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Where can I check in Poland my company formation status and tax number NIP and REGON?

12 Oct 2016 #31
I read this article too, but it is from 2011. My guess is that the company change it's shareholders, management... I saw on their website some strange things on "privacy policy" - they talk about another site; or term of use - thei talk about their company is registered in Prague. I am confused...

it is also strange that you didn't hear about them... in Poland.
cms 9 | 1,271
12 Oct 2016 #32
That building is a big office block in north / central Warsaw - most of the tenants are lawyers (and rather top lawyers). Certainly never seen any car dealership there (I visit it quite often) so worth to give them a call first.
12 Oct 2016 #33
Yeah... I tried to call them but it isn't working... I think it is a scam.

Thank you all
14 Oct 2016 #34

Did you find anything on zarevo? I am also searching and didn t find that much.

Pricess are really good.
17 Oct 2016 #35
dear did any one get any information about zarevo car i google there is nothing about them so please can any body had any information about them
SyN3rgY - | 1
19 Oct 2016 #37
I can also generate a copy of the court any person interested.
21 Nov 2016 #38
I desperately need help to find out if this company is registered in Poland 'Topaz Energy Limited' and who the owners, directors and their address. I think they are a scammer company trying to cheat on innocent victims.

Thank you
Chemikiem 7 | 2,497
22 Nov 2016 #39
I desperately need help to find out if this company is registered in Poland 'Topaz Energy Limited'

It is an Irish company registered in Ireland:-

You couldn't google this information for yourself?
Atch 17 | 3,427
22 Nov 2016 #40
Yes Topaz is a bonafide company. It's very well known in Ireland. They have a number of filling stations (petrol) all over the country. Why do you think they're trying to scam you??
22 Nov 2016 #41
Because victims have been scammed by sending monies into this account in a poland bank. Google gives the information that the main company is an establised company in ireland. But the account is operated in Bank Polski, Poland. Therefore to open an account in such an established bank in Poland, the company must have documents and registration of company in Poland. How can I get the details of the owners of the company and the address that is registered in Poland and the account owners of the account in Poland.
Atch 17 | 3,427
23 Nov 2016 #42
Ok, I did some googling. Basically Topaz were taken over earlier this year by a Canadian multi-national firm called Couche-Tard. They operate convenience stores and filling stations in America, Europe and Canada. Topaz stations in Ireland continue to operate under the Topaz name for the present but they are now part of the Couche-Tard group, who 'have a significant presence in Poland'. I suggest that you contact Couche-Tard direct and give them the details of your concerns.
23 Nov 2016 #43
Thank you Atch, but I would stlll like to know who the owners are for the registered company in Poland under the name of Topaz Energy Ltd. Is there a way to find out from the company registrar search or Company Search as they are all in Polish. i just need to verify the names of the directors and owners of the company registered in Poland.
Atch 17 | 3,427
23 Nov 2016 #44
Topaz Energry Ltd is not a Polish company. It's an Irish company and is not registered in Poland.

However, I found a Polish company calling themselves Topaz Energy!! Of course being Polish, they are called Topaz Energy SP Zoo and not Ltd. Here's the link to their information:

As you can see they were only registered in May of this year. This is obviously the company that you are looking for. As you can see they include 'mining oil and gas' under their many activities even though they have only 5,000 PLN capital!! This suggests that they may be trying to represent themselves as with this company, Topaz Energy and Marine, an international oil company:
23 Nov 2016 #45
Thank you Atch, I tried to download the shareholders and company authorities but were not successful. Are you able to help me with the names of the shareholders and company authorities?
Atch 17 | 3,427
23 Nov 2016 #46
The only information I turned up was one guy, Simeon Stefan Samuels, not a very Polish name. Anwyay he's the sole owner, there are no other partners or shareholders, so if you can trace him, you've got your man.I took a look on Google street view at the address given for the company and it's in a block of flats so I wouldn't mind betting that it's also his home address.
23 Nov 2016 #47
Thanks Atch, Yes, I did a google search as well on the address. I will pass this information to the relevant authorities. I really appreciate your help in this as I've written to the Polish bank but they did not respond. I suspect Simeon Stefan Samuels is associated with other people or that he could be a mule being used to open the account and moving monies from the account. If there are any other information that you can assist me with, that would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want any other victims to fall into the same scam.

Would you know where I can get my hands on the THE REGULATIONS IN FORCE IN PKO POLISH BANK SA for business account in English. I want go through the regulations and if the bank has been compliant with the AML act. I found one but it's in Polish.
Atch 17 | 3,427
24 Nov 2016 #48
they did not respond

They won't! You need to go and see them in person and expect to get short shrift (in other words the bum's rush). What information did you want from them other than the regulations in English? Because they won't discuss any account or account holder with you. I'll take a look later and see if I can find the regs in English but it's doubtful. Information, other than the most basic stuff is very hard to obtain in English. I'm quite certain though that the bank does comply with the money laundering regs. Polish banks, whatever their faults, tend to be extremely fussy about ID etc and you can't activate your account and begin to use it, without visiting the bank in person to provide your ID and sign documents.

I've a busy day ahead but I will get back to you later and let you know if I find anything else. Inidentally, he may not even live in Poland and that address might just have been a rented flat so it may not be of much use :(
24 Nov 2016 #49
THE REGULATIONS IN FORCE IN PKO POLISH BANK SA for business account in English.

PKO will have more than one type of business account.

the bank has been compliant with the AML act.

