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Where can I check in Poland my company formation status and tax number NIP and REGON?

Ziemowit 13 | 4,282
25 Nov 2016 #61
The plot thickens, Atch, apparently ...
Atch 17 | 3,429
25 Nov 2016 #62
Well I had another quick look and there's one guy who has set up no fewer than fifty, yes, fifty companies over the last few months. His wife seems to have set up a few too. It may be nothing dodgy though, just a way of keeping their money safe from potential creditors by sticking it in limited companies.
26 Nov 2016 #63
Yes, I'm doing exactly that. Compiling a list and cross referencing the owners name and actual companies that exist elsewhere. Ziemowit, you were saying... The plot thickens... Let's hear your thoughts.

Ok, I've spent hours going through all the companies using that address and as Atch mentioned, it might just be an address available for rent or use for opening or companies. I'm merely interested in Topaz Energy Ltd and the owner Stefan Simeon Samuels and I'm trying to get more information on him, his nationality because he id not a foreigner, as it would have been indicated in if it is foreigned owned. I've seen that in a few reports. I've located one Simeon Samuels and he's from Capetown, South Africa. Why am I not surprised if this Stefan Simeon Samuels is a South African or Nigerian? Question is how to get information about him as the notary company says they will not divulge any information due to privacy act. The MD of Bank Polski have read my email though but the Head of Fraud have not and there's no response from the Bank. Perhaps they never will. I'm at my wits end trying to get more info on Stefan Simeon Samuels or is that even a fake name?
Orong - | 7
28 Nov 2016 #64
pibyk, I'm not sure how you can help but I would be interested to know.
28 Nov 2016 #65

Could you please help me know if the following NIP is valid: PL8762352546

Orong - | 7
28 Nov 2016 #66
pitashree9 Is this what you are looking for?
Atch 17 | 3,429
28 Nov 2016 #67
Topaz Energy Ltd

Hi Orong. Firstly, try to the break the habit of calling them Ltd because they're not. Their title is SP zoo because it's a Polish limited company. Calling them Ltd will result in confusion as inevitably it will lead people to the bona fide Irish company.

not a foreigner

South African or Nigerian?

Well it's a very Jewish name and there are quite a few Jews in SA so I'd say that the chap you found there is probably just a South African Jew and not necessarily the same guy.

how to get information about him

The only way you're likely to be able to turn up anything else is by using a private detective agency. But I wouldn't pursue the guy in South Africa. That could be a complete red herring. Go back to the source which is Poland. Detective agencies have contacts in government departments, tax office etc and they can very quickly find out the details of his ID and run it through a check to see if it's genuine. There are a number of licensed detective agencies in Poland and any evidence they uncover is admissible in court.

Without knowing anything about the alleged scam it's very hard to advise you any further. I mean, if you or somebody you know, were conned by sending money for goods or services to this account, then you must have had some dealings with the guy or somebody representing him. So, how did you encounter him?? Is there any other business address, telephone number, website etc which could be checked out?

no response from the Bank. Perhaps they never will.

Quite possibly. The only way you'll definitely get a response from them is if you speak to them through a solicitor and it would really need to be a case of you having been personally scammed. You would need to say that you're investigating the guy and that if the ID he used to set up the account was fake, you'll sue them for the financial loss you suffered as a result of their negligence. They might answer you then. However you really do need to consult a solicitor as the bank may well be covered by some legal agreement and may not be required by law to check the validity of IDs.
Orong - | 7
28 Nov 2016 #68
Thanks Atch, i will give this some serious thoughts and yes, I personally know the person that have been scammed and it was an internet scam, the the person the victim encountered have used a fake name and profile. The only lead to this scam is the monies that was wired transfer to Topaz Energy Sp Zoo in Poland into Bank Polski and now upon checking with all your kind assistance, we know the owner of the account is Stefan Simeon Samuels. He is the only lead now to this scam and defrauding case.
Atch 17 | 3,429
28 Nov 2016 #69
Forgot to say, another thing that a detective agency might be able to do is to check flight manifests to see whether anyone of that name has been flying in and out of the country and if so, where to. But the problem is that if the Samuels ID was a fake one, used only for the purpose of setting up the company it won't be much help.

One other thought, you could try searching company director registers in other countries, I just checked the UK and came up with this guy:

However, one needs to proceed with caution as, although it's not a common name, there are certainly a few of them out there and it's easy to get the wrong man and one needs to be very careful about libelling people and ending up being sued oneself! Try to get the ages of anyone you come up with to see if they match.
Orong - | 7
28 Nov 2016 #70
I've found the same guy as well. The funny thing about this guy's info in the registrar of company, his birth year is not indicated. I've gone through practically most of the companies with the same address and all of the directors have their birth year next to their name.So that makes it even more dodgy. However, the notary company that registered the company would have met the person or could that be done just online? The photo ID would be the person the notary met, can banks open a company account without the directors present? Don't they have to do a ID verification with the person?
Orong - | 7
28 Nov 2016 #71
Look at this. something does not sound right.

SAMUELS BOOKKEEPING SOLUTIONS LIMITED was incorporated on 5 April 2012, company number is: 08021946, The company status is Dissolved. The company is registered by Private limited Company. The company had been running for 4 years 7 months, and 23 days since its establishment until disolution.

Correspondence address
22 Overton Walk, Merry Hill, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, WV4 4YF
SAMUELS BOOKKEEPING SOLUTIONS LIMITED is an entity registered at California ???

Incorporation Date5 April 2012
Disolution Date19 November 2013

How can it be 4 years 7 months 2 days in business?

