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Non-EU citizen, student, prolonging Polish National Visa

burakaydin 3 | 3
12 Dec 2011 #1

I am a Turkish citizen and I am still studying in an University as an exchange student. I have D-Type Polish Visa, which is valid until 1 March. But I will stay one more semester in Poland, so i need to prolong my visa at least until January (more than 3 months).

My question is, can I prolong my national visa in Poland (i mean, without going back to turkey) without getting temporary residence card.
In brief: I want to prolong my visa without applying for temporary residenceship.

And which department I should go? Foreigners office or what?

Thank you.
Zinka - | 1
2 Mar 2014 #2
[Moved from]: Non-EU Citizen - My student visa is expiring soon. Ways to stay in Poland longer.

I am a non-EU citizen and I have recently graduated from a Polish university (PJWSTK). My student visa is expiring soon, and I was looking for ways to stay in Poland.

I have found on several official websites this information:

Foreigners released from the obligation to have a work permit pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 30 August 2006 (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] No. 156 Item 1116, as amended):

19. graduates of Polish upper secondary schools or full-time higher education studies or full-time doctorate studies in Polish universities

Does anyone have any more information regarding that? What procedure do I have to complete (since my student visa is expiring, and I'm assuming I have a right for some kind of residence permit or something similar, if the above statement is true)?

Any information would be highly welcome, since I was unable to find anything more online.
BreakingBad 1 | 6
2 Mar 2014 #3
Burak, Merhaba.

I am Turkish As well. In any condition, you need to leave Poland to to prolong your visa.

You can come to Turkey, or you can go to Germany or Chech Republic as well, to prolong it there in Polish Embassy.

Let me know if you need help.

Good luck.
Looker - | 1,134
18 Oct 2014 #4
In order to prolong your stay in Poland you need to apply for a residence permit for a fixed period. You have a right to obtain it if you fulfill one of certain requirements, for example: undertaking employment, intention to continue education or a vocational training, participation in professional trainings and internships under European Union programmes.

But I've found a postscript saying that extension of Poland's visa is possible only in exceptional circumstances..

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