I'd be very very surprised if they have not, Polish banks take that kind of thing very seriously. Anyway, there's information here:
24 Nov 2016 #50
Thank you so much for your help. It is much appreciated. I've written to the bank again advising them that the account must have been operated or opened by a mule and then monies from victims were redirected out again. This is money laundering in what ever light you see it. You are right, the person might not even be in Poland. And if they are serious about it, then they will look into this account and they can see the monies going in and probably see it going out the moment it goes in. I have also forwarded to the bank police reports and Interpol reports but I have not heard back. I'm not sure what else to do as the Polish police have not responded as well. I can't go to bank in person as I'm thousands of km away as this is classified as Cybercrime scam or Social Engineering Fraud as the Interpol classify it. Thank you again for your kind assistance.

Thanks Harry, I will take a look at the link. Back to the address as mentioned by Atch, yes it may just be a rented flat, but he bank would have copies of his personal identification if they are so strict with opening of accounts and sighting the person. They would be able to tell his nationality even though the address is rented or temporarily. I'm not sure how to locate this person. I have done a search on google but its not much help. I'm not giving up.
Atch 17 | 3,427
24 Nov 2016 #51
Hi Orong. I got the name of the firm of notaries who registered the company:

Kancelaria Notarialna
Marek Hrymak, Daniel Kupryjańczyk s.c.
ul. Chmielna 73B lok.10
00-801 Warszawa Wola

They would certainly have seen his ID and would have a copy in their files. Of course it might be a fake ID.

However you will find that it's a real problem dealing with Polish bureacracy and it's very hard to get any response to your communications. If you write in English you're probably going to be ignored. Don't expect any response from the police either.

I have also forwarded to the bank police reports and Interpol reports

Do you mean this guy is wanted by Interpol?

I think it might be worth contacting Topaz Energy and Marine, the bonafide oil company as their legal department might take action, in view of the fact that this guy is using the name Topaz and listing 'mining oil and gas' as one of his company activities. I would write to them (but get a name for somebody to write to, even if you have to call them and find out first). It's worth a try anyway.

I'm afraid that if you want to see any response from Polish officials you will have to engage a Polish solicitor.
24 Nov 2016 #52
Hi Atch,
Yes, your are so right, I have l written to the Police HQ in Warsaw, the Polish Cybercrime office, and have not heard anything. Yes, I will try contacting Topaz Energy and Marine as well as Topaz Energy in Ireland. I've been trying to get an email, I've got their names, so I might have to give them a call to get their emails. The bank has alot to answer for as well. This guy is not alone, he has accomplices and he might just be the mule to redirect the monies once it arrives in the Polish account.

Thank you so much for your kind assistance. How about the press? Are there any investigate press that does investigate reports on fraud and possible Money Laundering? If the banks and police do not bother, then perhaps the press/media might be interested to make a break. That will give them a wake up call.
Atch 17 | 3,427
24 Nov 2016 #53
Can't really say about the press, I don't really follow Polish media that much, but I imagine that it would need to be fraud on quite a large scale for them to be interested.

Topaz Energy in Ireland

Remember they've sold out to Couche-Tard so they may not be too bothered about it. However their former stations are still operating under the Topaz name so I'm sure that Couche-Tard wouldn't like a scam company to be operating with the Topaz Energy name in Europe. Niall Anderton is one of the two main directors of Topaz Engery Ltd, the Irish company, and I'm sure he could put you in touch with somebody at Couche -Tard. He'd probably be very approachable. Irish people aren't big on formality. If you join Linkedin you could get his email. Otherwise his address is listed here:
24 Nov 2016 #54
Thanks again Atch,
Yes I'm in linkedin. I will need to connect with him and get his email. And I will get in-touch with Couche-Tard as well.
Atch 17 | 3,427
25 Nov 2016 #55
Good luck with it Orong, let us know how you get on.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,272
25 Nov 2016 #56
Are you able to help me with the names of the shareholders and company authorities?

There is only one shareholder of Topaz Energy sp. z o. o. and the company address (the appartment number at Hoża 86) at Hoża Street is shared by at least another 30 company names (however, I have stopped counting at this number).
Atch 17 | 3,427
25 Nov 2016 #57
OMG!!! Thirty other companies!!! Then there is definitely something shady going on. That's a very useful piece of information. Well done Ziemuś! It could well be that the OP will indeed uncover a major fraud. Perhaps all thirty companies have the same source, and as Orong says, this Samuels guy is simply one of many mules in whose names the companies are established.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,272
25 Nov 2016 #58
Every company of that address at app. 410 has diferent names in the registry, so it is likely that it only is a P.O. Box.
25 Nov 2016 #59
OMG, I think I must have uncovered a major fraud. Ziemowit, unfortunately the link is in Polish... Is there one in English. Otherwise I have to use google translate for all

Yes, Atch, Ziemowit and everyone who has assisted, I will keep you guys informed.

Atch, I have connected with Niall Anderton, MD of Topaz Energy Ltd, Ireland and have written to him. I await his response now.
Atch 17 | 3,427
25 Nov 2016 #60
Hi Orong, very pressed for time at the moment, wish I had time to take a good look but here's my first, very quick impression. Having followed the link provided by Ziemowit and had a quick look, all the companies listed, which I glanced at were set up this year and within the space of a few months during the summer. Some definitely have the same names as existing companies in other countries. All involve amounts of capital between 5,000 and 20,000 PLN. You don't really need to speak Polish to get the gist. I would suggest you google all the companies listed and see if any of them appears to actually be trading and which ones have the same names as existing companies particularly in other countries. Then compile a list and see what picture emerges. It does seem that it could be well be a money laundering operation.

I found one that is trading. Link Visuals:

This seems to be a bonafide company and has a proper business address at Nowy Świat. The director's name matches the email on their website. Ziemowit is correct that 86 Ulica Hoza is a PO Box address probably just available for purchase to people setting up a company, it's bascially what's known as a 'registered address'. People often get one before they have a business premises. However it's worth checking all the companies listed and seeing which ones seem to be genuine and sorting the ones that are suspect. Ok, must dash!

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