in the UK. Now you're at the mercy of female-dominated family courts, who aren't obliged to take anything other than their own opinion into account.

How much do you earn?
9 Nov 2019 #6
Our kid goes to a private English-language kindergarten in Wroclaw and we pay 2000 zl incl. meals. There are cheaper but also more expensive options.
cms neuf 1 | 1,747
9 Nov 2019 #7
Yes - 300 zloty is the cheapest state run option (which Is normally pretty good)

I also didn't take rent into account in my calculations - probably about 20 zloty per month per square meter if the kids are in their own room.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
9 Nov 2019 #8
Our kid goes to a private English-language kindergarten

Most English-language kindergartens are a joke.

A friend was looking for one, so I helped him with the initial discussions. Only one of them could demonstrate to my satisfaction that they knew what they were doing. It was particularly interesting to pull up unqualified native speakers from their website and ask the director to their face as to why such a person was working in a teaching role despite not being qualified to do so.
Atch 22 | 4,111
9 Nov 2019 #9
unqualified native speakers

Not only unqualified as teachers but frequently speakers of English as a second language from countries which are not strictly 'native' eg Phillipines.
Luke84 7 | 114
9 Nov 2019 #10
You might be under a little shock but your kids may not get that 500PLN, my wife also lives in Poland but I'm currently in UK. Poland would not provide this sort of benefits if husband or partner (current or ex) is working in another country. Poland will ask you to try and claim benefits in UK instead... no 500+ for kids living in Poland if one parent is abroad, sorry.
9 Nov 2019 #11
@delphiandomine You are right about that. We visited all English kindergartens in Wroclaw and picked a good one, no regrets so far. Nothing decent below 1800 zl. For 1600 zl you can enroll your kid in an "English-language" kindergarten where most staff speaks B1 level English.

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