Mr. Stefan Samuels was the company director of Samuels Bookkeeping Solutions Limited. He started there in 2012 at 25 years of age. He is now likely retired as there is no record of his involvment with an active company. Retired at age 26?
Atch 17 | 3,429
28 Nov 2016 #72
registered at California ???

Yes, the California thing is weird, I don't quite follow that.

How can it be 4 years 7 months 2 days in business?

Yes, there's a mis-match in the dates there but it could be a simple data entry error by the person doing the website.

I wouldn't get too carried away Orong. There is nothing obviously fishy about this company. He's probably an accountant who was either trying to set up on his own, or doing a bit of business on the side apart from his nine to five job which is perfectly legal and he was obviously declaring the income for tax purposes. After dissolving the company he could have gone back to a regular job or carried on working in his usual job where he'd been all along if you see what I mean.

the notary company that registered the company would have met the person or could that be done just online?

If you mean in Poland, they would want to meet him in person. But if you're talking about the bookeeping guy, you don't need a notary to register a company in the UK.
Orong - | 7
28 Nov 2016 #73
I'm not concern about the UK accounting guy. It's the guy that the notary met with. That's the real Stefan Simeon Samuels. The notary have his ID and photo ID. I'm not sure if they will release that with a court subpeona.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,282
28 Nov 2016 #74
You can order a full report on the Topaz company through the KRS wesite. After clicking "Zamów pełny raport", you can click "Zobacz raport przykładowy" to see an example of how such a report looks like before ordering the report on "Topaz Energy". The report costs 11,07 zł (payable by an SMS or banking card), so I wouldn't expect much bearing in mind that the company was registered on the 30 of May 2016.
1 Dec 2016 #75
Hello, everybody!
Who can help me find out if this company from Poland is active or not? I am from Dalas Texas and I want to know the registration number and address of this company WING LOK TRADING SP.ZO.O. My company wants to patner with them

Thank everybody in advance!!!!
Looker - | 1,076
1 Dec 2016 #76
Google found this..
From what I can see, it is a fresh registered (17.10.2016), small firm.
23 Jan 2017 #77
Please help me with informations about this company.
NIP: 6662093239

Regon: 363991334

Thanks you very much
22 Jun 2017 #78
NIP No.5242514395, this company is willing to provide work permit, is it reliable company in poland. Plz advise
Orong - | 7
27 Jun 2017 #79
Remember the case on Topaz Energy Sp zoo having an account with Bank Polski? Well the bank have acknowledged that the account is fraudulent and the law enforcement in my country is useless even though I have forwarded them with the Bank's letter they are reluctant to issue a subpoena for release of details of the account and money trail. How can I get assistance, to get information and subsequently to the prosecution of Stefan Simeon Samuels who is the director of the fraud account and company. He might have been a mule but he has information as to the real scammer. Can anyone give advise?
11 Aug 2017 #80
Dear sir
My nip no. Is 5252635203 and regd no. Is 362962543.
Can you tell me is my nip no is correct. And my temporary residence card is issued me in december 2016. Can you tell me the accurate monthly tax i have to pay. And from december 2016 to august 2017 how much i have to pay tax amount with late fees. Please help me in this mater.
11 Aug 2017 #81
And from december 2016 to august 2017 how much i have to pay tax amount with late fees.

That company type doesn't produce publicly available accounts, so we can't tell you how much you owe. Either tell your accountant to write to the tax office or just go there yourself.
12 Dec 2017 #82
How/ Where can i check status of Company with following details:
1. Name of Company: Biomass SAR
2. VAT/NIP: PL9521171105
Please guide, i have a Buy order from This company and need to verify details before making payment
kaprys 3 | 2,505
12 Dec 2017 #83
28 Feb 2018 #84
I want to check the company details
Name : Innovatoin
Np : 5213671175
24 Jun 2018 #85
Hi sir. I applying for the job in Poland.i get a offer letter. How to check company details. And this company original are fake. Please help me sir

Hi sir I need a company details. I applying for the job in Poland. I get a offer letter. Pls check company details.

What kind of works pls help me
20 Aug 2019 #86
Can you tell me the name of the company you're talking about? I'm trying to figure out the validity of a company and it has that NIP
rohit9898 - | 1
3 Jan 2020 #87
I am Rohit from India

I want to know this NIP number all information
I want know company details.
I want know this is legal NIP number or fake?

NIP. 7671709404

Pz update me
10 Mar 2020 #88
Hello someone help me to verify this company account name and bank account number if its belong to this company. I have orders to this company.

I'm from outside to this poland .. they want bank to bank transfer payments

Thank you

Krs nr 0000212909
Regon nr 356859726
Vat nr PL628-20-88-864
Company name: EKOVITA SP. Z O.O.
Bank account nr. PL 79 1160 2202 0000 0003 9190 0528
Export manager: Tomasz Miroslaw
Managing Director : Jaroslaw Szulaczuk
Atch 17 | 3,429
10 Mar 2020 #89
When you make the transfer, your bank's software will usually reject the transfer if the bank account name does not match the number. The transfer can't make it through the system unless the name Ekovita goes with that bank account number. That's how it is in Europe anyway but if you're in another part of the world and if you feel very anxious about it, go to your bank for further advice/clarification before you send any money and let them make the transfer on your behalf rather than doing it yourself via internet. Only send the money if the bank uses both name and number for the transfer and can verify that they match.
14 Oct 2020 #90
Hi Lionel,
Do you have more info on Ekovita?
I am about to do business with them.


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