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Lost/Stolen Number Plate

14 Jun 2021 #1
Hi guys, I lost or someone stole (because it was tightly fixed) my number plate of my scooter in Poland. How do I get new? And what should I do now? Please guide me. Thanks in advance.
14 Jun 2021 #2
Go to police and report it. Then go to the correct department ( wydzial komunikacji and have new ones done)
14 Jun 2021 #3
[Moved from]: Lost or Stolen Motorcycle Registration Number Plate

Hi Guys, My motorcycle registration number plate got lost or somebody stolen it, because it was quite tightly fixed and was not supposed to be lost. I don't know what should I do now? and how do I get new one? I am foreginer student. Please help. Thanks in advance.
14 Jun 2021 #4
@Lenka Thank you for your help. Do you have an idea how much it will cost for scooter number plate?
14 Jun 2021 #5
That depends on whether you will want to just buy new plates or get a new registration number.
14 Jun 2021 #6
The cost doesn`t matter. What really matters is you can`t use the vehicle until you get replacement plates. A few years ago I ran into a group of wild boars and didn`t notice I lost the front plate. I waited more than a week for a new one.
Cargo pants
14 Jun 2021 #7
t really matters is you can`t use the vehicle

I think he can if temporarily he puts a cardboard handwritten plate on it,I THINK,as I have seen plenty of cars in Poland driven like that assuming its legal.
14 Jun 2021 #8
I could see it, too but it was a long time ago. If the police spots you driving without an original plate, you get a fine, the upper limit is 5000 PLN and they take your vehicle registration document.
Cargo pants
14 Jun 2021 #9
5000 PLN

I would rather walk then taking that risk.
15 Jun 2021 #10
Thank you All. I appreciate your responses. Yes, that's crime to ride without number plate. I wouldn't ride until I get it. I am going to make police report and then new plate.
15 Jun 2021 #11
Do it rather quickly. It might have been used to steal petrol etc
15 Jun 2021 #12
Or wreak havoc at the filling station, by driving inside the premises.
15 Jun 2021 #14
This is less probable but they can still steal the cash machine. I mean steal, not rob.
Cargo pants
15 Jun 2021 #15
This is less probable

True that is done in Poland by Brits only:,Brit-draws-gun-on-paper-and-tries-to-rob-bank
18 Jun 2023 #16

E-scooter number board/plate got lost

Hello, my electric scooter number plate/board got lost, I want to ask is it possible to brive e-scooter without number board until I get replacement.

for temporary purpose I've put sheet on it.
Please guid me.
Hoping hearing from you.
Thank You
18 Jun 2023 #17
You must not drive it without plates. The licensing authority can issue temporary plates which you can use for up to 30 days while you wait for the replacement plates to be issued.

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